Monday, October 26, 2009

Kenapa aa??

Apsal entryku yg sebelum ini seperti tidak terregister jer dlm blogspot??
Biasa ke benda2 sebegini??

Friday, October 23, 2009

24th October 2009 - He's A BIGGER Boy!!

Happy 2nd Birthday To

Who couldn't be loved more.
You are loved for:

The little boy you are,
The special brother for your sister,
The little guardian in the house,
And The precious son you will always be

~ Daddy & Mommy ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cuba teka apa nie..

What is all these looks like to u?? my daughter called it banana muffin..why?? i dunno..she is a fast learner..and most of the time, the teacher is the box with the many stories inside, located at our living guys, let me introduce to you - BANANA MUFFIN..nice one..she likes, i like..we realized this thing has changed the name to BANANA MUFFIN on the 3rd, this is one of my raya stories okay..hehe..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Update story raya belum lg..story lain dulu eyh...

Hubby went to Kuching yesterday - due to his obligation with early as 5:30am he went out frm the house already..the flight was scheduled at 8am..and he will take the night flight back..keje betul2 daddy..take care..

at 7:18am, i got msg frm him..his flight delay due to operation reason..the next flight is full and he had to take the flight at 11:40am!! waaaa..lamanya nk menunggu..luckily we have the most beutiful and very big airport kan d..can walk-walk-round-round..

late night - ayyen slept already, when daddy came back..aneen was watching the 12 dancing princesses (barbie series lar nie)..every night movie barbie jer..i think i can play the song with keyboard already..seriously..keep repeating the movie..adoiiii..

then hubby unpacked his bag and went out from the room.."ini lar akibatnya bila dh lama sgt dekat airport tue kan.." he said while handling over a plastic bag to me..hahahahah..i opened..and TADAAAAAAAAAA.....i loiiikeeee...

uihh..sonotnya..very simple and beautiful and shining shimmering..white gold, he said..hisyyy..bila lagi nak pergi outstation lepak2 kat klia nie?? i x kisah..pergi lar...

note to daddy - tq daddy...

note to self - story raya mana?? apa lar u nie deng..hehe..nnt lar..xde idea lg nk update nie..xpe..raya kat kl nie 30 hari..insyaallah akan menyusul tue...