Thursday, May 22, 2008

Really Tired

Aduhh..yesterday i was home around 6 smthng..alhamdulillah nazneen n rayyan already in their pyjamas..but dat would b d only thing dat i could b relieved of..towards d nite, they were so challenging n so demanding..and i feel so tired thru d nite..

and my husband - there's gonna b a BIG match between MU n Chelsea around 3 am, so he was sleeping..quite i kinda warn him, if u r tired, it's ok if u wanna take a nap watsoever..but, if u sleep now, so dat u can watch ur match, u know wat i'll garang aa..YES, I AM!!

then he woke up n play with his babies..hehe..sian lakiku..but i was really tired..look at aneen..i gave her bubur mcD..n u c wat happened..

so messy..d bubur was all over her face, d dining table, d shirt, d trouser, E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!! n u can c d fear in her eyes..she was afraid i'm goin 2 pissed off..

n dun care aa..really enjoying d mess dat she did..oh god..i have 2 take her n give her a bath..aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

n as for rayyan..he was so angry being so long in d walker..when i took him down, he was rolling all over d floor..i have an own self moving mop u know..aduhh..look at him..instead of sitting inside d walker, he prefer playing wit it..

"do watever u want mummy..i'm happy wit my toy..u can go n take care dat selfish kakak..dun worry about me.."

mm..n of all tis mess n tiring hour, i was blessed wit a 10 mins rest..aneen fell asleep around 10:30..n then ayyen took turn around 11:00..huhuuuu..n i take tis time 2 watch trek selebriti jimmy wit mama rina..hahahahhaah..they went all over d places, where mama rina used 2 school, work, far as i could remember, tis is d episode where jimmy did lot of husband found it's very hard 2 finish his maggi n watch tis ep trek selebriti at d same time..

and around 11:15, aneen cried my name..yieeehaaaaaa..i looked at my husband n he looked at me..n then we both turn 2 look at d 15 mins after dat, ayyen woke up..huwaaaaaaaaaaa..n last nite, or early tis morning, around 4am, aneen finally fell asleep..her brother slept earlier than dat, but still x as early as other normal babies...

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