Monday, June 22, 2009

our SUPERB day out holiday!!

last friday, due to daddy's duty and responsibility, we all overnite at Seri Premier Pacific, Kuala Lumpur..formerly known as Pan Pacific..where?? opposite The Mall and Legend, next to PWTC..where?? please refer to google map..hehe..

okay..we stayed there since last friday and checked out on Sunday..well..yeah, it's very near to our house..tried to limit wat to bring and so hubby said, alah..kalau x cukup apa2, kita balik jer ambik kat rumah..hehe..seriously, we lived in gombak, and pan pac really not that far..everyday i naik lrt to sogo or masjid jamek, i'll pass the pwtc station..its juz one station away from my office..

we went there after dinner..we had dinner at home, packed and then straightly went therel, juz to sleep..hehe..the story began on the next day..

aman shah was having his long service award event at the he got a room for himself and he brought us together..he said, so that we can relax..a'ah..relax sgt lar i dgn anak dia yang berdua on saturday, he had to at the dewan merdeka hall, pwtc for the whole day..what shall i do?? staying inside the room with the munchies?? going back home by my own with the kids?? or what?? hehe..u see, a day before (friday lar kan..), i went to jalan masjid india to look for kain for baju happened to be, i found no kain that really catched my eyes..hehe..not that i cerewet, it's juz that, i failed to find it..hahahaahahaha..what a way to say, i decided to bring the 2 sweethearts of mine to jalan masjid india, by lrt..and i did that!!

at first, it went very well..from pan pac, we went out, we crossed the road and went to lrt station..aneen was a bit afraid..tho she's excited with ride on train, but still, she afraid of that big thing called TRAIN..and ayyen was very excited.."train..train.." yes...train..hehe..when the train arrived, aneen was fine..she walked into the train..she never let go off my hand..i had ayyen in my arms..finally we were inside the train..and ayyen start his first seek of attention attitude for the day - he cried..adusshh..but when i showed him around, he became cool..and he started showing the other train outside that went different way..hahahaha..ayyen, u are inside one ok..

and not more than 10 mins later, there we are; me, aneen and ayyen - at lrt masjid jamek..yabedabeduuu..YAYY!! i did it..i brought the kids here - all by myself..and hopefully i could bring them back, by lrt as well..because i bought the return ticket..ala..rm2.40 jer punn..hehe..

so we walk..i showed them kain, and kain, and kain..hahahaha..what else to see?? aneen was a bit moody because strangers touching her face, her cap, her head..everytime they did that, she'll looked at them and said, "tak nak kawan.." hahahaha..and ayyen, also like his sister..he gave them looks..and then he said to me, "mummy..marah.." hahahhhahaa..he asked me to marah those lar dear..they all bigger than mummy..

and all the way, aneen was walking and ayyen was in my arms..huwaaaa..juz imagine, he's 9 kilos and i have to like dukung him all the way..everytime i stop to look at the kain, i'll ask aneen to sit on the chair at that shop and i juz put ayyen on the bunches of kain..nasib lar, mummy metropolitan macam nie lar kan..

and after one hour, ayyen got bored..see, men - no matter how age - they'll never understand us..and he started moody..aneen got a pair of baju kebaya..i tried to find one baju melayu for ayyen..but nevermind, to find ayyen, i've to bring daddy along..because daddy also kinda cerewet when it becomes to baju and kain..and YESSSS, i got nice kain for baju raya for me and aneen..doube yabedabedu for me...

so we went back around 2, also by train..we took the train from station bandaraya..hehe..far eyh?? for aneen, yes..and for me, also yes..remember, i've to carry the 9 kilos son of mine all the way long..adusss..but still, i'm happy..they also happy (because of the train part - not the walking part)..

right after we went inside our room, ayyen got slept..straight for 2 tired aa adik duduk atas mummy?? adusss..and aneen, i tried again the baju kebaya on her, posing in front of the mirror with her baju and refused to take it off..i msg her daddy to come to the room and look at his daughter..hehe..terharu daddy tgk ayu nyer anak dara dia tue..with the buncit belly..hahahaha..

and she finally took it off when we went to the siling pul (it's how aneen pronounce it, actually it was swimming pool)..hehe..their favorite we were there for like til kecut their fingers..and before maghrib, we went back to our room..

and yeah, my right hand and shoulder still have that pain of carrying ayyen..but i'm happy..i did it..taking them out, all by myself..i want to do it again, thinking of bringing them to klcc park..mmm..

note to all - no pix of me with them at jln masjid india photographer around..huhhh...


ilin said...

waa dah beli baju raya ke..huhuuh..kak ilin pose pun belum ganti lagi ni..

Deng Anaz said...

hahahaha..mana nk sempat ganti, asyik duk masak jer..hahahahha..cpt ilin, nk puasa semula dh nie..