Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poor Rayyan

Last wednesday, around 4:30am, my sleeping beauty got disturbed..i tot the kids want to have a milk..owh ayyen rupanya..his body was a bit warm last nite..i touched the head, ya allah..panas nya..immediately i woke my hubby and told we decided to bring him to the hospital..we sent sleepy princess aneen to opah's and straightly went to ampang puteri..

27 may 2009
( i juz managed to write it only for the 1st para when i got a call frm mak asking me to come home because ayyen's fever getting worst..)

Monday, May 25, 2009


It's them..aneen is going to be 3 this coming august..and ayyen is going to be 2..but whenever u ask ayyen how old is he, he'll say "3 yrs old.." he's repeating whatever the sister said..ayyooo..

they are growing up..growing..and growing..and growing..and really makes me pening..and now, it is worse, semua nk mummy..change the diapers, mummy..i want milk, mummy..they'll go to daddy when daddy is holding the car key..starting from when daddy wearing a pants or trouser, and then daddy will take his watch and ring and wallet and phone - the kids will following daddy..sayang smart the children nowadays..all have political minded..

aneen is in the stage where i need to know this is what and i need to know why it is like that..arrrggghhhh..too many questions, too many answers..and even sometimes the uncles said, awak nie ckp byk lar aneen..hehe..daddy is smarter, aneen, the to bluff a smart kid?? you want a smart child, and then you refuse to guide just won't work that way.. i said, he's following whatever said and done by the sister..the best anak murid in the universe is his middle name (like his own original name isn't long enough lar kan..hehe) and he even better than the, he's a boy - he loves to climb and jump..i bought a plastic horse, two actually, each one of them got it..he was like 'rempit' whenever he's on his professional..and he's only one and a half year..

aneen loves reading and we always bought books for her..ayyen also like to read but he likes cars n bus more..hahahaha..i wonder why.. is tiring..tiring in a bless..luv u babeh..mmuuahhh....