Monday, May 26, 2008

1st Fall!!

Yesterday we went 2 Giant 2 buy some groceries (SOME?? RM190.30..thank u daddy..mmmuahhhh..)..Aneen was sitting inside d trolley and Ayyen was wit me in d baby carrier..

While we were shopping, aneen suddenly wanna walk by herself..she didn't want to be held or carried.."nak alan.." ok fine, she walked here n free n so big girl..i think those in giant yesterday recognised my voice already.."Aneenn!!" "yea mummy.." we were like dat almost all d time..aduhhh..

finally, we were DONE!! we all went back..on d way out, in front of d entrance, aneen fell down..she started 2 cry..ya ALLAH, she fell at d road, there's a slope there n she's so 2 yrs old walking..i took her and carried her..she almost quit crying when she saw d blood on her both knees..ARRRRGGHHHH..she cried even louder..poor her..

ayyen was smiling n playing with his sister..everytime aneen's crying, ayyen will start laughing, smiling n naughty..

aneen fall asleep inside d car on d way back..

when we got home, i clean d wounds n put some afiat on it..she started crying again..aduhh..pity her..1st time in her life..hahahahha..she doesn't know, more 2 come in future..heheheh..
she tried 2 hide her wounds with her elmo's leg..look at her sad hurt u know..only those who had it knows how it feels..hahhahahahha..poor my lil princess...

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