Thursday, May 29, 2008

PAMPERS, anyone??

Hmm..PAMPERS, anyone?? I have 10 at my house at the moment..yesterday my husband called me, "yang, pampers hari nie kat Giant, RM26.99", he fetched me from work and we went straight to Giant Batu Caves..

The store limit it 2 3 packs per person..usually, my husband will take 3 and i'll take another we are save like til the following month..both Aneen & Ayyen are using pampers..the usual price would be RM36.99 at Giant and RM44 at much different, which i dunno, every weekend, my husband always look at any hypermarket sale ads to see whether there's any sale on Pampers or not..

It all started when i was still pregnant of Aneen..mak taught me to start buying pampers, whatever brand, from now dat u always ready sith stocks and won't feel so pain when u need to buy more pampers, in d middle of the, when Aneen came out, 5 packs of pampers, variety brands were ready 2 be used..hehe..and that habit still going on now, it's a good habit wat..ddduuuhhh..

Aneen is using L, Ayyen is M..but i think Ayyen need to use L when hi finished his M Mak's house, still got stocks..d packs that u see in the picture only at my Mak's, there's more..hehehe..

Having 2 babies need you to plan your budget 4 me, this is 1 of the way..this month we buy pampers, nxt month we can spend the money to something else..or we can juz save it..mayb we can spend it on their milk..hehe..wait til i tell you about their so lips licking good milk..

So, last nite we juz 'donated' another RM162.00 to generous...


eeda96 said...

emmm.. very gud idea.umairaa used pampers too. kitorang akan survey pasaraya mana yg tawarkan harga yang murah. usually beli just 2 to 3 pack je.what ever pun. memang takde la semput kalo pamper anak abis tengah2 bulan kan.

deng anaz said...

heheheh..nnt kalo ada sale pampers, kita msg awak..;)

nadd said...

hauahuahua.. bila nk bukak hypermarket sendiri??hahah

deng anaz said... punn x tentu lg leh bukak ker x..baru reg co..hehe..;)

eeda96 said...

kalo kira2 balik.beli pampers anak je leh bli sebijik umah.