Friday, July 25, 2008

She's Making Me Crazy

Arrrgghhh!!! i'm loosing my temper with aneen lately..

She's so naughty..
She's so stubborn..
She know what's right & what's wrong..
She know when i say no, it means NO..
But she still wanna do things..
Like the way she want it to be..
Like the way she like how it to be..
And she's making me crazy..

YES, she is only TWO..
but i know, she know, what i know..
HUH..where did she get all this from??
I asked my husband, "sama x muka i dgn aneen??"
And with selamba he said, "sama..degil punn sama.."
Am i?? Pity mak if i was like aneen when i was at aneen's age..
but i surely do know, that i'm not..
because, if i were like that, mak will definately say, "sama sebijik mcm awak masa kecik dulu.."
there - i rest my, i'm x like her n she's not like me..
And she's making me crazy...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kids @ D Arcade

Look at the kids..based on d pics u can make ur own story..but my story goes like this...

Aneen was playing with some fishing game..Ayyen was still looking around and trying to learn what is the thing..

Ayyen looked at Aneen and wonder, what make she so happy with that stick thing??

Ayyen thought, mayb i should give it a try..u'll nvr know how it really feels until u try.."kak..let me try this kak..excuse me.."

"Adik..tepi..dangan tacauuu..tatak tgh main nie.." "japp lar..nk try aa kak..patut lar dr td senyap jer..apa tak ckp best main benda nie.."

"Alaa..bukan mcm tue lar dik..alaaa..nk main jugak..daddyyyy.."

"Ehh..nape org kat situ bising-bising aa?? kat situ lg best ker..cer kakak tgk.."
"A'ah best jer main yg tue..kita g sana pulak aaaa.."

Watching them growing up really cheering my life..waiting for them to grow up, MASYAALLAH..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Officially 30 years old

Hmm..last saturday, i'm 30 already..hehe..wat to do, we cannot hold d time and ask them to wait for us..time n tide wait for no man, remember that.. wat to excited abt d arrival, n yet, x words i could say abt another number..

i got big apple from my hubby n my kids sharp at 12am..yeah..d babies r still awake..but i was so tired..i slept early dat nite..i'm 30 u u should know dat i'm a year older than i was, let me celebrate my day with lazying my eyes..

so..i woke up in d morning with a lot of plans in my head..i wanna go to visit my colleague's baby who was juz went an operation..(she's juz 2 and her nerve was attack with menangitis til she lost her hearing..only 2 n she already went an operation 2 put a cochlear implant inside her ear..i only went 2 d hospital, bcoz of myself, twice - juz 2 give a labour - only!!), n my bestfren since standard 3 held a birthday party 4 her son in sungai buloh (n she was born 11 of july, a day older than me..we nvr missed wishing each other happy bday since years..hahahahhahaa..)..yeah..that were d plans 4 d

how it turn-out 2 be?? we juz stayed at home..doing d washing, etc..lunch at mak's..she made n nasi dagang 4 me!! thanks mak..hehe..n then after that we went to d alpha angle..i juz want to let d kids play n enjoy themselves..what else would b better than that?? even on your birthday..aneen enjoying d ownself riding..ayyen as he's d same age as d sister..pretending 2 b an older boy..hahahaha..n then we juz spent our time there..x shopping..i broke already..tis month i spent a lot of my pay juz 2 buy toys 4 them..hahahha...

at nite we juz spent d time at relaxing..home sweet home..

thank u 4 those who sms/called n wishing d best 4 me..luv u all..

here who they r n their enter frame..

paicah - Selamat hari jadi. semoga murah rezeki dn panjang umur (01:17am)

irda - hepi bday deng! semoga pjg umur & murah rzki. dah makin tua ni,cpt2 ler tmbh koleksi anak, hehehe.k, kim slm raja (08:11am)

k.lina - Epi bday 2u, epi bday 2u, epi bday 2 dedeng, epi bday 2u.. (08:59am)

chang - Happy hari tua tok besan! semoga capai kebahagiaan dan kejayaan! (09:50am)

nadd - epi besday mummydeng. guess wat? wan gal bt wan shahrizal might wanna share bday cake with u..haha (11.21am)

don - yo geng, hepi beday. smakin tua dah ko. jgn amik botox plak..hahaha (13:47pm)

min - hi deng happy birthday..may happyness be with you all around (15:31pm)

abg sham - happybirthday, dapat saya makan nasi dagang (19:03pm)

erah - hepi 30th besday. 1st year angka 3. kena soh raja aman bg hadiah besar, huhuhu (20:51pm)

erma - salam sis..heppy besday..huhuhu..smoga pnjg umur & dimurahkan rezeki..Amin! hehehe..x g celebrate ke? (21:34pm)

ayah su - askum. hepi belated besday. muge panjang omo (20:37pm -13july)

k.zieck - hepi belated bday, smlm keje, x sempat nak wish. (09:06am -14july)

and callllss from those who remember..tq..mmuuaahhhhhhhh..

and..i got nice cream sling bag frm mak on sunday..tq mak...

Friday, July 11, 2008


Huhuuuuuuuuu..Happy bday to me, happy bday to me..happy bday to deng..happy bday to mee...

Alhamdulillah..2mrw is my BIG DAY..i'm turning 30 lorr..

Alhamdulillah..with Allah's n My Parent's Bless, i turn to be what i am today..
Alhamdulillah..with d BIG THREE-O, i'm
1. a wife - when i was small, i always imagined that i'm getting married at dreaming to be a so-called career lady lar kan..
2. a mummy - with my 2 babies, who ever thought that?? hahahaha..but, i'm happy some people sometimes forget tis true fact..

mm..wat else to get, to achieve, to have??
1. i want to have my own house..insyaallah 1 day..any day around d corner..where?? dunno lar..hard 2 get good house with a good a.k.a reasonable price these days..
2. a better job - of course lar with better offer, rite..anyone?? need a hard-like-stone-PA???
3. save more money to go 2 shud b d long-term short term - i ONLY want to go to korea n bandung..hahahahahahha..astaghfirullahalazim... lalut..i called/sms/told my brothers - only 4 bros - about my big day..i asked gift frm many excuses i received, so far, only frm 4 of them..

mak wanna cook nasi dagang..i said cook on my birthday lar..then she said, u cook urself i juz go to ulek mayang n get 1 4 me..

my husband..hahahhahahaa..i told him, i don't want makan2 di hotel mana2..i want material..or trip..hahahahaha..jangan kacau dia..dia tgh pressure what 2 get 4 me..hahahahahha..daddy, laptop cukup lar..x payah pening2..hahahaha..

okeh to go now..later i will update u on how i feel being older by 1 year..later still young, no feeling..hehe..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Someone's Special Day

Happy Bday My Gal..many happy returns..
semoga dimurahkan rezeki, aminn..
dan dipanjangkan umur, amiinnn..
luv u..mmuuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..
d happiness wish shud b x blh lak biler dh post kat sini..sowwii...
p/s: so, wat shall i get as a souvenir nie?? hehe..;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Day @ Pyramid Bowl

Due to my busyness n lazyness, i got x time 2 update tis, too many issues really caught my attention tis, my time was full with browsing d net 2 update my 'cpu' on wat happened so on n so on..most of d time, i got 2 read d thing in d morning n when i browsed back late afternoon, d website or d certain blogs like gone..i needed 2 be invited by d owner lar tis lar n dat lar..n sometimes, d sign of "this page is under construction"..WHAT??!!!

luckily such thing wouldn't happen 2 tis blog..hehehe..can, or might, but i dun want..hehehe...
Anyway, since i got few times (i need 2 finish d hono things or d writers n d stringers will keep calling me asking 4 their payments..), i would like 2 share wit u guys some photos of my family n my babies..

It was sunday, 29th june..tnb held a bowling tournament with d media husband was with d Astro Awani team..proudly he said 2 me, "i dpt nombor 13, dari 13 group.." hampeh..talking like so pro..u can bully adik n adan lar..others' it proves u can't..hehehe..

The tournament was held at pyramid bowl sunway pyramid..WOW!! it's bigger than before, i mean d building lar, x d bowling alley..hehe..last time i was there like 2 yrs they have jusco n many other shops..during my ITM times, i used 2 'lepak' n watching movie there..b4 we have another 'lepak' place called mid valley n klcc..hehe..

Aneen really enjoyed d day..ayyen s well..they woke up early morning..x so early, but still we had 2 wake aneen actually..we reached there around 11:35am..d game started at 12 noon..

Look at his friendly smiley iron boy..

Time to sleep..who cares about d noise..he fell asleep around 12:30 n woke up 1 hr after dat..

Pretend to b a shy gal..duhh!!

mummy n mummy's luv..i think fairuz did d shoot..

fruits of my heart, they r..

time 2 go back..wat a tiring day...