Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i juz dunno what to do

she's so stubborn..all she know, she juz really going to get what she wants, no matter how..sounds familiar huh??

yeah..she do looks like me..but pls, juz be me on that part and nothing more..and NOOOO!! she doesn't stop there..and watching her everyday growing up, i dun think she will..she is SOOOOO me!! so stubborn, won't give up, giving orders, making rules, etc - in her own way, but still, juz like me..

and these few days, she juz love crying..merengek sesajer..and while crying, she's mumbling..and then she'll get upset..hello..ckp punn tak betul lg, and then some more u wanna tell me things and cry..mana mummy faham..and then lagi lar mengamuk..i juz gave up..i asked her daddy to take over..if she stays with me, god knows what will happen to her..

usually after she cries, she'll say, "nak hug mummy.." and as a loving mother, i'll hug her..but these few days i juz bolayan..i biar jer..and when she asked me things or trying to tell me something, i didn't say a word..not even look at her..lagi lar depressed budak tue..haaa..biar dia rasa..wat?? she thinks she's the only one got feelings and heart??

i will let she do and be by herself..after a very loooooooong while then only i'll started to speak with her again..then i'll tell her, if u want me to listen to u, u should listen to me juz won't work like how u want it..and then u know what she said?? "ok mummy..understand.." speaking london bagai x ingat..and then tue janji time tue jer lar..after that buat lagi..

she's going to be 3 this year insyaallah i'll send her to school..but i'm afraid what she's going to do with her teachers and friends when she's in..i remember when i was in kindy..i didn't have many friends..i can't remember if i had any..all i remember, i juz played all by myself - on the rooftop - not really's a verandah and i juz liked to sit there and watch other kids playing..the teacher didn't realize this but my auntie saw me one day ( 2nd cousin was in the same kindy as i was and actually i was the one who said hi to mak lang when i saw her car - from that really one rooftop k..kihkihkih..kantoiii..) and told my my mak told the teachers and they blocked the way to the verandah..ampeh..and during recess, i juz stayed with the teachers..OMG!! i REALLY didn't have any friend there..hahahahaha..hopefully aneen won't be like mummy..amin...

but still, what shall i do???


ilin said...

Deng..budak2 sekarang mmg terlebih bijak..sama jelah cam Umairah tu..hehe

Deng Anaz said...

geram ilin..camana ilin blh ngadap diorg 24-7 aa?? deng tabik spring kat ilin...