Friday, October 23, 2009

24th October 2009 - He's A BIGGER Boy!!

Happy 2nd Birthday To

Who couldn't be loved more.
You are loved for:

The little boy you are,
The special brother for your sister,
The little guardian in the house,
And The precious son you will always be

~ Daddy & Mommy ~


ida said...

happy bday...!!

sx.four said...

hepi b'day to RAYYAN IRTIZA..
mami sure ask present frm me (everytime.. bg je tak.. haha..) on behalf of you.. smtara anak dia besor, itu je lah keje mami.. teruk tul mami.. nway.. teruskan nakal ekk.. bio mami penat..!! :>

Deng Anaz said...

tq auntie ida..hehe..

and for auntie gha..tau xpe..ayyen good boy lar..kalau notti nnt mummy xnk ckp ngn ayyen..ssh tau kalo mummy bg silent treatment nie..talking to the wall jauh best tau x...