Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's not funny dik..

Happened last night @ mak's house..

They both were playing with the shoes (my old heels inside the shoe cabinet)..both of them love playing with the shoes..when I saw them, i scolded both at their hands..Ayyen trying to get protection from Apak by sitting on his lap..and Aneen was putting back all the shoes inside the cabinet..

And I was like bebel suka sangat main, mummy dah cakap berapa kali don't play, don't lar..Ayyen was smiling at my bebelan with mengada-ngada face on Apak's lap..and Aneen still not done with her 'duty'..suddenly Aneen said, "it's not funny dik.." immediately I looked at her, her face was selamba tak ingat and still I terus tunduk and heading to the kitchen to tell hubby (he was preparing burger..oo yeah, this happened after dinner..he is thin and he DO eat a lot..)..

On the way I saw hubby coming my way with penyepit in his hand and he asked me, "Did she say....??" I was like angguk-angguk and trying my very hard to hold my laugh..adoiii..

Yes adik, it's not funny..when mummy marah, means mummy marah lar.. are funny...

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