Monday, May 26, 2008

They Are Not Twins!!

Everywhere we go, people will ask, twin?? Hehe..NO!! They are different by 14 mths..hehe..

When Aneen was a baby, people always said dat she looks like her mother lar..if dat so, means, looks like me her me lar..only cuter..hahahahaha..poyo lar those daughter, looks like me lar..10 hours of laboring, u want 2 give credits 2 others aa?? wat lar u..

Now Ayyen is 7 mths..n people says he looks like his mother in son lar..of coz lar looks like me also..thou only 4 hours in dat cold scary witty labor room, he's mine u know..

When Aneen was born, d nurse in d labor room told me, "Puan, anak Puan ada lesung pipit.." hehe..i juz smiled, alhamdulillah..however she's gonna look like when she grows up, i dun care, she'll always look sweet..i dunno..those who have dimples, always look sweet, rite?? im sure my Adik, Cutam n Nadd agrees wit tis tot... best friend, mizan said, "doh anok dio, sumo nok ikut supo dio..sikit pung dio x wi rupo oghe laing.." So, they looks like me lar..basically..they have my eyes..they have my features..they have my love..

(hahahahaha..wat love got to do wit all tis?? i also dunno..juz feel so dizzy rite now..mayb due 2 d bihun dat i ate during lunch juz now..i think we cannot eat bihun 4 cousin nadd also had bihun 4 lunch 2day, n rite now she's also suffering of headache like lalut..)
Ehh daddy..dun worry..they got ur name with them..hehe..dat 1 registered in BC, IC n all u, they are also yours lar..
Still..they both are not twin..i dunno why people keep asking dat..they have d same head..their hair amount, also almost d same..but d sizes r different..rayyan is 7.7kg last week..n nazneen i think is around 11kg now..1 is walking, running around already, n another 1 is still in d stroller..twin?? which part??

the above pic was Aneen when she was same age as ayyen tis 2 pics, aneen and ayyen look d same..when i was pregnant 4 d 2nd time, we had a 3D scan..d baby inside looked exactly like aneen..hahahaha..d face, d chin, d nose..everything..when he came out, also looks like aneen..but now, they have their own looks..of coz lar kan..hehe..

Amazingly, 1 looks like my mother, n another 1 looks like my mother-in-law..n people still say they r twin...subhanallah..

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