Thursday, June 26, 2008


Watch your feelings
They become your thoughts
Watch your thoughts
They become your words
Watch your words
They become your actions
Watch your actions
They become your habits
Watch your habits
They form your character

muhtaaj ilallah;madzacker ibnussubky

my brother email me this..when i asked him was it his own thought or quoted from someone else, his answered was, u've been knowing me for 26 yrs sis and u asked me that?? hahahahaa..i like it n i juz wanna share it wit u, my friends...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Holiday in Terengganu (ep 2)

Hmm..we all slept at m.long's house..there were sooo many of, aman shah n d kids, got a room..bcoz we reached there parents, also got a room for them; m.long saved it for wami (mak's younger sister) and her husband, also got a cutam (mak's youngest sister) and her family, slept in a room downstairs, ayah su n family, slept at d 1st bros, at d 2nd hall..ayah sor n his son, slept in front of d tv..hehehe..luckily mama, mak's older sister a.k.a nadd's mother, stayed at her sister-inlaw's..

FULL HOUSE!!'s x dat we can't stay elsewhere, but tis time, everybody wanna stay at m.long''s like when i was small n we all went back 2 tganu for raya..everybody were there..we meet, we eat, we talk, we laugh, we went to batu burok, at nite - we went to gelas besar..tis was something like dat, but not quite..tis time, not enough quorum..many of my cousins couldn't attend d wedding..luckily, my zz dearest cousin was there too!! she's m.long's youngest mother of 2 n my we r like satu kepala since small until now lar..hehe..besides nadd n norza..hehe..

ayah long said, from outside, d house looks like used cars sale..hahahaha..actually next to m.long's hse is m.ngah's hse..n d house was vacant..only my cousin, ang, lives there with wife n son..m.ngah stays w there's still 3 empty rooms there..but nobody wanna go 2 dat house..d hse was's true!! seriously..nobody wanna go scarry...

okeh..2nd day there, saturday

d wedding

alhamdulillah..sekali lafaz, ju belongs to aman..d ceremony went's only dat d temperature was so high n it was so we didn't stay long..
hehehe..i forgot to tell u guys wat happened d nite before..aneen slept 11:30, thanks to her opah..hehe..n she woke up around shorten d story, whoever slept at m.long's last nite, really found it very hard to sleep..hahahahah..she couldnt closed her eyes n cried, almost thru d nite..mak went upstairs around 4 n aman shah took d baton..i was there, sleeoing beauty..hahahahaha..weii..mak was around, wat else to do, sleep lar..besides, aneen asked for her, x me..hehe..;)

and then, in d morning, everybody was like, radio mana bunyi aa?? sapa x tdo semlm aa?? sapa nangis bising aa?? hahahahaha..nasib, she didn't sleep d whole nite, n morning..n she fell asleep when we all on d way to ju's house..from 10:00 am..n she woke up around 5 pm!! yiehaaaa..she missed d ceremony, d lunch, everything...hehe..lucky us...

aman shah said, tis time he want to go to batu burok n hang out there..i said, u go lar, bring ur kids along..i wanna stay at dat day, when aneen woke up n i changed her, i asked aman shah to bring d kids to batu burok..i sent adan, my brother, to go wit aman shah..n u know wat, i sent them to go to d pantai..when i went there for spot check, they all went to a&w and had tea there!! mmm..i waited beside my car around 40 mins then only i saw them..zz juz laughed..i followed her..

ala..aman shah is here sorry all, have 2 cont tis next time..till then, mmuah...njoy ur weekend...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holiday in Terengganu (ep 1)

Hmm..we are our beloved hometown Gombak-KL..

Alhamdulillah..d days went so fast n it feels like yesterday we reached my m.long's house in Lorong Gemia, K. T'ganu..n as i told u earlier, we were there since friday n we came back last monday..wat happened there?? i'll try to wrap it up as simple as accurate as short as i can..


early morning..

As usual, aneen didn't sleep at all..she was all awake all nite..n ayyen joined his sister in staying awake dat morning..n 2 add d spice 2 our nite, while i was doin d packing, suddenly d hse was black-out..for seconds, everybody was quite..if i'm x mistaken it was almost 1 something..aneen n her beloved ayyen, were playing inside d room wit all d clothes..i was at d kitchen, preparing their milk basket..ayyen suddenly cried out loud..mayb because he was surprised n scared 2 d sudden darkness..aneen shouted my husband took his phn n called a TNB staff, he did wat he had 2 do..x point of him left me all alone w aneen when he was busy 4 d launching of dat hunting no. if he didn't use it..;)

I took d candle n lite it up (when we shopped b4 we moved 2 our on hse, d candle was among d 1st thing dat i put in d is very important.. we dunno when we will use it, but when we really use it, its a need n must have thing)..suddenly aneen, "mummy..eppy 2 u.." n aman shah laughed.."yeah aneen, happy birthday 2 u.." n she still wit her eppy 2 u..she was so happy wit d candles..n ayyen was so was dark n so husband took d portable clip fans n try to cool his prince..n when he called d 15454 again, they told him there was a problem wit d cable at batu caves..this is wat happened when d irresponsible human being out there acting like they care 4 nothing n stole d cable, wire, copper n watever they can sell..n their act troubled other ppl..i wonder why tis kind of ppl come out from their mother's womb?? n d operator told us dat it might took 3-4 hrs 2 settle d prob..aduhhh!! im thinking, x way d kids goin 2 sleep husband said, we'll move very late lar like tis..mmm..up 2 him, he's d driver..luckily 10 mins after dat, d electricity came back..alhamdulillah..i quickly put ayyen 2 sleep..aneen was stil wit her eppy 2 u wit d candles..lots of things need 2 b done..

i got to sleep around 1 hour something n woke up at 5am..aneen was still awake..hahahahhaha..she's our small lil i continued packing n looked around if i missed anything..around 6, i woke my husband n changed aneen's shirt n 6:45 we were inside d car already..n my brothers were still packing n my parents were still inside d we started our journey 1st..before we reached greenwood, aneen fell asleep already, juz like how we tot thing would she sleep well along d journey..

aman shah wanna try to go thru Jabor..some says its nearer n we followed d signage to Jabor..n suddenly he sounded so frustrated.."i dh agak dh..there must b other way..tis is jalan pantai.." when i looked around, oo..we were in cherating, we must missed any junction dat supposed 2 lead us 2 Jabor..few mins after dat, mak called.."where r u??" "Cherating.." "aaa?? mak dh agak dh u'll missed d junction..u should follow d signage to muktafi billah..d Jabor signage lost somewhere around.." "mm..mak smpi dulu lar.." "mm..budak2 buat apa??" "sleeping.." "mm..ok lar..c u at m.long's.." "mm..ok..."

so we reached KT around 12:30pm..n we stopped 4 times..mak reached half an hour aman shah said, "not much different lar kot between jalan Jabor n jalan pantai.." hehe..

so, we were in tganu again, after almost a year n a half..d 3rd 4 aneen, n d 1st 4 ayyen..

dat evening we had tea at my k.intan's was a short notice..n she only prepared laksa, banana fritters, roll pie w chicken curry filling (nadd..dlm bhs susah nyer yea..hehe..), rojak, caramel n murtabak raja - for 15 i said, it was a short notice..i dunno wat else will b on d dining table if we told her earlier..thank you k.intan...

ahhh..time 2 go husband juz called..i hv 2 go back by bus..i hate short notice like tis..i'll missed 5:50 pm U2 rapidkl..aaarrrrrgghhhhh..

2 b cont...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day!!

"A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again." -- Enid Bagnold

None of you can ever be proud enough of being the child of SUCH a Father who has not his equal in this world-so great, so good, so faultless. Try, all of you, to follow in his footsteps and don't be discouraged, for to be really in everything like him none of you, I am sure, will ever be. Try, therefore, to be like him in some points, and you will have acquired a great deal." -- Victoria, Queen of England

"That is the thankless position of the father in the family-the provider for all, and the enemy of all." -- J. August Strindberg

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" -- Lydia M. Child

Terengganu, here we come

Yayyy!! tomorrow i'm goin back to tganu, my mak's hometown, for mu cousin's; Aman, wedding..

It's d 1st long journey to ayyen..i dunno how he'll b along d journey..i juz hope he sleep most of the time we r on husband plan 2 start d journey around 5 am or right after's about d same time wit aneen's sleeping time..

we all gonna stay at mak long's's gonna be very pack there, dat's wat i heard from mak lar..hehe..pack punn pack lar, sure very's been a while since d last gathering we had..

as for me, d last time i went back to tganu was raya last year..& i was there because aman shah had his TNB open hse raya..aneen was like few months only..and we were there like 2 weeks after we met only uncles and aunties who still lives there..juz few left..others 'migrated' to kl already..heheheeh..but whenever we met, it's like all makang ikang, g jalang..u won't have any idea dat actually some of us even born in kl..rite nadd?? hmm..

so..d wedding is between ahmad azman tajudin & juliana sharida..aman is my ayah de's eldest n basically this is ayah de's 1st kenduri..unfortunately d timing is x rite..x many of my cousins will be around..u c, my mak has 15 siblings, n it also means i have around 80++ cousins n i dun want to count how many nieces n nephews we all's like, u have 2 start ur saving for angpau since now!!! (for anyone dat their acc balance like me lar kan..)

back 2 d wedding story..hehe..d akad nikah will b on d 14 june, tis saturday..n d kenduri at ayah de's hse will b on d nxt day, 15 june..

i took leave til tis monday, so i dunno whether i'll b back on d 15 or 16...

oo yeah..we collected money..some of us wanna buy presents themselves..but for those who joined d collection team, we managed to get around wami bought a fridge..she went back there yesterday n mak said she told d shop person to wrap d fridge nicely!! nice?? i dunno..i can't wait 2 c it tomorrow..

So guys..wish us safe journey..n save fuel!! hahahaha..huwaaaaaaaaaaa..i dunno how much it's goin to cost us..hopefully x dat much..(in your dream lar!!!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Not feeling well

Hi sorry for not updating this babies all are not feeling well at the sleeping hour?? so weng like the fuel lar..aduhhh..

Juz wanna share something with u, d beloved readers..

Last Friday we went to d clinic..aneen's temperature is not likelly encouraging..sometimes she'so hot..while ayyen there's up & we brought them 2 c d doctor..n of coz Klinik Famili TTDI, and d doc was Dr Soraya..(i like her face; so soft n so lawa..)

Ayyen's temp was 37.5 degrees..
Aneen's temp was 38 degrees..

Aneen was amazingly behaved..usually its very hard 2 bring her to sit still n let d doc do d check-up..even if im x feeling well, d doc also found it very hard 2 check me because of my overprotective daughter..but tis time, she let d doc take d temperature, check her chest n lung n she opened her mouth when d doc asked her to do big gal lar my princess..

And while d doc had her check-up, i asked Aneen..juz 2 distract her..

"Aneen nk ubat??"
"Nanak..nanak ubat..ubat x tedap.."

Hahahahahha..Dr Soraya juz laughed.."x tedap ker??" still her answer was, "nanak..ubat x tedap.." hahahahahaha..

So, as a return for her refusing 2 take any medication, i asked d doc 2 insert d pill inside her b***..heheh..she cried, but not as loud as she always do..

U have 2 choose aneen, it's either u take ur medication thru ur mouth or thru ur b***..i won't take NO for answer...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guess who??

It was raining and I dunno where's their i juz took mak's tudung and put it on 1st he was mad..then he's like, i'm d son, u r d mother, do watever u want..hahahahaha..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Its been this way since d last 2 days; when i was sleeping, aneen woke me up.."mummy..up..angun mummy..up.." and she asked me for something..

the first day it happened 2 days n my husband went to our friend's wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda..we left aneen & ayyen at mak's dat night..hehe..that day aneen woke up at 1:00pm!! and after that she didn't sleep at all..hehe..she was playing around n watching her ceria n playhouse disney channel..

So we left them around 7++ after maghrib..hehe..ayyen was asleep at first..we waited til he woke up by himself but it seems hopeless..mayb he was very sleepy n tired bcoz he didn't sleep much that day..ahh..all tis happened 2 days ago, means on sunday we woke ayyen n changed his diaper and cloth n brought him to mak's, i left ayyen n aneen very fresh n so awake okay...

We went back around 11:30..(mak already told me to come back not so late!! hehe..cannot promise aa mak..) from outside i could hear aneen's crying..when i came in, she was crying with closed eyes and mak tried to put her back to sleep..ayyen was sleeping..mak said aneen was asleep around 9 something n ayyen 1 hour later..ayyen juz woke up juz now n mak gave him milk and he juz continued his sleeping handsome..

Hmm..should i repeat the fact that aneen slept at 9 and now it's like 11 something n she still wanna sleep?? and ayyen was asleep like since 2 hours ago and still sleeping?? in my head, huwaaaaaaaaaaaa..what time i'm going to sleep?? tomorrow i'm working..aduhhh..and how should i bring rayyan home without make him awake???

Suddenly mak said, ayyen tinggal sini lar..if u take him, he'll awake then what time he's going to sleep again?? huhuuuuu..settle 1 problem..aneen mak?? bawak dia balik lar..hahahahahaha..this is when we can apply what orang Melayu or orang tua-tua always said, Langit tak selalunya cerah..hehehe..

So, i brought aneen husband asked me, where's ayyen?? Ayyen sleep at mak's house..i planned to sleep over at mak as well because me n ayyen never been apart before..but, what time should i go to mak's?? aneen definately will want to come with me..i asked my husband to come with me, but he's too tired to move already..(i wonder where his promised on he's going to take care of aneen tonite when he took d coffee at d ballroom juz now went..) so i guess i'll juz wait til aneen sleep than i'll go to mak's house..

Suddenly..mummyy..mummy..angunn..up!! mummy..ohh..i fall asleep in front of the tv..what aneen?? what do u want?? mummyy..butakk!! butakk!! she showed me her TWISTIES pack on her right hand and her bowl on her left hand!! aduhh..i looked at the clock, it's 1:30 AM already!! huhuuu..huwaaaaa..hahahahahah..huhuuu..i dunno what is the right thing 2 say here..i juz took d twisties n put half of it into d bowl..she juz watched me n then ate her twisties while watching her playhouse disney ch..

to make it short, she slept at 5 something that morning..she's so aneen...

and last night, i went to my tailor's week i'm goin back 2 cousin is getting, i've no baju to wear..(hahahahahaha..really???) so, after i cooked d dinner, again, we went to my tailor's husband put aneen n ayyen inside d car get their milk ready..when i came in inside the car, aneen showed me her is night lar syg..nobody is wearing sunglasses during night time..she asked me, cantekk?? canteekk..syg mummy mmg panca sitara..and she's not wearing hers, she was wearing her daddy's adidas (if im x mistaken lar..he's such a collector..) u can imagine d sunglasses is so big for her face..

Not that far from our house, not even reach greenwood yet, aneen fell asleep husband said, i thought she was adjusting d specs..and the truth is she was struggling not to fall..n i tried to take the specs frm her, "eeehhhhh.." trendy n rugged lar my daughter.. we came back and reach home around 9:30pm n aneen still sleeping..hehe..when my husband put her in front of the tv, then only she, what time she's goin to sleep tonite?? No!! the question should be restructure..What time she fell asleep THIS MORNING?? mm..nobody knows..

N as usual, suddenly..mummy..mummy...angun!! mummy..up!! mummy..yea aneen..why?? mummy..nak u'uk..AAAAAA?? i looked at the's else she wanna throw away at tis hour?????

2 nites in a row, aneen woke me up and asked for something..i wonder, tonite or the exact word would be, tomorrow early morning, what time she's going 2 wake me and what else does she want...