Monday, November 30, 2009

Mimpi semata..syukurrrr

I juz love to kiss my kids a lot..soooo much..very much..sooo very much..sometimes i juz kissed them like there's no tomorrow..listening to them laughing tickling is like a sound of music in my heart..even if its only for ten minutes and after that you'll hear my voice screaming and yelling at them to stop picking up other's toys, etc, still, the moment when we are playing together guling-guling, pusing-pusing on the bed is totally ours and ours only..masalah dunia lain, peduli apa..

Last nite, we did the same..i kissed ayyen like there's no tomorrow..he was laughing and we were playing..i pretend to bite his ear..he was like, NOO!! don't tickle..aneen came and join us..and we played..and knowing this won't go anywhere, i asked them to sleep..i was trying to get ayyen to sleep actually..but biasa lar, main-main dulu..hehe..and i gave him a BIG kiss, like there's no tomorrow..tak puas lar..

Maybe because of what i tot and i slept with the thinking, i had a my dream, i lost my little boy..astaghfirullahalazim..i was very sad, but not depressed, as in i was ready because i already gave him my last kiss..waaaaaaaaaaa..boleh ke mcm tue?? In my dream, i was thinking that this would be the best for him..i forgot how and why it happened..and i was afraid to open my eyes and wake up..i scared he won't be beside me..i don't think i want to wake up..i was hoping i just stayed there..if i opened my eyes, and he's not there, i'll be frustrated and sad, for the second might and definately hurt me more than the first time..hisyyy..scary k...

And then suddenly i heard him crying..asking for milk..i opened my eyes, and there he was, beside me..syukurrrr was a dream..i went to get his milk ready and thinking what a dream i had..waaaaaaaaa..leganya..

Huhh..malam nie nk kiss byk2 lagi..and nk main-main lagi..mimpi mainan tidur..i juz hope by telling and sharing this to/with all, nanti lambat lagi jd mimpi tue..hehe..kan?? org tua-tua kan selalu ckp mcm tue...

"Your parents and your children, you know not which of them is the nearer to you in usefulness; this is an ordinance from Allah: Surely Allah is Knowing Wise." (Noble Quran 4:11)

Monday, November 23, 2009


What's in the name?? As i always write here, my kids names are aneen and ayyen..sometimes i juz call them kakak and adik..and growing with their age, they know who they are and people around them..

but things are different since the past few months..the story began when i started buying cd of barbie's movies for my lil gal..usually i juz bought barney, pocoyo, thomas & friends, etc..sometimes i bought disney movies..juz to variety the choices..planning to get upin ipin for them, but dunno when..hehe..

one sweet day, a doter of mine, which inherited the royal blood from the daddy, suddenly announced, "ini bukan aneen lar..i am pinses angleliese darling.." aa..amik kau..i dare to bet, she doesn't even knw her real name..but, she's very confident telling people around, "i am pinses.."'s a stage..i'm sure a lot of mommies outside experiencing the same thing as mine..sampai i punn became pinses mummy and her opah punn she called pinses opah..penyakit...

last week i went to help for a kenduri..aneen was with me..she likes helping things like this..hehe..and she really helped..a makcik or pangkat nenek lar to her, puji her, "pandai kakak buat.." tlg isi doorgift into the bag jer punn..and she whispered to me, "bukan kakak lar, pinses.." and so i told the makcik.."bukan kakak..nama dia pinses.." lebar mulut makcik tue, "ooooooo..sorry lar..tok tak tau.."

once we went to the clinic, she was dancing on the floor like nobody business..while dancing she announced to the world, "i am dancing pinses.." hahahahah..ini pengaruh cerita 12 dancing princesses eyh..letih dh nk suruh dia senyap and sit down..she was in her own world..and there's a kakak working in the clinic said, "nasib baik lar ko anak raja..mmg betul lar ko princess.." adoiiii..

since ramadhan and last week, she was constantly asked everyone to call her pinses angleliese darling..(ada perkataan darling x tahan tue..usually i juz called her darling..still accepted..if i call kakak or aneen, agak sukar utk diterimapakai oleh dirinya..)..then i bought new vcd - the diamond day opah called for her, "pinses angleliese.." then she tegur her opah, "bukan..pinses alexa lar.." after another..

tapi alhamdulillah..she never forget her real name..whenever dia marah or bergaduh dgn adik, she know, she is nazneen insyirah..

different story with adik..whenever kakak declared herself as a pinses, he also wanna do the same..mak had to remind him, "no ayyen..kakak princess, ayyen prince.." so, pins ayyen it is..huhuuuuuuu..perasan x hengat budak berdua nie..there was once when my adik a.k.a their uncle H told aneen, "kalau aneen princess, uncle H prince.." then aneen scolded him.."bukan lar..uncle H bukan pins..ayyen pins.." hahahaha..dengan rs rendah diri, uncle H dia jawab, "tau lar awak anak raja..elehhh.."

my 3rd brother or their maulana gave ayyen nama manja, ryan bryan..since ayyen was born, he called him with the name..not always but frequently..and he works in lumut..before in's like once a month he came back to day apak called him, "cucu tokkk..." dia marah..he said to MY apak, "pins bayern bayern lar..tok tak pandai.." aaaa..tue dia..anak aku mereka-cipta nama dia 2 of age, he knows which name suits him best and sounds nice to his ear..

so now i have pinses angeliese darling a.k.a pinses alexa and pins bayern bayern at home..mana pergi nazneen insyirah dgn rayyan irtiza, they all knows better..

and daddy also got new name - king daddy..what a syok sendiri name for mummy, aneen will always give the name of the watak pembantu - pinses pauper, and now pinses liana..such a poyo doter..yang heroin tue dia lar..

now she's watching barbie and three musketeers.."all for one, and one for all.." tue pulak yang ada kat bibir dia..adik, mcm biasa, kakak lar sifu terbaik dalam hidup dia...

Monday, November 16, 2009


As a member of Sogo, i always get their brochures or pamphlets on the sale events and any promotions..the latest one was the warehouse sale, held the whole last i looked at the promotion, i was very delighted knowing that they going to sell ISOMIL for rm46.00 each on 14 nov..waaaaa..byk jimat dh tue rm10 ok!!

so i planned with hubby, let's go and get the ISOMIL..kebetulan, stok tinggal nyawa-nyawa ikan jer kat rumah..its a mission

early morning i woke up..whatever it is, we have to move before aneen is awake..usually, she'll wake up around 10am and i bersiap and then woke my husband..ayyen was awake already..i took him for bath and got ready myself..then i sent them to mak's house..hehe..yeah it's weekend..but i alerted mak earlier k..and as a return, i have to buy new 'sebenarnya ada' from aisya sofea for her..hehe..

since we hadn't any breakfast, hubby planned to had one at the nasi kandar opposite sogo there..i said, "tak nak..nnt tiba2 sampai dh habis, menyesal tak sudah.." but i let him go lar if he dia tak we went was 10:15am - and the crowd was like so ramai already..hahahahaha..i guess when it comes to shopping doesnt matter when it is or where it is, have money or don't have money - still ramai jugak orang..yea lar, u juz imagine - it was 14 nov - org Melayu kata tengah bulan..hisyy..

it's stated there, limit 2 tins per customer..hisyy..serious ramai orang dekat cashiers, and atas meja kaunter tue - all ISOMIL!! crazy..i saw this one nyonya, and with her like dozens of tins of ISOMIL..what?? dia ingat tue susu cap teko ker?? so my hubby said that dia nk beratur and bayar dekat diff cashiers..i beratur dekat diff one..i asked the gal, kalau akak nk beli byk2 blh ker dik?? she said, blh akak kena byr dua-dua tin jer..ahh..bisa i ended-up with buying 10 tins ISOMIL..jimat rm100 and 2 months we don't have to think about milk..aminn..insyaallah..

why ISOMIL?? besides my mak yg suruh, here are lil info on it..

A nutritionally complete, soy-based, lactose-free formula
for children 1 to 10 years old. It is for children with
cow’s milk protein allergy (allergy or sensitivity to
cow's-milk protein), lactose intolerance, galactosemia,
and vegetarian substitute.

Added with DHA & AA, Linolenic and linoleic acid, taurine, choline for optimal cognitive, visual and psychomotor development.

100% Soy Protein Isolate, a high quality protein that provides all essential amino acids to support tissue building.

Dual carbohydrate system, a blend of two carbohydrates—corn syrup and sucrose—using two absorptive pathways to maximize absorption and minimize risk of malabsorption.

Unique Oil Blend (High source of oleic sunflower oil, coconut oil & soy oil) to provide greater fat and calcium absorption.

Natural source of Nucleotides to support normal immune development.

Higher level of vitamins and minerals (as compared to Isomil Advance EyeQ) to support growing up children’s nutritional needs for optimal growth and development.

and i've tried giving them another milk, but they said, "tak sedap.." adoiii..and i gave them dutch lady sekali..habis jer susu tue, "mummy..nk milk.." aa?? yg u all minum td apa???