Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jom baca buku..

simply i became so jealous when i looked at ilin's blog on the books she bought at MPH for her kids..really jealous till i cannot wait any after work i told my husband i want to go to MPH we went there..we went to MPH bangsar village, bangsar..i went to the MPH jusco wangsa maju already..but i think the price is more expensive there than in bangsar..and i think MPH bangsar got many choice of children books..usually i went to the one in the old wing..but last nite we went to the one that in the new teruja k tgk buku-buku yang ada kat situ..

oo yeah..we means me, daddy, aneen, ayyen n opah!! hehe..opah pantang dgr kedai buku, terus nk ikut..she juz love to read novels..any new books in town, dia tau dulu...malay novels lar..

and so we pilih and pilih and pilih..

we juz bought these..

and this..

only found 1 dot-to-dot book

i asked the salespersons where do they keep the dot-to-dot books..they looked confuse like i spoke to them in welsh..they said no such book..aa?? are u kidding me?? i told them, i went to MPH one utama, there got so many u know..(if they asked me to go to one utama, i know lar how to belasah primitive..) so i korek and korek and korek by myself, i found this, one and only dot-to-dot book that left..i hope their supervisor is reading this and do somehing about it..

it cost daddy this much..aneen, ayyen, say thank you to daddy..
"thank you daddy.."

i think last month's pesta buku, i also spent this much on their books..hehe..mummy so puas hati..thinking of going to other MPH til the sale end this weekend..cannot maa..going to PD tomorrow.."alaaaa..."


eeda96 said...

bestnye.......buku mummynya xde ke? dahsyat ye mak awak.kaki novel upenya.mesti koleksi novel dia lg banyak dr kite.

eres said...

k.deng pasni leh

lah pinjam kan novel bru..


ilin said...

waa manyaknye bukuuu...huhuh bagus2...masa sale la pun kalau nak memborong nya deng..ilin rabu lepas pergi memborong sekali lagi...huhuhu budak2 ni kalau tak pandai gak pasni aku tak tau laaa...hahah..kite kecik2 dulu tak merasalah buku macam dorang ni..hahha