Friday, June 26, 2009


SOGO SALE!! yay..but then again..when exactly there's no sale at sogo?? almost all the time..i think they print the SALE plastic bag more than the usual, the blue colour one.. day..hehe..what else?? early in the morning i already had in mind what to for breakfast, i ate something that i won't rushing thinking of what to feed my grumpy aa?? i know..i always am..always know what to plan and what to brain works that way..(yea lar tue..perasan..)

as i was choosing what to buy (my fav dept is at 4th floor - kids dept lar beb), i looked many mummies, mamas, maks u know..i laugh inside..we all were thinking and doing the same thing - getting baju raya and BAJU TDO for our many choices..u juz need to pick and pay..well..i think this is what is so special about women..we were created for things like this u know - for shopping, to shop, or juz mingling around inside the shop..

here where we org melayu always said, byk org byk ragam..its like everyone potrays everyone..we are the same us..i am so thankful we were created with different needs and tastes..because it is scary imagining we all have the same taste and need..boleh jadi bergaduh berebut barang yg kita nak..which is very bad..but that is what buying and wanting powers can do to us..

as i looked around, for the baju and perangai org keliling, i saw someone standing in front of my eyes..our distance is less than 1 metre..she was like, "ehh.." and i looked again at her and "ko sapa?? apahal??" she laughed.."aku tampar hang kang baru tau.." hehe..she's x lain x bukan my bestfriend a.k.a my coursemate a.k.a my classmate a.k.a my housemate a.k.a my soulmate lar pendek kata zaman belajar dulu or before DBKL took her away from me..hehe..i met my beloved irdawaty ismail..last time we met when aneen was like 6 mths..and now, ayyen is almost 2 and they still hasn't meet each other..and she's like me and other mothers, looking baju for her daughters..hehe..

sogo sale craze..i love it..i loooiiikeee..yeah..but do my husband like what i like?? hahahahaa..i i juz bought few shirts and quarter pants for them daddy..and yeah, bj tdo a pair each..not that much..more days to go till the next pay okeh..

mm..tomorrow morning we will go to the KLCC park, with the kids and opah..i said, "after that we go to eat nasi lemak tangling.." opah said, "opah belanja..and then we go to sogo.." that mean, i'm going back to sogo again tomorrow?? hahahahaha..and do u think by going there, even after i juz went there today, i won't buy anything else for the kids?? no guarantee..wait and is great..

note to dakwat - miss u thou..the 5 mins is not enough to cover the the 'miss'..but it's covered however..miss those time we were together too..all the ups and downs..very sweet like tiramisu..slurrpp..

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