Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures Speaks A 1000 Words

yeah..this all took place on last saturday..early in the morning we woke the kids and rushed preparing them to go out..if we are late by 1 minute, opah will make excuse and say, "awak lambat..mak ingat awak xnak pergi dh..malas aa mak.." mm..that is my by 8:45am we all were ready..

so i went to mak house to call her out..when i came in, she was there, lying on bed, "mak dh siap dh mak rasa semput pulak tetiba.." mm..what a typical mak..always like that - make plan and then cancel it with thousands excuses..

so we all juz went ahead to klcc park - let the lil munchies playing around - had breakfast at rasa klcc - end up walking to aquaria..what a long day..they were having fun..aman shah was the photographer for the day..hehe..that's why i duk enterframe jah..hehe..;)

we came home around 3..very damn tired..

after maghrib my cousin's maid, ernie came to my house, "k.deng..mak teh panggil makan.." hahahaha..lucky me living next door to my mak..

oo yeah..mak didn't go to klcc with us, eat nasi lemak tangling and go to sogo..but mak cooked chicken chop, bihun lada itam and marinated chicken wings that night..for my dearly youngest brother before he left to ukm..ntah pape, mcm jauh sgt ukm tue..but well, x kisah, we all yang tumpang kenyang sekali..hehe..

note to all - those who have fb acc, all these pix also can be seen on my photo album..uploaded it already yesterday..

note to daddy - hard to upload the pix like how u want it..nak tgk lbh, bukak akaun fb lar daddy..;)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Winter Song in Grey's Anatomy

Juz a short entry..i juz watched one of my fav and cannot miss series, Grey's eps was when Addison called Shepherd because she's desperately need help for her brother - he got worm in brain..(yierkkk!!)

And as any other eps of Grey's Anatomy, and also any other stories, they'll have background songs..and today's song is My Winter Song by Sara Bareiilis and Ingrid Michealson, the song that i put in my mixpod..huhuuuuuuuuuu..and tetiba i overexcited jap..

okeh guys..need to end this adik a.k.a anak-manja-mak is going to reg to ukm tomorrow so he want to use this pc til subuh esok lar kot..hahahaha..okeh..bye..

Friday, June 26, 2009


SOGO SALE!! yay..but then again..when exactly there's no sale at sogo?? almost all the time..i think they print the SALE plastic bag more than the usual, the blue colour one.. day..hehe..what else?? early in the morning i already had in mind what to for breakfast, i ate something that i won't rushing thinking of what to feed my grumpy aa?? i know..i always am..always know what to plan and what to brain works that way..(yea lar tue..perasan..)

as i was choosing what to buy (my fav dept is at 4th floor - kids dept lar beb), i looked many mummies, mamas, maks u know..i laugh inside..we all were thinking and doing the same thing - getting baju raya and BAJU TDO for our many choices..u juz need to pick and pay..well..i think this is what is so special about women..we were created for things like this u know - for shopping, to shop, or juz mingling around inside the shop..

here where we org melayu always said, byk org byk ragam..its like everyone potrays everyone..we are the same us..i am so thankful we were created with different needs and tastes..because it is scary imagining we all have the same taste and need..boleh jadi bergaduh berebut barang yg kita nak..which is very bad..but that is what buying and wanting powers can do to us..

as i looked around, for the baju and perangai org keliling, i saw someone standing in front of my eyes..our distance is less than 1 metre..she was like, "ehh.." and i looked again at her and "ko sapa?? apahal??" she laughed.."aku tampar hang kang baru tau.." hehe..she's x lain x bukan my bestfriend a.k.a my coursemate a.k.a my classmate a.k.a my housemate a.k.a my soulmate lar pendek kata zaman belajar dulu or before DBKL took her away from me..hehe..i met my beloved irdawaty ismail..last time we met when aneen was like 6 mths..and now, ayyen is almost 2 and they still hasn't meet each other..and she's like me and other mothers, looking baju for her daughters..hehe..

sogo sale craze..i love it..i loooiiikeee..yeah..but do my husband like what i like?? hahahahaa..i i juz bought few shirts and quarter pants for them daddy..and yeah, bj tdo a pair each..not that much..more days to go till the next pay okeh..

mm..tomorrow morning we will go to the KLCC park, with the kids and opah..i said, "after that we go to eat nasi lemak tangling.." opah said, "opah belanja..and then we go to sogo.." that mean, i'm going back to sogo again tomorrow?? hahahahaha..and do u think by going there, even after i juz went there today, i won't buy anything else for the kids?? no guarantee..wait and is great..

note to dakwat - miss u thou..the 5 mins is not enough to cover the the 'miss'..but it's covered however..miss those time we were together too..all the ups and downs..very sweet like tiramisu..slurrpp..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i am who i am

i am who i am..
don't try to change me..
i won't be like who u want..
i'll never be..
because i am not..
i am who i am..

i want what i want..
i don't care how can i have it..
all i know,
i want what i want..

u can think what u want..
u can feel what u like..
u can say what u know..
but u'll never know what u have done..
or what u are doing..
it is simply because,
u are who u are..

i won't change u..
i don't want u to be somebody else..
i'm with u because i knew who u were..

but u have change..
u become someone else..
u are not the one that i knew u before..
u are almost a stranger to me..
i don't know why..
i don't know how..
somehow, u are not the same..

don't worry..
i don't need your money..
i know what i want..
i know what i like..
i'll get it myself..
because i don't need whatever yours...

simply because..
i am who i am...

Monday, June 22, 2009

our SUPERB day out holiday!!

last friday, due to daddy's duty and responsibility, we all overnite at Seri Premier Pacific, Kuala Lumpur..formerly known as Pan Pacific..where?? opposite The Mall and Legend, next to PWTC..where?? please refer to google map..hehe..

okay..we stayed there since last friday and checked out on Sunday..well..yeah, it's very near to our house..tried to limit wat to bring and so hubby said, alah..kalau x cukup apa2, kita balik jer ambik kat rumah..hehe..seriously, we lived in gombak, and pan pac really not that far..everyday i naik lrt to sogo or masjid jamek, i'll pass the pwtc station..its juz one station away from my office..

we went there after dinner..we had dinner at home, packed and then straightly went therel, juz to sleep..hehe..the story began on the next day..

aman shah was having his long service award event at the he got a room for himself and he brought us together..he said, so that we can relax..a'ah..relax sgt lar i dgn anak dia yang berdua on saturday, he had to at the dewan merdeka hall, pwtc for the whole day..what shall i do?? staying inside the room with the munchies?? going back home by my own with the kids?? or what?? hehe..u see, a day before (friday lar kan..), i went to jalan masjid india to look for kain for baju happened to be, i found no kain that really catched my eyes..hehe..not that i cerewet, it's juz that, i failed to find it..hahahaahahaha..what a way to say, i decided to bring the 2 sweethearts of mine to jalan masjid india, by lrt..and i did that!!

at first, it went very well..from pan pac, we went out, we crossed the road and went to lrt station..aneen was a bit afraid..tho she's excited with ride on train, but still, she afraid of that big thing called TRAIN..and ayyen was very excited.."train..train.." yes...train..hehe..when the train arrived, aneen was fine..she walked into the train..she never let go off my hand..i had ayyen in my arms..finally we were inside the train..and ayyen start his first seek of attention attitude for the day - he cried..adusshh..but when i showed him around, he became cool..and he started showing the other train outside that went different way..hahahaha..ayyen, u are inside one ok..

and not more than 10 mins later, there we are; me, aneen and ayyen - at lrt masjid jamek..yabedabeduuu..YAYY!! i did it..i brought the kids here - all by myself..and hopefully i could bring them back, by lrt as well..because i bought the return ticket..ala..rm2.40 jer punn..hehe..

so we walk..i showed them kain, and kain, and kain..hahahaha..what else to see?? aneen was a bit moody because strangers touching her face, her cap, her head..everytime they did that, she'll looked at them and said, "tak nak kawan.." hahahaha..and ayyen, also like his sister..he gave them looks..and then he said to me, "mummy..marah.." hahahhhahaa..he asked me to marah those lar dear..they all bigger than mummy..

and all the way, aneen was walking and ayyen was in my arms..huwaaaa..juz imagine, he's 9 kilos and i have to like dukung him all the way..everytime i stop to look at the kain, i'll ask aneen to sit on the chair at that shop and i juz put ayyen on the bunches of kain..nasib lar, mummy metropolitan macam nie lar kan..

and after one hour, ayyen got bored..see, men - no matter how age - they'll never understand us..and he started moody..aneen got a pair of baju kebaya..i tried to find one baju melayu for ayyen..but nevermind, to find ayyen, i've to bring daddy along..because daddy also kinda cerewet when it becomes to baju and kain..and YESSSS, i got nice kain for baju raya for me and aneen..doube yabedabedu for me...

so we went back around 2, also by train..we took the train from station bandaraya..hehe..far eyh?? for aneen, yes..and for me, also yes..remember, i've to carry the 9 kilos son of mine all the way long..adusss..but still, i'm happy..they also happy (because of the train part - not the walking part)..

right after we went inside our room, ayyen got slept..straight for 2 tired aa adik duduk atas mummy?? adusss..and aneen, i tried again the baju kebaya on her, posing in front of the mirror with her baju and refused to take it off..i msg her daddy to come to the room and look at his daughter..hehe..terharu daddy tgk ayu nyer anak dara dia tue..with the buncit belly..hahahaha..

and she finally took it off when we went to the siling pul (it's how aneen pronounce it, actually it was swimming pool)..hehe..their favorite we were there for like til kecut their fingers..and before maghrib, we went back to our room..

and yeah, my right hand and shoulder still have that pain of carrying ayyen..but i'm happy..i did it..taking them out, all by myself..i want to do it again, thinking of bringing them to klcc park..mmm..

note to all - no pix of me with them at jln masjid india photographer around..huhhh...

Friday, June 19, 2009

No! Don't TOUCH!!

Rayyan is going to be 2 this coming October..but his developing is quite fast..he starts walking when he was 366 days old - a day after his 1st bday..his teeth is almost full (while in the way to make it full, my body was also full with sorts of colours - green, purple, dark blue - he juz loved to test how sharp is his teeth)..and he already can talk, not word by word, but already can make a sentence..

last nite i changed his diaper..and his daddy ringan tulang wanna help mummy..usually ayyen will say, "buuatttt..mummy buatt.."..not really say, he actually cried, not crying but more to shouting, but not too loud..u know lar how..and that did happen last nite as well..

when i put the diaper under his butt, daddy wanted to finish my work..yeah, daddy likes to help..and ayyen noticed this and he suddenly said to his daddy, "NO!! DON'T TOUCH!!" his daddy was surprise..hahahahha.."apa dik??" he asked his beloved son again.."no..don't touch.." hahahhaha..and daddy said, "u are not even 2, and u tell me not to touch u??" hahahahaha..well daddy..ayyen is a smart boy..i didn't eat the dates, honey and do the puzzles during my pregnancy for nothing...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yes, PD trip..

yeah..we went to PD last weekend..this time we stayed at TNB banglo..nice house, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a kitchen..we were there since friday evening till sunday noon..nothing much to tell..except that, in front of the house, after the fence, the PD peoples were having a school holiday they were karaokeing till 1am..our abah juz couldn't sleep..because u do know when the frogs are singing, there's nothing much we can do to soothing our was bad..everytime when the new frog started singing, my husband and his brothers made face..seriously, non of the PD frogs, at that moment, could really sing well..

and as for my kids, they enjoyed the trip.."mummy..nak main sand.." so we went to the and hubby were not so sure at first that they gonna enjoy the beach..because last time we checked, aneen didn't like playing at the beach..she said, "dirty.." to the
he sand, etc..but this time it was totally different..they loved it..especially with the duckies (thanks tokmi) around..

and their daddy, i think the most happiest man in this trip..belum apa-apa, dia masuk air dulu..there was once aneen shouted to him, "daddy..becareful.." my sister-in-law said, "terbalik pulak..sepatutnya daddy dia yang cakap mcm tue kat dia.." you know who's the grown up in family..

cannot jot down much duty calls..hehe..secara konklusinya, best..even i didn't have chance to get ride on banana boat, still, best..we were planning to put our granny in the front seat of that banana boat..then we assumed like suddenly because of her thinny bodice, she got blew away..and we need to get rescue team to find her..hahahaha..giler kejam cucu-cucu nenek..peace nenek..u can give the gold necklace to raz, since she's trying so much to convince u, she's the cucu nantu mithali and she juz forgot where she was when she jumped to the couch, that happened to be in front of u..hahahahaa..wat lar u raz..

note to aya : more pics will be uploaded in the FB k..;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jom baca buku..

simply i became so jealous when i looked at ilin's blog on the books she bought at MPH for her kids..really jealous till i cannot wait any after work i told my husband i want to go to MPH we went there..we went to MPH bangsar village, bangsar..i went to the MPH jusco wangsa maju already..but i think the price is more expensive there than in bangsar..and i think MPH bangsar got many choice of children books..usually i went to the one in the old wing..but last nite we went to the one that in the new teruja k tgk buku-buku yang ada kat situ..

oo yeah..we means me, daddy, aneen, ayyen n opah!! hehe..opah pantang dgr kedai buku, terus nk ikut..she juz love to read novels..any new books in town, dia tau dulu...malay novels lar..

and so we pilih and pilih and pilih..

we juz bought these..

and this..

only found 1 dot-to-dot book

i asked the salespersons where do they keep the dot-to-dot books..they looked confuse like i spoke to them in welsh..they said no such book..aa?? are u kidding me?? i told them, i went to MPH one utama, there got so many u know..(if they asked me to go to one utama, i know lar how to belasah primitive..) so i korek and korek and korek by myself, i found this, one and only dot-to-dot book that left..i hope their supervisor is reading this and do somehing about it..

it cost daddy this much..aneen, ayyen, say thank you to daddy..
"thank you daddy.."

i think last month's pesta buku, i also spent this much on their books..hehe..mummy so puas hati..thinking of going to other MPH til the sale end this weekend..cannot maa..going to PD tomorrow.."alaaaa..."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i juz dunno what to do

she's so stubborn..all she know, she juz really going to get what she wants, no matter how..sounds familiar huh??

yeah..she do looks like me..but pls, juz be me on that part and nothing more..and NOOOO!! she doesn't stop there..and watching her everyday growing up, i dun think she will..she is SOOOOO me!! so stubborn, won't give up, giving orders, making rules, etc - in her own way, but still, juz like me..

and these few days, she juz love crying..merengek sesajer..and while crying, she's mumbling..and then she'll get upset..hello..ckp punn tak betul lg, and then some more u wanna tell me things and cry..mana mummy faham..and then lagi lar mengamuk..i juz gave up..i asked her daddy to take over..if she stays with me, god knows what will happen to her..

usually after she cries, she'll say, "nak hug mummy.." and as a loving mother, i'll hug her..but these few days i juz bolayan..i biar jer..and when she asked me things or trying to tell me something, i didn't say a word..not even look at her..lagi lar depressed budak tue..haaa..biar dia rasa..wat?? she thinks she's the only one got feelings and heart??

i will let she do and be by herself..after a very loooooooong while then only i'll started to speak with her again..then i'll tell her, if u want me to listen to u, u should listen to me juz won't work like how u want it..and then u know what she said?? "ok mummy..understand.." speaking london bagai x ingat..and then tue janji time tue jer lar..after that buat lagi..

she's going to be 3 this year insyaallah i'll send her to school..but i'm afraid what she's going to do with her teachers and friends when she's in..i remember when i was in kindy..i didn't have many friends..i can't remember if i had any..all i remember, i juz played all by myself - on the rooftop - not really's a verandah and i juz liked to sit there and watch other kids playing..the teacher didn't realize this but my auntie saw me one day ( 2nd cousin was in the same kindy as i was and actually i was the one who said hi to mak lang when i saw her car - from that really one rooftop k..kihkihkih..kantoiii..) and told my my mak told the teachers and they blocked the way to the verandah..ampeh..and during recess, i juz stayed with the teachers..OMG!! i REALLY didn't have any friend there..hahahahaha..hopefully aneen won't be like mummy..amin...

but still, what shall i do???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Go or Not To Go??

My husband, as usual, has booked a date to stay in tnb PD banglo for this weekend..till yesterday i still hasn't decide either i wanna go or not..but last nite we got a msg from my MIL, she bought the pelampung and spade set for all her cucus already..huwaaaaaaaaaaaa...

So, i've to go lar nie?? have to lar kan because the granny wanna play sand castle with the PD, here we come!!!

note to nazhrah: not tiffany your new tiffany's layout..or u can juz change the name to greeny now..hehe..aku try nk give comment, tp duk xleh jer..asal?? but still, lawa aa...(guys, it's important to puji or angkat your fren a.k.a sifu once in a while..)

Monday, June 8, 2009

1234 - plain white t

Give me more loving than I’ve ever had
Make me feel better when I’m feeling sad
Tell me I’m special even though I know I’m not
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad
Barely getting mad
I’m so glad I found you
I love being around you
You make it easy
Its as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4
There’s only one thing
To Do
Three words
For you
(I love you) I love you
There’s only one way to say
Those three words
That’s what I’ll do
(I love you) I love you
Give me more loving from the very start
Piece me back together when I fall apart
Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad
You’re the best that I’ve had
And I’m so glad I found you
I love being around you
You make it easy
It’s easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4
There’s only one thing
To Do
Three words
For you
(I love you) I love you
There’s only one way to say
Those three words
That’s what I’ll do
(I love you) I love you
(I love you) I love you
You make it easy
It’s easy as 1 2 1 2 3 4
There’s only one thing
To Do
Three words
For you
(I love you) I love you
There’s only one way to say
Those three words
That’s what I’ll do
(I love you) I love you
(I love you) I love you
I love you
(I love you) I love you

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mummy need these!! UPDATED!!

It's school holidays..hehe..thou none of my kids are reg to any school yet, don't you dare saying i'm not involve in school holidays activities..early this week i got a mail from toys r us..they sent me catalogue for offers during school holidays..and immediately my eyes catches these..

aduss..the price is as low as rm169 each..i need these..i want these..seriously..badly.. hahahahah..yes, i'm's me who want these things most, not my what?? trying to persuade opah to buy these..opah kinda setuju..but apparently she juz spent rm1000++ for the car (thanks to their uncle, maulana..)..but still, she asked aneen, "aneen suka yang mana??" hehe..asking a lil gal what thing that she like in the toys catalogue..she wants everything lar opah..

and then opah said, "kita share lar, separuh - separuh.." hahahahah.."yea lar mak, deng ckp td, mak beli 1, deng beli 1..harga sama.." she said, "titah, awak share dgn adik awak beli mainan untuk anak-anak sedara awak..awak tak pernah beli apa punn utk diorg.." my brother yang kena..

the sale is until end of june..u can check here for details (iklan lar pulak utk toys r us) ..hehe..

and juz now i got a msg on my phone..another promotion on school holidays, from MPH, children's books - up t 20% discount..uhhh..daddy..jom pergi mph!!!

yeahayyy..daddy bought it already - on the last day sale..hehe..thank you daddy..he struggled so hard to do the things..and he surprised the kids by hid it in ayyen's blankie..

well aneen n ayyen, stop jumping on my bed k..happy jumping all!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Room 622 @ APSH

so he got admitted..managed to get few photo of him, and them..hehe..already put it in the fb, but x kira, still wanna put it here..

for those 3 days, ayyen was very sedar diri and not even moody like always..he juz dun like to see the blue uniform..everytime they enter the room, he'll lalak like GOOOOOOO AWAYYYYYYY..I DUN LIKE UUU..and of coz, it also happen whenever the doc came in..he was under doc nasir..even when the cleaner came in, also he cried..and when they all went out only he wanna ask me, "mummy..sapa tue??" and when i told him who, he'll say, "marah.." hehe..pandai-pandai...

there was one incident where they were 5 nursing students came in..they asked me whether they can check his breathing and all.. i said, "boleh..kalau dia kata boleh.." hahahahaha..the moment they opened the door, he started staring and make face already..jeling terbalik..then they came nearer and he looked at me and cried..HUWAAAAAAAAAAAA..aduss..they immediately said sorry and went out from the room..hahahaha..and you know what he did, he stopped and said, "hmm.." no tears no berlakon lar my 2 year old son..

he was cannot go anywhere..juz lying on the bed..even breakfast, lunch n dinner also in bed..that's why he was amazed when i pull the cardiac table with his breakfast on it..excited..alhamdulillah, even his temp was high, he still had good appetite and still want to drink his milk..he even shared my nando's chicken salad with me..hhehe..demam?? what is that??

the 3rd day admitted, he got used with the nurses and doc already..didn't more tears..he juz asked, why and why and why..when the doc came to take his blood sample for the 2nd blood test, he even said thank you to the unlike the 1st day there..

and yeah..maintain garang..ask his mamaya..all have to be his way, following his rule, like how he want it to be..tak padan dgn sakit..his opah said, both her cucu are like general..hahahhahaha..i dunno which general..she juz said general..hahahahha..opah is very garang, and yet she marked her grandchildren as u should know how garang is my babies..

every now and then i've to update both his opah and tokmi how is he today..when i woke up, wajib, there were messages from them on my phn asking how's, this is its like taking care of a grandson huh..i had a really bad cough, nobody bother to ask how i was..very sad..mmm...

My lil hero is sick

Ayyen was admitted..his temperature was up to 40deg!! poor ayyen..

the chronology of his notti fever, bad cough and mean running nose as below..

- may 20 - 4:30am - his body was so hot..a night before, it was a bit warm..i gave him neuforon (ubat demam yg slalu ada dlm fridge)..he was a bit uncomfy in his sleep..moving here and i touched him and i felt it was very hot..i woke his daddy and we brought him to ampang puteri..

when they took his body temperature, it was about they juz give him d pill..d pill where they put it into your butt as to cooling the body and neutralize the temperature..(mm..i was thinking, if it can coolen your body, can we juz take it whenever we are feeling hot or yg sewaktu dgnnya?? cousin told me, "ubat tue utk budak2 jer lar k.deng.." hehe..x blh lar tue

and then they sent us back home..the doc told us to come again after 2 days if the temperature is still that we went back..

- may 21 - 25 - his fever was on off..sometimes the body was warm, ala suam-suam kuku gitu..and sometimes, like he never had a fever..aneen also got infected..but not as serious as ayyen..but what i hate most during this period is that, their bodies can get very hot around 2am til 4am..adusss..can cause panicking k..

- may 26 - i got a bad cough..ayyen temp was high i dunno, we dun have the device to take the temp (mm..note to myself - get it 1 at guardian today deng!!) after maghrib we went to the hosp..ayyen's temp was 38deg and mine was 37.5deg..hehe..u are considered as having a fever if your body temp is up to 38deg..ampeh..ingat ker blh dpt mc..and they took ayyen's blood to do a blood test because it's been a week since he had a fever..and then, again, we went back home..

- may 27 - i got a call from mak asking me to come home and bring ayyen to the hosp..and we god, the temp was was soooo he was admitted..we were prepared and we brought the things needed with we got a room and i stayed there with him..

so we stayed there and was allowed to go home on 30 may..huwaaaaaaaaaa..very buhsan k..1st time in my life, batuk punn duduk hosp..and the doc didn't entertain me at all..tried to get mc, but can't live ayyen alone in the i spent my 2 days annual leave there, in the room 622, with my lil hero...

and aneen staying with opah..spent the nite with when mummy got back, perangai ada 1 mcm why-mummy-left-me-and-be-with-adik-only-aa lar..