Monday, June 1, 2009

My lil hero is sick

Ayyen was admitted..his temperature was up to 40deg!! poor ayyen..

the chronology of his notti fever, bad cough and mean running nose as below..

- may 20 - 4:30am - his body was so hot..a night before, it was a bit warm..i gave him neuforon (ubat demam yg slalu ada dlm fridge)..he was a bit uncomfy in his sleep..moving here and i touched him and i felt it was very hot..i woke his daddy and we brought him to ampang puteri..

when they took his body temperature, it was about they juz give him d pill..d pill where they put it into your butt as to cooling the body and neutralize the temperature..(mm..i was thinking, if it can coolen your body, can we juz take it whenever we are feeling hot or yg sewaktu dgnnya?? cousin told me, "ubat tue utk budak2 jer lar k.deng.." hehe..x blh lar tue

and then they sent us back home..the doc told us to come again after 2 days if the temperature is still that we went back..

- may 21 - 25 - his fever was on off..sometimes the body was warm, ala suam-suam kuku gitu..and sometimes, like he never had a fever..aneen also got infected..but not as serious as ayyen..but what i hate most during this period is that, their bodies can get very hot around 2am til 4am..adusss..can cause panicking k..

- may 26 - i got a bad cough..ayyen temp was high i dunno, we dun have the device to take the temp (mm..note to myself - get it 1 at guardian today deng!!) after maghrib we went to the hosp..ayyen's temp was 38deg and mine was 37.5deg..hehe..u are considered as having a fever if your body temp is up to 38deg..ampeh..ingat ker blh dpt mc..and they took ayyen's blood to do a blood test because it's been a week since he had a fever..and then, again, we went back home..

- may 27 - i got a call from mak asking me to come home and bring ayyen to the hosp..and we god, the temp was was soooo he was admitted..we were prepared and we brought the things needed with we got a room and i stayed there with him..

so we stayed there and was allowed to go home on 30 may..huwaaaaaaaaaa..very buhsan k..1st time in my life, batuk punn duduk hosp..and the doc didn't entertain me at all..tried to get mc, but can't live ayyen alone in the i spent my 2 days annual leave there, in the room 622, with my lil hero...

and aneen staying with opah..spent the nite with when mummy got back, perangai ada 1 mcm why-mummy-left-me-and-be-with-adik-only-aa lar..

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