Friday, June 5, 2009

Mummy need these!! UPDATED!!

It's school holidays..hehe..thou none of my kids are reg to any school yet, don't you dare saying i'm not involve in school holidays activities..early this week i got a mail from toys r us..they sent me catalogue for offers during school holidays..and immediately my eyes catches these..

aduss..the price is as low as rm169 each..i need these..i want these..seriously..badly.. hahahahah..yes, i'm's me who want these things most, not my what?? trying to persuade opah to buy these..opah kinda setuju..but apparently she juz spent rm1000++ for the car (thanks to their uncle, maulana..)..but still, she asked aneen, "aneen suka yang mana??" hehe..asking a lil gal what thing that she like in the toys catalogue..she wants everything lar opah..

and then opah said, "kita share lar, separuh - separuh.." hahahahah.."yea lar mak, deng ckp td, mak beli 1, deng beli 1..harga sama.." she said, "titah, awak share dgn adik awak beli mainan untuk anak-anak sedara awak..awak tak pernah beli apa punn utk diorg.." my brother yang kena..

the sale is until end of june..u can check here for details (iklan lar pulak utk toys r us) ..hehe..

and juz now i got a msg on my phone..another promotion on school holidays, from MPH, children's books - up t 20% discount..uhhh..daddy..jom pergi mph!!!

yeahayyy..daddy bought it already - on the last day sale..hehe..thank you daddy..he struggled so hard to do the things..and he surprised the kids by hid it in ayyen's blankie..

well aneen n ayyen, stop jumping on my bed k..happy jumping all!!

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