Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's not funny dik..

Happened last night @ mak's house..

They both were playing with the shoes (my old heels inside the shoe cabinet)..both of them love playing with the shoes..when I saw them, i scolded both at their hands..Ayyen trying to get protection from Apak by sitting on his lap..and Aneen was putting back all the shoes inside the cabinet..

And I was like bebel suka sangat main, mummy dah cakap berapa kali don't play, don't lar..Ayyen was smiling at my bebelan with mengada-ngada face on Apak's lap..and Aneen still not done with her 'duty'..suddenly Aneen said, "it's not funny dik.." immediately I looked at her, her face was selamba tak ingat and still I terus tunduk and heading to the kitchen to tell hubby (he was preparing burger..oo yeah, this happened after dinner..he is thin and he DO eat a lot..)..

On the way I saw hubby coming my way with penyepit in his hand and he asked me, "Did she say....??" I was like angguk-angguk and trying my very hard to hold my laugh..adoiii..

Yes adik, it's not funny..when mummy marah, means mummy marah lar.. are funny...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

oo was my jumper..

Almost forgot to tell..Aneen was wearing my mak is passing all my bajus to her cucu..all this while it all was kept well in a bag..yea lar, i'm the only gal in the family..all others are brothers..hehe..i don't know how to tell, but something really touch my heart whenever I look at her wearing whatever was mine before..can't wait til she's 21..mak will pass my 21st locket that she took away when i was 22..funny huh..i thought one its mine, its mine lar..but mak said, "awak dh 22..buat apa pakai loket 21.." oo..i don't know there's such

Kids' Outing Day

On 24th Dec, me and hubby took our annual leave juz to spend a day, experimenting what it's gonna be if we bring the kids to the movie..all this while we heard stories of our friends bringing their kids to the movie etc, but we've never is simply juz because Aneen don't like darkness..going to the movie meaning you have to stay in the dark..which is so not her likely lar..and Ayyen, maybe he'll bored because he's the kind that cannot stay sit in a place doing nothing..and to make it worse, they both might yelling and screaming wanna go out from the movie before it end..the possibility of other people to stare at us in a way of asking us to go out is very high, we juz gambled..bawak jer..kalau kena keluar halfway, or before thath (huwaaaaaaa..), kita keluar..

So, Aneen's main interest at the moment is anything that got to do with the word or identity of A 'PRINCESS'..apa lagi cerita yang ada sekarang yang ada kaitan dengan that word?? So, we went to watch The Princess & The Frog..hehe..a week before we went out, i already tunjuk-tunjuk dia trailer and pix of this movie, whenever terserempak lar..and then thru, we got her familiar with the story for Ayyen, belasah jer..dia mana kisah apa jadi kat dunia lain selain dari dunia I don't think we going to have much problem with him..dia suka, suka lar..if dia tak suka, memang tak boleh buat apa punn dah..

On the day, we woke the kids up them prepared and everything and we went out a bit early..we chose One Utama as our we got there and straigthly hubby queud for the tickets with Ayyen..while I went to get some foods with Aneen..tak breakfast tue, terus gi jer..tapi bekal makanan diorg, mmg I dh bawak..ramainya hamba Allah masa tue, tak payah cerita..and then (kihkihkih) when i looked people around me, ramainya orang bawak anak kecik..ramai jugak lar yang kira-kira baya Aneen & Ayyen masa tue..

So, masuk lar what we expected, Aneen was so clingy at the first about half an hour jugak lar..she was sitting on her unlike Ayyen, that sat on his own..macam dh besar punn yea jugak mamat tue..selamba jer duduk our surprised, dia memang tak buat hal (so uncles, if nak bawak Ayyen tgk movie, dipersilakan)..trailer and iklan punya lar banyak, agak meragam jugak lar our princess tue nak keluar and so on..i told her, "abang tue dh lock pintu, kena tengok sampai habis baru keluar.." hehe..

And alhamdulillah..we got to watch the movie till the end..our seats are juz near to the stairs, so Ayyen got to play there, with his new friend after minutes of watching..a good and nice boy really not his middle name..

After that we went to have our lunch and then we walked around and brought the kids to the Starship Galactica..RM20 per kid and need to be accompanied by an adult..and everyone need to wear socks..i knew that they need to wear socks but i didn't know that they need to be accompanied by an me and hubby got new RM3.90 socks each that we bought at the entry..huhh..tak pasal-pasal..Oo yeah..we also get to ride on the animal's ride yang jalan-jalan keliling that 2nd floor..that bangla said 6 minutes, but i don't think it was..very fast lorr..macam tak sempat duduk dah disuruh turun..we brought A LOTS OF COINS on the day..dah tau, mesti nanti they all nak naik pape kereta yang tak bergerak yang ada kat keliling tue..

And we went back about 4 something..Ayyen fell asleep when we were still on the way out from the parking lot..and Aneen 'tumbang' on the way back..

We had a good time..her uncles was like, "yea ker?????" when Aneen told them she watched The Princess & The our next movie would be Shrek 4 and Alice in The Wonderland..yay!!

note to daddy..thanks Daddy for belanja us keluar jalan-jalan..nanti kita keluar lagi yea...

note to were taken from the camera phone..that would explain a lots on why there's a jalur-jalur on the pictures...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Find me here, if you can..

Aneen is here..among these other faces..few pics of her..ada yang same pic, ada yg different ones..cari lar kalo rajin..hehe..Ayyen x ada..kenapa ntah..ada jer budak2 yg kurang coman dr Ayyen kat sini (statement emo seorang mummy!!)'s ok Ayyen..kita cuba lagi lain kali...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Abis daahhh..

Yea ibu-ibu, teman-teman sekalian..sesungguhnya isomil that i bought during sogo sale itu hari finished already..and yesterday hubby bought another 4 long its gonna last?? mm..i dunno..

Actually i could say, Aneen is growing up with the milk..she basically refused to take any other solid food..except for nasi minyak (which is her favorite - tp "aneen xnk green, pink rice..aneen nk yellow jer"), nasi ayam (plain nasi ayam - without chicken.."aneen xnk chicken, aneen nk rice jer"), nugget and fries (mcD sahaja yea..yang from KFC, "x sedap lar mummy..tue bukan nugget..tue bukan fries.."), cake (choc cake only!!), cupcakes (topping & creamynya sahaja..cake mummy yang habiskan), big apple's pink donut (also topping & creamynya sahaja), maruku and keropok (ganu kiteee!!)..see..i could list down things she eats..

And as for ayyen - sungguh senang membela anak lelaki..he eat all and try all..yeah, he's allergic to egg, mango (both actually can't eat mango, they'll vomit if they eat) and other things..but he juz love to eat and the foods love him too..

So, siapa yang ckp i borong hari tue?? 10 tins tue..kira lar berapa lama ketahanan 10 tins tue...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cakap banyak..

Mak told me this story yesterday..

"Semalam mak balik rumah, k.nurul tengah mop rumah..budak-budak nie masuk sekali..tiba-tiba aneen jerit, "Heyy..Kenapa wet nie?? Kenapa tak clean??" K.Nurul yang tengah mop masa tue tengok dia, "dah clean lar aneen..bising-bising pulak.." then aneen still macam tak puas hati, "Kenapa tak letak soap??" K.Nurul tengok dia (i think dalam hati k.nurul, sabar jer lar aku budak nie), "makcik Nurul dah letak soap lar..cuba bau.." and being a 3 year old toddler, aneen tunduk and smell the floor..then baru aman dunia..k.nurul kata, "cakap banyak pulak.."

Mak told me the story and laughing at the same time..mak kata sebijik macam sepupu awak..tapi tue lar, baru 3 tahun dah berlagak mem besar..luckily k.nurul tue dah kenal perangai dia macam mana and faham sangat dengan kerenah both aneen n ayyen..hehe..k.nurul tue siapa?? she stayed at in front of mak's house and come to mak's house to clean and ironing..aneen and ayyen love to play with kakak (k.nurul's eldest 16 yr old gal)..ayyen even call k.nurul as, k.nurul and epi (her husband) also speaks english..kihkihkih..

So i said to mak, k.nurul kena bersih betul-betul lar rumah nie..mak said, "mak dah cakap kat k.nurul, "Nurul kena bersih elok-elok lar, nanti aneen bising.."" hahahahaha..and again k.nurul said to aneen, "cakap banyak.."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mereka adalah sama-sama...

Scene 1:

Both of aneen & ayyen were eating..every single time, i've to watch and advised them, "which hand aneen??"..and with that words she immediately change her hand, from left hand holding the spoon, she took it with her right hand..and continue eating..same story goes with ayyen..all the time, everytime we eat, either using hands or spoon, both will first used their left hands..bila tegur, tukar lar..after few fed, it'll started all over again..

Scene 2:

Ayyen was praying..khusyuk..mulut terkumat-kamit..i do wish he say whatever he's saying or read loudly, so that i can laugh at it..hahahahahha..all i heard, "Allah-bakbat.." every time he sujud (his own way), duduk (his own way jugak), he'll pronounced that "Allah-bakbat.." until one day i seriously had a look on how actually he one moment he sat there and he lift his point finger up - LEFT point finger!! alahai sayang mummy..

Yes..both of my kids are left-handed..and both me and hubby as many other people, we are using our right hands in whatever we are doing..out of 5 siblings, my 2nd brother, Titah is left-handed..i used to call him was awkward looking at him handling scissor, writings and everything..and also, out of 5 brothers on my husband's side, the 4th, Pie is also left-handed..and both of them were born in 1981!! i made my own theory, orang yang lahir tahun 1981 nie, memang lain kot...

Since aneen and ayyen were babies, whenever they hold things, they'll use their left hands..if i changed it to their right hands, it won't last for long, immediately they'll change it to their left hands back..they seems very comfortable using their left hands in whatever they are doing..tried to change but i i just let them be..but when they are eating, i won't tolerate..if we are nearby or eating at the same place, you'll hear my voice asking them, "which hand??" and you'll see immediately they'll change their hands..and we keep reminding them til they finish eating..

Once when ayyen was admitted due to viral fever, he used his right hand in everything..he was on dripped (the drip was on his left hand and they even wrapped it with blue bandage) he can't really used his left hand..when we check-out (cam hotel lak), i asked the nurse if i could keep the bandage..hehe..they asked me why, i told them i want to teach my son using his right hand..what a theory..first day at home, he vomitted on the bandage..kena lar basuh and he's back to his way..letih..

Orang kata, orang kidal nie cerdik..amin..insyaallah..tapi tue lar, takkan both my kids are kidal..ntah lar...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cerita Puzzle..(takde tajuk)

It all started when ayyen got boxes of puzzle from Enor for his birthday..aneen and ayyen will play with puzzle, trying to solve the pictures, with tears and angers - mine & theirs..yea lar, bila tak boleh buat, aci nak nangis jer..sapa x hangin?? and so i ugut, "kalau nangis, mummy simpan.." and then baru lar things not as havoc as masa they all baru kenal, what is puzzle..

Seems like playing puzzle can stop them from running around the house and sepah-sepah with other toys, i bought more puzzle..aneen is very hardworking..she'll try to do the puzzle and try to finish it..and ayyen is like, try and error..more error will kill his spirit to move on..then he'll stop playing with this puzzle and trying to do another one..and it goes on.."man"..

Last 2 weeks, daddy was away during weekend, i was thinking, how i want to distract the kids and less their gaduh time..and since i'm almost bored with the barbie movies, i bought new one - SNOW WHITE..yay!! got princess, got prince, got!! and as to give her more interest, i bought the disney puzzle on snow white..3-in-1 puzzle - 3 puzzles in a box..hopefully they'll enjoy the cd and the puzzle..

Hehe..the idea works..alhamdulillah..aneen enjoyed the she'll watch either snow white or barbie..well, at least, tak lar barbie all the time kan..buhsan weii..juz imagine, all her uncles a.k.a my brothers, know the songs..all this while, takde siapa peduli pasal barbie dalam rumah tue..

Yesterday when i came back from work, aneen continued playing with the few minutes she could settle the thing..and suddenly she asked me, in marah-like-tone, "mummy..kenapa tak beli puzzle pieces baru utk aneen??" owh..sudah bosan ka?? as usual, my answer would be, "nanti mummy beli.."..she took it as a promised..i sms her daddy, who was still at the office..and i remind myself, sogo this week because need to buy puzzle for aneen..demi anak lar katakan..;)

Dah memang dasar anak manja kan, when daddy got home, he showed them the new puzzle..adoiii..a box of 2 puzzles for aneen and a box of 4 puzzles for ayyen..yea..more puzzles..hehe..and them, happy lar...

this is one of the puzzle that daddy bought last nite

When aneen was still in my tummy, i'll make sure at least i solved 1 puzzle crossword a day..maybe her interest on this came from that habit of mine..alhamdulillah..ada jugak benda baik yang aneen ikut dari mummy..when i bought puzzle for them, i knw somehow the solving might generate their mind and will make them be more creative and teach them how to think..mission accomplished..

Here are some info on puzzle that i found on the net..

A puzzle is a problem or enigma that tests the ingenuity of the solver. In a basic puzzle, one is intended to piece together objects (puzzle pieces) in a logical way in order to come up with the desired shape, picture or solution. Puzzles are often contrived as a form of entertainment, but they can also stem from serious mathematical or logistical problems — in such cases, their successful resolution can be a significant contribution to mathematical research.

Solutions to puzzles may require recognizing patterns and creating a particular order. People with a high inductive reasoning aptitude may be better at solving these puzzles than others. Puzzles based on the process of inquiry and discovery to complete may be solved faster by those with good deduction skills.


Puzzles are a great way for your child to exercise his brain cells and work out solutions, so make sure you have an adequate supply of puzzles. Don't give them to your child all at once! Give him one puzzle at a time. Let him spend time solving it. He may solve it a few times before he gets bored. Don't expect him to entertain himself by solving the same puzzle again and again. Once he tires of one puzzle, hand him another.

Hand-eye coordination

In addition to exercising your child's brain, jigsaw puzzles also help improve a toddler's hand-eye coordination, since your child will need to fit the pieces together. It helps your child recognise shapes, and this is an important step towards developing reading skills.


Certain puzzles increase your child's reasoning abilities. For example, a puzzle may be in the shape of man, in which case your child can figure out where the head, arms, torso and legs go, and fit the puzzle accordingly.

Asal-usul puzzle..what an info..semua di hujung jari..

The jigsaw puzzle is one of the oldest forms of amusement that dates back to the late 1700’s. The jigsaw has passed through many phases of development to become today’s modern pastime. Jigsaw puzzles have a range of uses, from education, entertainment, to emotional and physical therapy.

The predecessor of the modern jigsaw puzzle was invented by John Spilsbury in 1767. It was used as a teaching apparatus to help children to learn the geography of England and Wales. It was a wooden map with no interlocking pieces. In fact, interlocking jigsaw wooden puzzles were not introduced until much later, with the invention of saws that could cut raw materials such as wood with the accuracy needed to produce the interlock. From this beginning through the 1800s, jigsaw puzzles caught on and grew as a popular pastime.

A'ah..makin banyak puzzle, makin banyak nak kena kemas..tapi mummy dah buat syarat, tak masukkan puzzle yang sedia ada, tak boleh bukak puzzle yang lain or tak boleh main toys lain..berani lawan cakap mummy??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


These pics took place at our friend's wedding..on the way to the wedding, she asked, "daddy..nak pergi mana??" And as any other 'creative' daddy, "nak pergi wedding.." mm..knowing that she's not at the age of knowing what wedding is all about, i told her, "nak pergi tgk princess.." then, "oo..nak pergi tgk princess eyh?? YAYY!! nak tgk princess.."

When we got there, the seats were full..and we had to wait til other people finish eating then we'll get the seat..oo yeah, we were late because hubby had a 3 days next-year-planning -meeting in he came back all the way from PD and later the next morning, went back to PD - this is like My Best Friend's Wedding for he had to be there..and we didn't know its one of this majlis makan serentak since it was held at home..and we didn't even get the card saying we had to give answer blablabla..i think this happened to a lot of people..yeah..nak buat majlis kahwin, ingat senang ke?? Bakal pengantin lagi lar, its all in the things to do list but still, it happened like non of the things in the u get what i'm trying to say here?? hehe..

..enuff with that..

While we were waiting, Aneen was playing with the flower petals at the bridal dais..she juz loves playing with the petals..there was once we went to Terengganu for a wedding..there's a lots of petals in front of the dais, and it was inside the house..while everyone else had their eyes on the bride and groom, she's picking the petals and put it in a place..she said to me, "messy lar mummy.." kuang kuang kuang..canne nak beritahu budak umur 2 tahun, "it's a concept/style/design/deco??" hah..ambik..mummy punn tak tau what is the right word to put there..and again, she was 2 years old back then.. she's 3, and she's still playing with the petals..but in different way..she'll put it all in her hands and then she'll fling all the petals and shout, "SURPRISEEEEEEE.." adoii..she always do it and she did it there as well..and her action juz caught the eyes of the photographer incharged at the wedding..he juz snapped her picture..shoot by shoot by shoot..knowing she's caught in action, she was really distracted..look at the photos and you'll see the expression, "siibuuukkkk jer.." hehe..i don't know how many pictures do he had on her..but that's all he send to hubby (hubby gave his namecard to the guy..hehe..actually before there's a few photographers took aneen's pics and we did request them to send it to us via email..only this one answered the request)..

Aneen was very happy when 'the princess and the king' shook her hands..actually, that nite, she juz salam with the princess and the king..susah betul nk suruh dia salam orang..what a sombong doter she is...

Where's ayyen?? mm..a clingy boy was clinging with mummy or daddy almost all long nite..abis cerita..pendek kan cerita ayyen...

note to the photographer..terima kasih yea abg photographer sbb sudi tangkap gambar budak sombong nie..

note to the princess and the king..semoga berkekalan jodoh and "To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you are wrong, admit it; whenever you are right, shut up.." - Ogden Nash

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mimpi semata..syukurrrr

I juz love to kiss my kids a lot..soooo much..very much..sooo very much..sometimes i juz kissed them like there's no tomorrow..listening to them laughing tickling is like a sound of music in my heart..even if its only for ten minutes and after that you'll hear my voice screaming and yelling at them to stop picking up other's toys, etc, still, the moment when we are playing together guling-guling, pusing-pusing on the bed is totally ours and ours only..masalah dunia lain, peduli apa..

Last nite, we did the same..i kissed ayyen like there's no tomorrow..he was laughing and we were playing..i pretend to bite his ear..he was like, NOO!! don't tickle..aneen came and join us..and we played..and knowing this won't go anywhere, i asked them to sleep..i was trying to get ayyen to sleep actually..but biasa lar, main-main dulu..hehe..and i gave him a BIG kiss, like there's no tomorrow..tak puas lar..

Maybe because of what i tot and i slept with the thinking, i had a my dream, i lost my little boy..astaghfirullahalazim..i was very sad, but not depressed, as in i was ready because i already gave him my last kiss..waaaaaaaaaaa..boleh ke mcm tue?? In my dream, i was thinking that this would be the best for him..i forgot how and why it happened..and i was afraid to open my eyes and wake up..i scared he won't be beside me..i don't think i want to wake up..i was hoping i just stayed there..if i opened my eyes, and he's not there, i'll be frustrated and sad, for the second might and definately hurt me more than the first time..hisyyy..scary k...

And then suddenly i heard him crying..asking for milk..i opened my eyes, and there he was, beside me..syukurrrr was a dream..i went to get his milk ready and thinking what a dream i had..waaaaaaaaa..leganya..

Huhh..malam nie nk kiss byk2 lagi..and nk main-main lagi..mimpi mainan tidur..i juz hope by telling and sharing this to/with all, nanti lambat lagi jd mimpi tue..hehe..kan?? org tua-tua kan selalu ckp mcm tue...

"Your parents and your children, you know not which of them is the nearer to you in usefulness; this is an ordinance from Allah: Surely Allah is Knowing Wise." (Noble Quran 4:11)

Monday, November 23, 2009


What's in the name?? As i always write here, my kids names are aneen and ayyen..sometimes i juz call them kakak and adik..and growing with their age, they know who they are and people around them..

but things are different since the past few months..the story began when i started buying cd of barbie's movies for my lil gal..usually i juz bought barney, pocoyo, thomas & friends, etc..sometimes i bought disney movies..juz to variety the choices..planning to get upin ipin for them, but dunno when..hehe..

one sweet day, a doter of mine, which inherited the royal blood from the daddy, suddenly announced, "ini bukan aneen lar..i am pinses angleliese darling.." aa..amik kau..i dare to bet, she doesn't even knw her real name..but, she's very confident telling people around, "i am pinses.."'s a stage..i'm sure a lot of mommies outside experiencing the same thing as mine..sampai i punn became pinses mummy and her opah punn she called pinses opah..penyakit...

last week i went to help for a kenduri..aneen was with me..she likes helping things like this..hehe..and she really helped..a makcik or pangkat nenek lar to her, puji her, "pandai kakak buat.." tlg isi doorgift into the bag jer punn..and she whispered to me, "bukan kakak lar, pinses.." and so i told the makcik.."bukan kakak..nama dia pinses.." lebar mulut makcik tue, "ooooooo..sorry lar..tok tak tau.."

once we went to the clinic, she was dancing on the floor like nobody business..while dancing she announced to the world, "i am dancing pinses.." hahahahah..ini pengaruh cerita 12 dancing princesses eyh..letih dh nk suruh dia senyap and sit down..she was in her own world..and there's a kakak working in the clinic said, "nasib baik lar ko anak raja..mmg betul lar ko princess.." adoiiii..

since ramadhan and last week, she was constantly asked everyone to call her pinses angleliese darling..(ada perkataan darling x tahan tue..usually i juz called her darling..still accepted..if i call kakak or aneen, agak sukar utk diterimapakai oleh dirinya..)..then i bought new vcd - the diamond day opah called for her, "pinses angleliese.." then she tegur her opah, "bukan..pinses alexa lar.." after another..

tapi alhamdulillah..she never forget her real name..whenever dia marah or bergaduh dgn adik, she know, she is nazneen insyirah..

different story with adik..whenever kakak declared herself as a pinses, he also wanna do the same..mak had to remind him, "no ayyen..kakak princess, ayyen prince.." so, pins ayyen it is..huhuuuuuuu..perasan x hengat budak berdua nie..there was once when my adik a.k.a their uncle H told aneen, "kalau aneen princess, uncle H prince.." then aneen scolded him.."bukan lar..uncle H bukan pins..ayyen pins.." hahahaha..dengan rs rendah diri, uncle H dia jawab, "tau lar awak anak raja..elehhh.."

my 3rd brother or their maulana gave ayyen nama manja, ryan bryan..since ayyen was born, he called him with the name..not always but frequently..and he works in lumut..before in's like once a month he came back to day apak called him, "cucu tokkk..." dia marah..he said to MY apak, "pins bayern bayern lar..tok tak pandai.." aaaa..tue dia..anak aku mereka-cipta nama dia 2 of age, he knows which name suits him best and sounds nice to his ear..

so now i have pinses angeliese darling a.k.a pinses alexa and pins bayern bayern at home..mana pergi nazneen insyirah dgn rayyan irtiza, they all knows better..

and daddy also got new name - king daddy..what a syok sendiri name for mummy, aneen will always give the name of the watak pembantu - pinses pauper, and now pinses liana..such a poyo doter..yang heroin tue dia lar..

now she's watching barbie and three musketeers.."all for one, and one for all.." tue pulak yang ada kat bibir dia..adik, mcm biasa, kakak lar sifu terbaik dalam hidup dia...

Monday, November 16, 2009


As a member of Sogo, i always get their brochures or pamphlets on the sale events and any promotions..the latest one was the warehouse sale, held the whole last i looked at the promotion, i was very delighted knowing that they going to sell ISOMIL for rm46.00 each on 14 nov..waaaaa..byk jimat dh tue rm10 ok!!

so i planned with hubby, let's go and get the ISOMIL..kebetulan, stok tinggal nyawa-nyawa ikan jer kat rumah..its a mission

early morning i woke up..whatever it is, we have to move before aneen is awake..usually, she'll wake up around 10am and i bersiap and then woke my husband..ayyen was awake already..i took him for bath and got ready myself..then i sent them to mak's house..hehe..yeah it's weekend..but i alerted mak earlier k..and as a return, i have to buy new 'sebenarnya ada' from aisya sofea for her..hehe..

since we hadn't any breakfast, hubby planned to had one at the nasi kandar opposite sogo there..i said, "tak nak..nnt tiba2 sampai dh habis, menyesal tak sudah.." but i let him go lar if he dia tak we went was 10:15am - and the crowd was like so ramai already..hahahahaha..i guess when it comes to shopping doesnt matter when it is or where it is, have money or don't have money - still ramai jugak orang..yea lar, u juz imagine - it was 14 nov - org Melayu kata tengah bulan..hisyy..

it's stated there, limit 2 tins per customer..hisyy..serious ramai orang dekat cashiers, and atas meja kaunter tue - all ISOMIL!! crazy..i saw this one nyonya, and with her like dozens of tins of ISOMIL..what?? dia ingat tue susu cap teko ker?? so my hubby said that dia nk beratur and bayar dekat diff cashiers..i beratur dekat diff one..i asked the gal, kalau akak nk beli byk2 blh ker dik?? she said, blh akak kena byr dua-dua tin jer..ahh..bisa i ended-up with buying 10 tins ISOMIL..jimat rm100 and 2 months we don't have to think about milk..aminn..insyaallah..

why ISOMIL?? besides my mak yg suruh, here are lil info on it..

A nutritionally complete, soy-based, lactose-free formula
for children 1 to 10 years old. It is for children with
cow’s milk protein allergy (allergy or sensitivity to
cow's-milk protein), lactose intolerance, galactosemia,
and vegetarian substitute.

Added with DHA & AA, Linolenic and linoleic acid, taurine, choline for optimal cognitive, visual and psychomotor development.

100% Soy Protein Isolate, a high quality protein that provides all essential amino acids to support tissue building.

Dual carbohydrate system, a blend of two carbohydrates—corn syrup and sucrose—using two absorptive pathways to maximize absorption and minimize risk of malabsorption.

Unique Oil Blend (High source of oleic sunflower oil, coconut oil & soy oil) to provide greater fat and calcium absorption.

Natural source of Nucleotides to support normal immune development.

Higher level of vitamins and minerals (as compared to Isomil Advance EyeQ) to support growing up children’s nutritional needs for optimal growth and development.

and i've tried giving them another milk, but they said, "tak sedap.." adoiii..and i gave them dutch lady sekali..habis jer susu tue, "mummy..nk milk.." aa?? yg u all minum td apa???

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kenapa aa??

Apsal entryku yg sebelum ini seperti tidak terregister jer dlm blogspot??
Biasa ke benda2 sebegini??

Friday, October 23, 2009

24th October 2009 - He's A BIGGER Boy!!

Happy 2nd Birthday To

Who couldn't be loved more.
You are loved for:

The little boy you are,
The special brother for your sister,
The little guardian in the house,
And The precious son you will always be

~ Daddy & Mommy ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cuba teka apa nie..

What is all these looks like to u?? my daughter called it banana muffin..why?? i dunno..she is a fast learner..and most of the time, the teacher is the box with the many stories inside, located at our living guys, let me introduce to you - BANANA MUFFIN..nice one..she likes, i like..we realized this thing has changed the name to BANANA MUFFIN on the 3rd, this is one of my raya stories okay..hehe..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Update story raya belum lg..story lain dulu eyh...

Hubby went to Kuching yesterday - due to his obligation with early as 5:30am he went out frm the house already..the flight was scheduled at 8am..and he will take the night flight back..keje betul2 daddy..take care..

at 7:18am, i got msg frm him..his flight delay due to operation reason..the next flight is full and he had to take the flight at 11:40am!! waaaa..lamanya nk menunggu..luckily we have the most beutiful and very big airport kan d..can walk-walk-round-round..

late night - ayyen slept already, when daddy came back..aneen was watching the 12 dancing princesses (barbie series lar nie)..every night movie barbie jer..i think i can play the song with keyboard already..seriously..keep repeating the movie..adoiiii..

then hubby unpacked his bag and went out from the room.."ini lar akibatnya bila dh lama sgt dekat airport tue kan.." he said while handling over a plastic bag to me..hahahahah..i opened..and TADAAAAAAAAAA.....i loiiikeeee...

uihh..sonotnya..very simple and beautiful and shining shimmering..white gold, he said..hisyyy..bila lagi nak pergi outstation lepak2 kat klia nie?? i x kisah..pergi lar...

note to daddy - tq daddy...

note to self - story raya mana?? apa lar u nie deng..hehe..nnt lar..xde idea lg nk update nie..xpe..raya kat kl nie 30 hari..insyaallah akan menyusul tue...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Salam Syawal 1430

Selamat Hari Raya
buat teman-teman dan kenalan semua

Maaf Zahir Batin
daripada kami sekeluarga

dan juga daripada kami-kami sekeluarga..

Maroon dan Gold dipilih semua
bagi menyeri hari bahagia
Salam Aidilfitri buat pembaca
bersama kita berhari raya

note to all - raya thn nie adinda yg berbaju biru di tepi sekali itu tak ada sekali..beraya di perantauan..yg lain insyaallah semua ada..raya kedua we all beraya di kuantan..raya ketiga dh balik dh..jemput dtg beraya ke rumah..

Bila cuti hari Khamis b4 Raya

A'ah..i was on leave few things to settle b4 we celebrate raya..nk cuti today - friday, susah pulak because got few things to settle at the office plus others ramai yang dh blk a KLian, kira i sacrificed lar nie..


I sent the kids to mak as usual..then we (me & hubby) went out b4 9..we sent kueh raya to zz, my cousin, working at Sime Darby..thanks for your support girl..and then we went to jln tar..we parked at sogo - we changed mama's baju kurung..the one that we bought can't suit, note to myself - mama x wear baju kurung pahang..and then we went to discover the beneath in Jalan Tar and Jalan Masjid India..we were looking for ayyen's baju melayu..hard to find the color that we wanted and exactly looks like the daddy's..bila jumpa, no the end, we found it at Bak Collection..handsome lar my lil hero raya nnt..i always like the design and the material they are using at the Bak's..nice and simple and different than others..


Still at Jalan Tar..orang semakin ramai..b4 not that we head to Kamdar and took our curtains there..took with money lar kan..nothing's free maa..after that we went to thinking of getting apak new tshirt..found 1, but when i called mak to get the size (somehow i forgot apak's size..because he do looks slimmer nowadays - so it's either M or L)..mak said no need to buy, apak got new tshirts already..apak said, "baju apak dh byk.." i didn't buy the tshirt..juz got him nice gajah duduk only..from there we went to ikano..where else if not to the branded outlet store..we were there for a lil while only..not many, hehehe, they got many new clothes already..i bought slowly every month at sogo tue apa?? mm..after zohor we went to kl sentral..need to take few stuff from my k.noor there..from kl sentral we went to bangsar village..hubby bought gown for aneen..she refused to try we went to change and get different hubby choosed the maroon gown..hope she like it this time..byk cakap, baru umur 3 thn dh mengada-ngada nk pki xnk pki..

Late Noon a.k.a Evening

Got call from mak..asking where i was..i said on the way back..she said the kids buat hal and dun want to sleep..then she said, "balik cepat sikit.." i looked at the watch, it's u think if i'm working today or she didn't know that i'm cuti, she will call and ask me to come back early?? hahahahah..mungkin we went home..ayyen finally slept with daddy and aneen stayed awake with mummy..


Iftar at mak's - as usual..kfc from k.noor - tq k.noor, and nasi lauk kari ikan, ayam msk merah, pindang and ikan goreng..yummy..when they went for terawikh i let the kids playing with pop-pop..blablablabla, we went home - our own home..tried the baju on the kids..ayyen looked very handsome with the baju melayu (apa lagi kerja mummy perasan kalo x puji anak dia??)..aneen was very happy with the new gown.."i am pinses aneen.." allah..perasan x sudah anak dara raja aman sorg nie..then later on she slept in front of the tv..yeah, she didn't sleep at all today..and ayyen was very energetic..i was watching my Grey's Anatomy when he came inside the room and asked me to read the book for him..fine, i read while watching..and then he got bored and started to play with his car and truck..then suddenly he tried to throw all the toys from the bakul..terus i marah dia..then he looked at me and said, "topp..toppp..sleep opah..go!! go!! sleep opah.." (stop!! stop!! sleep dengan opah..) while the hand showing to his opah's house..ambooiiii..dia pulak nk halau kita..pada halnya dia yg buat perangai..ya allah ya tuhan poyoo..i juz let him played by long as tak bising..then he wanted to sleep..fine, i gave him milk, that i prepared it earlier..and gave him his blankie and pillo - also i brought it with me into the room when i want to watch the series..dh agak dh..

Alhamdulillah..i slept around 1:30am..very sleepy and so tired..i had a longer day today than yesterday when it was my deadline day..still, i can do it again next sweat..tiring is nothing when it comes to shopping and facing the naugthy of the kids...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sayang Cucu

Hubby brought back 2 hampers for raya..hampers of kueh-kueh lar kan..thank u dear..thank u dear's friends..

And the hamper were so nice..with the ribbons and all the decorations..the basket looks different..i told mak, "plus this ribbon (the type yg mcm kulit pokok tue), mak dh ada banyak dh yang mcm nie..nnt mak boleh buat mak punya sendiri.." and mak also duk tilik-tilik the things whats inside the hamper..

"Huh..mana-mana ntah yang ada tue..anak-anak awak duk main, merata.." Hahahaha..i said, its your fault.."Kalau kitorg dulu, tak berani nk usik..nnt kena marah..budak-budak tue sekarang dengan mak, semua blh.." mak replied, "awak orang x suka mende-menda mcm nie.." What?? Where did she get that from?? "Tak suka?? Bukan x suka mak, x berani..sekali usik, mau mak mengamuk.." And as usual, "tak adanya.." hhahhahaha..yes mak, ada..

And so i said to mak, "sekarang, kalau they all buat apa-apa, mak juz "mmm.." tue jer..tue jer?? sapa yang takut macam tue.." So i started blabbering to mak, the opah's role that she's been playing now.."semua manja..semua boleh..sampai masa, they all sendiri know where to turn whenever Deng kata tak boleh.."

I started ngajuk what Ayyen always said, "tak nak kawan opah.." "dun do that!!" "Ayyen punya.." and blablabla..all of suddence mak laughed.."hari nie mak kena lagi..mak nak tgk tv.."opah tunggu sekejap yea..cerita nie nk habis dh..opah tunggu yea.." mak gelak sorang dengar..habis jer cerita, terus dia tekan cerita mak nk tengok..Allah lah..." This kasih sayang opah - cucu already spoiled everything..mak was known as the most garang auntie in the family..but when it comes to cucu, "ala cucu opah..come here..mummy marah ker??" Rosak..rosak...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Siapa sorang lagi??

On the 3rd day puasa during our first year of marriage, my husband came back from work and told me, "i dh byr zakat..utk 3 org.." hehe..a year before, he only paid for himself..and additional 2 after he got married - me and aneen..

On the 2nd year, still in the 1st week puasa, he came back at work and told me, "i dh byr zakat.." hehe..very fast..he said, "nanti kalau tunggu lama-lama, beratur orang nk byr..tgk ustaz tue sorang jer, i terus byr.."

Last year punn the same thing happened..but this time, "i dh byr zakat..utk 4 org.." yeah..ayyen came out last raya, so we dun have to pay zakat for him in that year..ok he's paying for 4...

This year, he didn't tell me anything on paying the zakat..before i got married, i juz bought beras and give them to any unknown rumah anak yatim..the glamorous ones, let the ministers or celebrities do the job lar kan..because apak always do that - buy beras and give them directly to the poorer/asnaf..and then apak will buy the beras back from him/, we'll get the beras, and they'll get the money..rezeki masing-masing lar kan..

So i asked my husband last weekend, we were inside the car heading somewhere, i forgot lar where..

Me : Daddy..u dh byr zakat ker belum this year??
Hubby : Dh..semalam x ramai org kat balai Islam tue, i byr lar..lps nie nnt panjang pulak
beratur ramai org nk byr..
Me : Oo..i thot u tak byr lg..
Hubby : i byr utk 3 orang..i bagi ustaz tue RM30 because i tak ada duit kecik..ustaz tue
kata x apa..and then tiba-tiba baru i teringat, "Ehh ustaz..saya nk byr utk 4 orang.."
Me : Ha..ha..ha..siapa sorang lagi D?? U lupa siapa??
Hubby : I lupa i..muka ustaz tue punn mcm musykil because last year i byr utk 4
orang..tiba-tiba this year, 3 orang pulak..

ha..ha..ha..luckily he said that he forgot about himself..if he mentioned my name or any of the kids, i nk merajuk dh sebenarnya..hehe..u are old lar daddy...

Little info on zakat as below...

The obligatory nature of Zakat is firmly established in the Qur'an, the Sunnah (or hadith), and the consensus of the companions and the Muslim scholars. Allah states in Surah at-Taubah verses 34-35: "34:O ye who believe! there are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in Falsehood devour the substance of men and hinder (them) from the way of Allah. And there are those who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah. announce unto them a most grievous penalty- 35:On the Day when heat will be produced out of that (wealth) in the fire of Hell, and with it will be branded their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs, their flanks, and their backs.- "This is the (treasure) which ye buried for yourselves: taste ye, then, the (treasures) ye buried!" (The Holy Qur'an 9:34-35).

The prophet (pbuh) said: "Any owner of gold and silver who does not deliver from them their right, on the Day of Quiyamah (Day of Judgment), (the gold and silver) will be shaped as foils of fire. Then it will be heated in the fire of Hell; (and) then with it he will be ironed on his side, his forehead, and his back" (narrated by Muslim).

It is agreed between Muslims in all the centuries the obligatory nature of paying Zakat for gold and silver, and from those the other kinds of currency.

Zakat is obligatory when a certain amount of money, called the nisab is reached or exceeded. Zakat is not obligatory if the amount owned is less than this nisab. The nisab (or minimum amount) of gold and golden currency is 20 mithqal, this is approximately 85 grams of pure gold. One mithqal is approximately 4.25 grams. The nisab of silver and silver currency is 200 dirhams, which is approximately 595 grams of pure silver. The nisab of other kinds of money and currency is to be scaled to that of gold, 85 grams of pure gold. This means that the nisab of money is the price of 85 grams of 999-type (pure) gold, on the day in which Zakat is paid.

When is Zakat Due ?

1. Passage of One Lunar Year:
Zakat is obligatory after a time span of one lunar year passes with the money in the control of it's owner. Then the owner needs to pay 2.5% (or 1/40) of the money as Zakat. (A lunar year is approximately 355 days).
2. Deduction of Debts:
The owner should deduct any amount of money he or she borrowed from others; then check if the rest reaches the necessary nisab, then pays Zakat for it.
If the owner had enough money to satisfy the nisab at the beginning of the year, then the money increased (in profits, salaries, inheritance, grants...etc.), the owner needs to add the increase to the nisab amount owned at the beginning of the year; then pay Zakat, 2.5%, of the total at the end of the lunar year. (there are small differences in the fiqh schools here)

Zakat is due after one Lunar (Hijri) year starting from either the first day you acquired the amount of Nisab or the day you paid Zakat last year. The month of Ramadhan is considered to be the best time to pay Zakat.

U all dh byr ker blm??

note to hubby..tq daddy..lps nie u belikan we all bj raya pulak eyh..ehh..lg eyh...

Monday, September 7, 2009

TAK!! DIA TAK TAU!! is hari utk bersyukur i many alhamdulillah that i wrote and, alhamdulillah again..hehe..this year, i got the chance to do my 1st i left the kids to k. nurul's house because she didn't fast..and then anak dara dia pulak took i juz left them to be huru-hara with the the As..hehe..and plus, it's the last chance that i got to be a makmum for Adan before he fly..alhamdulillah, dapat lar berjemaah dgn hubby, apak and mak jd makmum Adan kat surau Taman Melewar tue..merasa lar jugak...

So..last night, after iftar, i went back and get ready to go to terawikh..rupa-rupanya kakak also is preparing herself to got for terawikh..alamak!! and i was already in my telekung..since day 1 i did my terawikh, i kept thinking, i can bring the kids..the can sit here..i juz have to bring this and that and make them leka..and my hubby, like any other jemaah, keep saying NO!! but last night, i became usual me, a stubborn cold hearted DENG..hehe..i want to bring the kids..i know i can managed them..i know..yes..i can...

And we all went to the surau..aneen was kindly so so lar, dpt ikut daddy pergi pray nie..and ayyen, being himself, excited lar dpt naik car..what he knows is nothing like us lar obviously

With giler penuh debar i brought them into the pray hall..i felt like all eyes were staring at me..auntie ati, one of the jemaah said, "bawak escort hari nie deng.." "a'ah..x ada org nk jaga hari nie.." makin kuat i we did our 1st, it was tenang seketika, because they both asking for their milk..and after a while, the long nigt began..hahahaha..very long u know...

I was praying with all others, but my eyes like watching them..with the perangai kacau calling mummy..mummy lg..and they sat near me..playing my head and touching my body..ok lar tue..the worries came when they started doing it to others..alahaiiii..seriously, i know what i read but i dunno what i read..haaa..faham?? hahahahaah..right after i gave salam, straightly i bulllaaaat mata pandang diorg..both were stunned..and i marah lar them..adoiii..letih tau jd mummy garang nie..jiwa dan hati kacau dan terganggu...

While waiting for the time to terawikh, the surau called an ustaz to give ceramah on Nuzul supposed to be for half on hour..but i think it was longer..hehe..and, the kids warmed up with few jemaah and making friends..adoiiii..why we should stay with the garang mummy if other people can smile and play with us?? i think that was what they both had in mind last nite..

And again, it's time for i brainwashed them..pesan, ugut all complete..and rayyan was like a nice boy, sitting there and very behave..aneen was being her own notti 1st she started playing with the chalks and the blackboard (surau nie punn kelas agama budak2 sekolah rendah yg kain merah tue..)..thou i warned her earlier dun play with the chalk aneen, it's dirty and poisoned..but since the thing can make them ralit, i juz let them be lar..main lar aneen..lps nie i'll was your hand..

Not long after that and my nightmare began..buhsan giler rupanya main dgn chalk and blackboard they started running straight in the two saf..ya allah..i can't wait to finish this 2 rakaat terawikh..the moment i gave my salam, i heard a lady shouting, "apa lari-lari nie?? tak tau ker orang tgh sembahyang??" huhhh..amik ko..i looked at the lady..another lady was holding aneen and saying to her, "pergi kat mak, duduk kat mak.." nicely..unlike the shouted one..i straightly bukak kain, take my things and them and we went out from the hall..

So i stayed outside the hall..also got jemaah praying there..we also cannot go down because, there also got jemaah down there near the stairs..and i juz sat there with the kids..simpan mrh tue utk makcik tue and kept marah the kids..and this one nice lady tny asked me do u want to pray?? i said blh jugak..because at the moment, his son was sleeping on the she moved her son and gave place to me..i warn the kids, "Duduk diam..kalau tidak sleep dalam toilet malam nie.."

Finally i got the chance to finish my terawikh..alhamdulillah..while i was praying, i heard them talking..yes, i do heard them..hahaha..khusyuk?? what is that?? "aneen..opah mana??" "opah kat dalam.." "where??" "kat dalam.." and my eyes saw ayyen got up and on his way to the pray hall tadi, straightly i stopped sembahyang and tarikh ayyen..he cried..NO WAY i'm gonna let them to go into that hall again!! so there goes my terawikh and withir for last night..


Mak was really tak puas hati..she kept repeating what the lady said.."mak x kenal siapa dia..sebelum nie x ada punn..siapa entah dia..esok mak nk cari.." hahahahaha..emo seorang opah..and mak also said, "mak punn marah jugak budak2 bukan mcm tue.." hahahahaha..

And i'm thinking of bringing them again tonite..hahahahaha..bukan nk sembahyang punn, tp saja nk buat that lady hangin x tentu pasal..boleh??

Down here i quoted some hadiths on the matter..

Dari Abdullah bin Syidad dari ayahnya berkata, "Pada suatu ketika Rasulullah keluar untuk mengerjakan solat Zuhur atau Asar, beliau membawa cucunya Hasan atau Husein, lalu maju ke depan dan meletakkan cucunya kemudian bertakbir. Ketika sujud, beliau sujud lama sekali hingga terangkat kepalaku. Terlihat olehku, ternyata sang cucu sedang berada di punggung Rasulullah, maka aku pun kembali sujud. Setelah selesai solat, para jamaah bertanya, ‘Wahai Rasulullah, lama sekali Anda sujud hingga kami mengira bahawa telah terjadi sesuatu atau wahyu sedang diturunkan kepadamu.’ Rasulullah menjawab, 'Semua itu tidak terjadi, melainkan ketika itu cucuku sedang berada di punggungku dan aku tidak mahu mengganggunya hingga dia merasa puas bermain-main." (HR Ahmad, An-Nasa`i, dan Hakim)

Dalam riwayat yang lain dijelaskan;

Hadis riwayat Abu Hurairah Radhiyallahu 'anhu : ia berkata:Bahawa Nabi saw bersabda: Apabila salah seorang dari kalian menjadi imam, maka hendaknya ia memperingan solatnya, kerana di antara mereka ada anak kecil, orang tua, orang lemah dan orang sakit. Bila solat sendirian, maka soatlah sekehendak hatinya

(HR Bukhari)

Begitu pula, beliau saw pernah meringankan bacaan dalam solatnya, ketika beliau mendengar tangisan anak kecil;

Abi Qatadah Radhiyallahu 'anhu mengatakan bahawa Nabi saw bersabda, "Aku sedang mengerjakan solat dan mahu memperpanjangnya, namun aku mendengar tangis anak kecil. Lalu, aku ringkas (ringankan) solatku, kerana aku tidak senang untuk menyusahkan ibunya."

(HR Bukhari).

Bahkan, Amr bin Salamah, yang ketika itu berusia 7 tahun, menjadi imam untuk solat berjamaah.

Dari Jabir bin Abdillah bahawa Amr bin Salamah radhiyallahu a''nhu berkata, "Aku telah mengimami solat jamaah di masa Rasulullah saw sedangkan usiaku saat itu baru tujuh tahun. (HR Bukhari).

So daddy, boleh lar kita bawak lagi the kids tonite, kan??

Ramadhan and Rayyan

Now we muslims are in the fasting month..alhamdulillah, so far i still hasn't missed my fasting..thou it gives me unease feeling inside my belly - due for few days already for my monthly-best-friend's visit..cuak k..cuak yang teramat nie..

All this while, when it comes to month of Ramadhan, it always remind me of my dear brother, Ramadhan..when he was small, he was so happy everytime he heard his name mentioned on's like, he's the celebrity of the year..pagi Ramadhan, tghari Ramadhan, petang Ramadhan, and malam also Ramadhan..being a small naive boy really enjoiced his moment there..and only slowly when he grew up, he starts to think that during Ramadhan, u have to fast.and when he became older, he also learns that, during Ramadhan, straightly for one month, he need to be an Imam for terawikh - which is a big thing for our apak's big heart..hehe..

well..enough of Ramadhan - he's in Jakarta now..pursuing his this is the 1st Ramadhan Ramadhan is not with us..but, it's Jakarta only..i think my mak thinks that its like from here to Perlis kot, because every day she's checking on him..hehehe..anak manja...

And as i'm become older, i got to know that, there's another thing that u should know during Ramadhan..there's a special gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter..
The gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter..

Shal bin Sa'ad reported the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Paradise (Jannah) has a door called Rayyan (the quencher), which is preserved for those who observed fasting on the Day of Judgment. It will be announced, 'Where are those who observed fasting?' The door, Rayyan, will not be closed until the last one of them enters." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Yes..Rayyan..and so i was so in love with this name..i loves reading novels..reading the story, the characters and the names the writers gave to the characters gives me ideas on what to name my babies..hehe..whenever i like or think of a name, i'll jot it down somewhere and seek for the meaning..and the same thing happened when i came cross, i told myself, i'll have my baby named as Rayyan..

And i kept waiting..the idea of me having a kid of my own is one thing, but to get a baby, u do have to get married..alahai..lemahnya's not that its hard to get married..hahahahah..basically, we girls don't need to kumpul duit hantaran..juz go and pilih kain, buat baju, duduk diam jer lar kan..takde masalah..but to get the one yang akan kena kumpul duit hantaran tue was a major problem..hahahahhaa..( offence..juz keep reading..)'s not easy to know whether he's the one or not ok..and it's not for a day, then u'll get a new one the other day..manede cantu...

So i waited..and waited..and waited..until one day, a news from mak really hit me.."wan nyah dapat cucu lelaki, anak abg du..nama dia Rayyan.." Aaaaaaaaaa?? o know..not rayyan..pls..not that name..Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!!!..wan nyah is a wife of apak's cousin and mak's best friend..and abg du is my 2nd cousin..a'ah..kalau ikut hubungan tue mcm dh saudara jauh..but dun forget that i also mentioned, she's one of mak's best friends..meaning, we all always and then..aduhh..

Seriously i got so frustrated..i told mak, "Deng suka nama tue..deng dh plan nk guna nama tue.." mak asked me for the meaning..and i told her..and she said, "guna jer lar.." hahahaha..i juz laughed..when to use, god knows...

And alhamdulillah, i got a girl as my 1st..i want a girl..too many boys/guys/men inside the house..i need a girl..i need to share my interest and my stories, that only we girls know and i still kept the name Rayyan..tak apa..ambik lar siapa i'll make sure one day i'll have my own Rayyan..

It's a well known story telling, i don't have to wait long till i got pregnant, AGAIN..and i do hope, this time, i'll get a i could Rayyan him..hahahahha..god listened to my prays..i got a boy..unlike the 1st one, we named her immediately after she was born (there's a hadith saying we should name the baby right after born)..this time we waited till seventh day (its a sunnah Rasulullah)..mak still remember that i wanted to name my boy, Rayyan..she mentioned about it before i delivered..she said, she told mak long about the name..hehe..obviously, she also likes the name..hehe.. we named our boy Raja Dzia Rayyan Irtiza..he was born on 2nd week of Syawal..hehe..NO!! we had Ramadhan already..that doesn't mean we want Syawal..

Rayyan..or ayyen..we juz hope that he'll be as wise as his name..insyaallah...

Rayyan and the meanings that i browsed..

Rayyan M Luxuriant, One of The Gates of Paradise

Origin : Arabic - Atmosphere, galaxy, the heavens
Origin : Persian - Fragrant herb, sweet scented herb

People name their children to distinguish them from others. The baby must be named on the seventh day. According to a Hadith a child must be named promptly on birth. The baby name must be meaningful. "You will be called by your name on the day of judgment" this is another reason why it is important to chose a baby name with good meaning.

Selamat Menghabiskan Puasa All...
p/s all - and wan nyah was so irritating..everytime she heard us calling Rayyan, she'll asked, "Rayyan?? mcm nama cucu i ker??" again and again - YES!! tapi x ada kena mengena dengan cucu u..hahahaa..if i may add, this Rayyan is a lot cuter and slimmer than your Rayyan..hahahaha..gila emo seorang ibu aku nie..she's not forgot it because of her age..she juz couldn't care do i..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ayyen oh Ayyen..

this conversation was between me n my cousin, nadd..hahaha..yupp, yesterday morning..i know, office what?? i'm juz a long as i get my work done, so what?? kan aya..he's gonna be 2 this october..but his perangai is soooo somewhat i dunno how to tell..very it's like everything got to be his way..mana blh dik..u r too small to be a boss..juz wait for your time lorr..

guys, juz enjoy the converation of the day..

10:43 AM Nadd: huhuuh
10:44 AM ptg kang ahli nursery bertambah lg 2
baru meriah
me: dr kelana jaya ker??
Nadd: yuppy
me: meh ddg nk letak lg 2, blh aya??
Nadd: aya x kisah
aya bkn kat umah pun
me: hahahhaha..
pengsan yg ada kat umah kang..
ayyen tue giler ganas..
perwatakan sungguh samseng..
10:45 AM lg 2 bln, baru nk msk 2 thn..
kalo dh 2 thn nnt, xtau lar camana agaknya..
Nadd: hihihihi
10:46 AM house come bday party ye
dpt duit raya lg
hadiah lg
me: hahahahha..
ry nie anniv mak..
10:47 AM sebln lps tue baru bday ayyen..
tp ganas lar aya..
aya ada x ingat2 suam kuku aneen tue ganas canne??
Nadd: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
lama mikir nih
10:48 AM me: tue aa..
jumpa 2 kali setahun..
mana nk ingat apa..
Nadd: hahahah
me: tue yg ddg punn tny aya cantu tue..
Nadd: ahhhaah
10:50 AM so ayyen bp kali lg ganas?
me: ya allah..
berganda2 kalinya..
pening ddg dgn mak..
xleh biar diorg main sdiri..
yg kakak suka mengatur..
yea lar, KAKAK kan..
10:51 AM yg adik pulak, time ikut tue, ikut lar..
time dia xnk, hangin lar 1 bdn..
dia punn ORANG jugak..
bukan baby (sumer anak patung diorg nama BABY eyh)..
10:52 AM angin tue pulak, xde tangguh2 dh, x suka jer, terus dtg..
kakak kena lar debuk sana-sini..
takat muka kakak kena tampar, kena kesan kuku tue, xde apa dh..
ssh toll lar..
10:53 AM Nadd: uishhh
pembuli ni
dia wat kat kakak dia je ke kat org lain kene gak?
10:54 AM me: S.E.M.U.A yg ada lam umah tue..
"heyyy..DUN DO DAT!!'
"dia nie kan (sambil bgn menuju pd 'dia' yg dimaksudkan n terus pukul org tue..)"
10:55 AM "mummy..NOO!! ayyen pukul nnt!!"
"xnk kawan opah..(lps kena mrh lar tue..)"
10:56 AM tp, pantang nmpk org pegang key g kat pintu, baik lembut jer suara dia..
"nk g ana??"
so plastik lar my son..

8 minutes
11:05 AM Nadd: hahahahhahah
garang ek
alfie br tgh nyusun2 ayat
tapi masa ham n kakak dulu.. xde pukul2 ni
alfie ni ade sikit
(cam 3 org dh anak aku)
11:06 AM pukul
tanak kawan pun sikit
coz aya tahu dr mane dpt
kat umah mmg xde
*wink *wink
11:07 AM me: hahahahaha..
"padan muka" ada x??
11:08 AM kat umah ada..

21 minutes
11:29 AM Nadd: ahahhahaha
mane la dak2 ni dpt?

7 minutes
11:37 AM me: ms g umah wami, wami tegur ayyen..
ayyen jeling, ckp kat wami, "xnk kwn.."
ddg dlm blk k.shimah ms tue..
wami tny, mana mak dia??
ddg jenguk lar pala..
wami kata, sebijik cam mak dia..
11:38 AM tp mak dia, ada nama..
"deng xnk kwn.."
dia nie x sebut nama aa..
11:39 AM Nadd: hahahahhahahahha
no komen
11:42 AM me: pg tue plak, b4 g bangi, kitorg nie duk bsiap lar nk kuar kan..
ddg dh siap mandikan diorg..
itu ini sumer..
susu x buat lg..
daddy lar yg buat..
11:43 AM sambil mata kat tv, "daddy jgn letak air hot byk2, letak little jer..lps tue baru letak milk.."
arahan dr tuan puteri..
ddg pandang aman shah, aman shah pandang ddg..
sakit perut ddg kontrol gelak dpn budak tue..
11:44 AM aman shah kata, "makin hari, dia makin u..sumer nk specific.."
nasib lar..
11:47 AM Nadd: hahahahhahah
11:48 AM o well
11:51 AM me: apa well??
the learning process tue will go continuosly..
11:52 AM kita punn x sedar kita nie 'cikgu' sbnr nyer..
tp yea lar..
yg specific tue logik lar..
yg xnk kwn tue, xkan lar sbb nurun ddg kot??
kebetulan jer tue..

6 minutes
11:59 AM Nadd: aya pun taktahu
alfie garang2
bukan nurun aya
faktor alam sekitar
12:02 PM me: hahahahhaha..
tue aa ddg kata kat erah..
12:03 PM kalo kwn ddg tue tny ddg hows ur kezen (referring to aya), ddg xleh aa jwb, juz like me..
sbb aya x garang..