Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yes, PD trip..

yeah..we went to PD last weekend..this time we stayed at TNB banglo..nice house, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a kitchen..we were there since friday evening till sunday noon..nothing much to tell..except that, in front of the house, after the fence, the PD peoples were having a school holiday expo..so they were karaokeing till 1am..our abah juz couldn't sleep..because u do know when the frogs are singing, there's nothing much we can do to soothing our ears..it was bad..everytime when the new frog started singing, my husband and his brothers made face..seriously, non of the PD frogs, at that moment, could really sing well..

and as for my kids, they enjoyed the trip.."mummy..nak main sand.." so we went to the beach..me and hubby were not so sure at first that they gonna enjoy the beach..because last time we checked, aneen didn't like playing at the beach..she said, "dirty.." to the
he sand, etc..but this time it was totally different..they loved it..especially with the duckies (thanks tokmi) around..

and their daddy, i think the most happiest man in this trip..belum apa-apa, dia masuk air dulu..there was once aneen shouted to him, "daddy..becareful.." my sister-in-law said, "terbalik pulak..sepatutnya daddy dia yang cakap mcm tue kat dia.." well..now you know who's the grown up in family..

cannot jot down much here..got duty calls..hehe..secara konklusinya, best..even i didn't have chance to get ride on banana boat, still, best..we were planning to put our granny in the front seat of that banana boat..then we assumed like suddenly because of her thinny bodice, she got blew away..and we need to get rescue team to find her..hahahaha..giler kejam cucu-cucu nenek..peace nenek..u can give the gold necklace to raz, since she's trying so much to convince u, she's the cucu nantu mithali and she juz forgot where she was when she jumped to the couch, that happened to be in front of u..hahahahaa..wat lar u raz..

note to aya : more pics will be uploaded in the FB k..;)


Audriena said...

jeles betol la aku ngan kengkawan asyik gi holiday, and i'm stuck here in kl, probably trying to blow my head up! mencik! mencik! nak rest! nak vacay! nak holiday! nak cuti!!!!

Deng Anaz said...

hehe..jom aa..g ulu langat punn xpe..jomm...