Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures Speaks A 1000 Words

yeah..this all took place on last saturday..early in the morning we woke the kids and rushed preparing them to go out..if we are late by 1 minute, opah will make excuse and say, "awak lambat..mak ingat awak xnak pergi dh..malas aa mak.." mm..that is my by 8:45am we all were ready..

so i went to mak house to call her out..when i came in, she was there, lying on bed, "mak dh siap dh mak rasa semput pulak tetiba.." mm..what a typical mak..always like that - make plan and then cancel it with thousands excuses..

so we all juz went ahead to klcc park - let the lil munchies playing around - had breakfast at rasa klcc - end up walking to aquaria..what a long day..they were having fun..aman shah was the photographer for the day..hehe..that's why i duk enterframe jah..hehe..;)

we came home around 3..very damn tired..

after maghrib my cousin's maid, ernie came to my house, "k.deng..mak teh panggil makan.." hahahaha..lucky me living next door to my mak..

oo yeah..mak didn't go to klcc with us, eat nasi lemak tangling and go to sogo..but mak cooked chicken chop, bihun lada itam and marinated chicken wings that night..for my dearly youngest brother before he left to ukm..ntah pape, mcm jauh sgt ukm tue..but well, x kisah, we all yang tumpang kenyang sekali..hehe..

note to all - those who have fb acc, all these pix also can be seen on my photo album..uploaded it already yesterday..

note to daddy - hard to upload the pix like how u want it..nak tgk lbh, bukak akaun fb lar daddy..;)

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