Thursday, September 10, 2009

Siapa sorang lagi??

On the 3rd day puasa during our first year of marriage, my husband came back from work and told me, "i dh byr zakat..utk 3 org.." hehe..a year before, he only paid for himself..and additional 2 after he got married - me and aneen..

On the 2nd year, still in the 1st week puasa, he came back at work and told me, "i dh byr zakat.." hehe..very fast..he said, "nanti kalau tunggu lama-lama, beratur orang nk byr..tgk ustaz tue sorang jer, i terus byr.."

Last year punn the same thing happened..but this time, "i dh byr zakat..utk 4 org.." yeah..ayyen came out last raya, so we dun have to pay zakat for him in that year..ok he's paying for 4...

This year, he didn't tell me anything on paying the zakat..before i got married, i juz bought beras and give them to any unknown rumah anak yatim..the glamorous ones, let the ministers or celebrities do the job lar kan..because apak always do that - buy beras and give them directly to the poorer/asnaf..and then apak will buy the beras back from him/, we'll get the beras, and they'll get the money..rezeki masing-masing lar kan..

So i asked my husband last weekend, we were inside the car heading somewhere, i forgot lar where..

Me : Daddy..u dh byr zakat ker belum this year??
Hubby : Dh..semalam x ramai org kat balai Islam tue, i byr lar..lps nie nnt panjang pulak
beratur ramai org nk byr..
Me : Oo..i thot u tak byr lg..
Hubby : i byr utk 3 orang..i bagi ustaz tue RM30 because i tak ada duit kecik..ustaz tue
kata x apa..and then tiba-tiba baru i teringat, "Ehh ustaz..saya nk byr utk 4 orang.."
Me : Ha..ha..ha..siapa sorang lagi D?? U lupa siapa??
Hubby : I lupa i..muka ustaz tue punn mcm musykil because last year i byr utk 4
orang..tiba-tiba this year, 3 orang pulak..

ha..ha..ha..luckily he said that he forgot about himself..if he mentioned my name or any of the kids, i nk merajuk dh sebenarnya..hehe..u are old lar daddy...

Little info on zakat as below...

The obligatory nature of Zakat is firmly established in the Qur'an, the Sunnah (or hadith), and the consensus of the companions and the Muslim scholars. Allah states in Surah at-Taubah verses 34-35: "34:O ye who believe! there are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in Falsehood devour the substance of men and hinder (them) from the way of Allah. And there are those who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah. announce unto them a most grievous penalty- 35:On the Day when heat will be produced out of that (wealth) in the fire of Hell, and with it will be branded their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs, their flanks, and their backs.- "This is the (treasure) which ye buried for yourselves: taste ye, then, the (treasures) ye buried!" (The Holy Qur'an 9:34-35).

The prophet (pbuh) said: "Any owner of gold and silver who does not deliver from them their right, on the Day of Quiyamah (Day of Judgment), (the gold and silver) will be shaped as foils of fire. Then it will be heated in the fire of Hell; (and) then with it he will be ironed on his side, his forehead, and his back" (narrated by Muslim).

It is agreed between Muslims in all the centuries the obligatory nature of paying Zakat for gold and silver, and from those the other kinds of currency.

Zakat is obligatory when a certain amount of money, called the nisab is reached or exceeded. Zakat is not obligatory if the amount owned is less than this nisab. The nisab (or minimum amount) of gold and golden currency is 20 mithqal, this is approximately 85 grams of pure gold. One mithqal is approximately 4.25 grams. The nisab of silver and silver currency is 200 dirhams, which is approximately 595 grams of pure silver. The nisab of other kinds of money and currency is to be scaled to that of gold, 85 grams of pure gold. This means that the nisab of money is the price of 85 grams of 999-type (pure) gold, on the day in which Zakat is paid.

When is Zakat Due ?

1. Passage of One Lunar Year:
Zakat is obligatory after a time span of one lunar year passes with the money in the control of it's owner. Then the owner needs to pay 2.5% (or 1/40) of the money as Zakat. (A lunar year is approximately 355 days).
2. Deduction of Debts:
The owner should deduct any amount of money he or she borrowed from others; then check if the rest reaches the necessary nisab, then pays Zakat for it.
If the owner had enough money to satisfy the nisab at the beginning of the year, then the money increased (in profits, salaries, inheritance, grants...etc.), the owner needs to add the increase to the nisab amount owned at the beginning of the year; then pay Zakat, 2.5%, of the total at the end of the lunar year. (there are small differences in the fiqh schools here)

Zakat is due after one Lunar (Hijri) year starting from either the first day you acquired the amount of Nisab or the day you paid Zakat last year. The month of Ramadhan is considered to be the best time to pay Zakat.

U all dh byr ker blm??

note to hubby..tq daddy..lps nie u belikan we all bj raya pulak eyh..ehh..lg eyh...


eeda96 said...

kih kih kih...lawak la.diri sendiri pun leh lupa.

Deng Anaz said...

hehe..deng rs da, due to faktor usia n kerja yg byk tue...