Friday, September 18, 2009

Bila cuti hari Khamis b4 Raya

A'ah..i was on leave few things to settle b4 we celebrate raya..nk cuti today - friday, susah pulak because got few things to settle at the office plus others ramai yang dh blk a KLian, kira i sacrificed lar nie..


I sent the kids to mak as usual..then we (me & hubby) went out b4 9..we sent kueh raya to zz, my cousin, working at Sime Darby..thanks for your support girl..and then we went to jln tar..we parked at sogo - we changed mama's baju kurung..the one that we bought can't suit, note to myself - mama x wear baju kurung pahang..and then we went to discover the beneath in Jalan Tar and Jalan Masjid India..we were looking for ayyen's baju melayu..hard to find the color that we wanted and exactly looks like the daddy's..bila jumpa, no the end, we found it at Bak Collection..handsome lar my lil hero raya nnt..i always like the design and the material they are using at the Bak's..nice and simple and different than others..


Still at Jalan Tar..orang semakin ramai..b4 not that we head to Kamdar and took our curtains there..took with money lar kan..nothing's free maa..after that we went to thinking of getting apak new tshirt..found 1, but when i called mak to get the size (somehow i forgot apak's size..because he do looks slimmer nowadays - so it's either M or L)..mak said no need to buy, apak got new tshirts already..apak said, "baju apak dh byk.." i didn't buy the tshirt..juz got him nice gajah duduk only..from there we went to ikano..where else if not to the branded outlet store..we were there for a lil while only..not many, hehehe, they got many new clothes already..i bought slowly every month at sogo tue apa?? mm..after zohor we went to kl sentral..need to take few stuff from my k.noor there..from kl sentral we went to bangsar village..hubby bought gown for aneen..she refused to try we went to change and get different hubby choosed the maroon gown..hope she like it this time..byk cakap, baru umur 3 thn dh mengada-ngada nk pki xnk pki..

Late Noon a.k.a Evening

Got call from mak..asking where i was..i said on the way back..she said the kids buat hal and dun want to sleep..then she said, "balik cepat sikit.." i looked at the watch, it's u think if i'm working today or she didn't know that i'm cuti, she will call and ask me to come back early?? hahahahah..mungkin we went home..ayyen finally slept with daddy and aneen stayed awake with mummy..


Iftar at mak's - as usual..kfc from k.noor - tq k.noor, and nasi lauk kari ikan, ayam msk merah, pindang and ikan goreng..yummy..when they went for terawikh i let the kids playing with pop-pop..blablablabla, we went home - our own home..tried the baju on the kids..ayyen looked very handsome with the baju melayu (apa lagi kerja mummy perasan kalo x puji anak dia??)..aneen was very happy with the new gown.."i am pinses aneen.." allah..perasan x sudah anak dara raja aman sorg nie..then later on she slept in front of the tv..yeah, she didn't sleep at all today..and ayyen was very energetic..i was watching my Grey's Anatomy when he came inside the room and asked me to read the book for him..fine, i read while watching..and then he got bored and started to play with his car and truck..then suddenly he tried to throw all the toys from the bakul..terus i marah dia..then he looked at me and said, "topp..toppp..sleep opah..go!! go!! sleep opah.." (stop!! stop!! sleep dengan opah..) while the hand showing to his opah's house..ambooiiii..dia pulak nk halau kita..pada halnya dia yg buat perangai..ya allah ya tuhan poyoo..i juz let him played by long as tak bising..then he wanted to sleep..fine, i gave him milk, that i prepared it earlier..and gave him his blankie and pillo - also i brought it with me into the room when i want to watch the series..dh agak dh..

Alhamdulillah..i slept around 1:30am..very sleepy and so tired..i had a longer day today than yesterday when it was my deadline day..still, i can do it again next sweat..tiring is nothing when it comes to shopping and facing the naugthy of the kids...

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