Tuesday, December 8, 2009


These pics took place at our friend's wedding..on the way to the wedding, she asked, "daddy..nak pergi mana??" And as any other 'creative' daddy, "nak pergi wedding.." mm..knowing that she's not at the age of knowing what wedding is all about, i told her, "nak pergi tgk princess.." then, "oo..nak pergi tgk princess eyh?? YAYY!! nak tgk princess.."

When we got there, the seats were full..and we had to wait til other people finish eating then we'll get the seat..oo yeah, we were late because hubby had a 3 days next-year-planning -meeting in PD..so he came back all the way from PD and later the next morning, went back to PD - this is like My Best Friend's Wedding for him..so he had to be there..and we didn't know its one of this majlis makan serentak since it was held at home..and we didn't even get the card saying we had to give answer blablabla..i think this happened to a lot of people..yeah..nak buat majlis kahwin, ingat senang ke?? Bakal pengantin lagi lar, its all in the things to do list but still, it happened like non of the things in the list..do u get what i'm trying to say here?? hehe..

..enuff with that..

While we were waiting, Aneen was playing with the flower petals at the bridal dais..she juz loves playing with the petals..there was once we went to Terengganu for a wedding..there's a lots of petals in front of the dais, and it was inside the house..while everyone else had their eyes on the bride and groom, she's picking the petals and put it in a place..she said to me, "messy lar mummy.." kuang kuang kuang..canne nak beritahu budak umur 2 tahun, "it's a concept/style/design/deco??" hah..ambik..mummy punn tak tau what is the right word to put there..and again, she was 2 years old back then..

Ok..now she's 3, and she's still playing with the petals..but in different way..she'll put it all in her hands and then she'll fling all the petals and shout, "SURPRISEEEEEEE.." adoii..she always do it and she did it there as well..and her action juz caught the eyes of the photographer incharged at the wedding..he juz snapped her picture..shoot by shoot by shoot..knowing she's caught in action, she was really distracted..look at the photos and you'll see the expression, "siibuuukkkk jer.." hehe..i don't know how many pictures do he had on her..but that's all he send to hubby (hubby gave his namecard to the guy..hehe..actually before there's a few photographers took aneen's pics and we did request them to send it to us via email..only this one answered the request)..

Aneen was very happy when 'the princess and the king' shook her hands..actually, that nite, she juz salam with the princess and the king..susah betul nk suruh dia salam orang..what a sombong doter she is...

Where's ayyen?? mm..a clingy boy was clinging with mummy or daddy almost all long nite..abis cerita..pendek kan cerita ayyen...

note to the photographer..terima kasih yea abg photographer sbb sudi tangkap gambar budak sombong nie..

note to the princess and the king..semoga berkekalan jodoh and "To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you are wrong, admit it; whenever you are right, shut up.." - Ogden Nash

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