Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Winter Song in Grey's Anatomy

Juz a short entry..i juz watched one of my fav and cannot miss series, Grey's eps was when Addison called Shepherd because she's desperately need help for her brother - he got worm in brain..(yierkkk!!)

And as any other eps of Grey's Anatomy, and also any other stories, they'll have background songs..and today's song is My Winter Song by Sara Bareiilis and Ingrid Michealson, the song that i put in my mixpod..huhuuuuuuuuuu..and tetiba i overexcited jap..

okeh guys..need to end this adik a.k.a anak-manja-mak is going to reg to ukm tomorrow so he want to use this pc til subuh esok lar kot..hahahaha..okeh..bye..

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