Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Go or Not To Go??

My husband, as usual, has booked a date to stay in tnb PD banglo for this weekend..till yesterday i still hasn't decide either i wanna go or not..but last nite we got a msg from my MIL, she bought the pelampung and spade set for all her cucus already..huwaaaaaaaaaaaa...

So, i've to go lar nie?? have to lar kan because the granny wanna play sand castle with the cucus..mm..so PD, here we come!!!

note to nazhrah: weii..so not tiffany your new tiffany's layout..or u can juz change the name to greeny now..hehe..aku try nk give comment, tp duk xleh jer..asal?? but still, lawa aa...(guys, it's important to puji or angkat your fren a.k.a sifu once in a while..)


Audriena said...

hamboi! hamboi! hamboi!

ko memang... hehehe... it used to have a theme where i put all my audrey hepburn pictures all over the blog, but cam biasa... i got tired of it.. kui! kui! kui!

aku kan cepat bosan, hahahah!

ye.. puji-pujian itu penting...

tak leh comment kah? ada gak aku kena godek ccs aku nih.. uff!

Audriena said...


aku berjaya meng-embeddedkan comments section ku! ni yg buat aku hampeh kalo tukau layout, mesti ada missing...

anyhoo, thank you for pointing it out! cayang ko!

kui! kui! kui!