Monday, May 26, 2008

Lil Hairless Armies

Hmm..last friday i took a leave..mak had 2 send Adik to Matriks Melaka..and no one else going to take care aneen n who else going 2 take care of them if not their I had 2 stay wit dat 2 lil hairless scary..but yeah, i was stucked wit my own babies, on last sweet long friday...

In the morning, it's not dat hard..because aneen woke up around 1:45 pm!! relax aa..x really..she slept at 5:15am!!!!!! Luckily i didn't have 2 go 2 work, so i stayed up wit her..n i was very lucky because she ALLOWED me 2 watch cinemax ch..hahahahah..not so boring unlucky lar d daddy..he failed to watch d MU-Chelsea match because his princess controlled d tv..sorry daddy..u juz need to learn more on child psychology..i wasn't only got 2 watch my movie, but she watched it 2gthr with me..hehe..;)

So..i cleaned d house, washed and dried d clothes, cook, n so on n so on lar..wat we always do when we the wife are home lar..ayyen woke up around 10 something n then slept again around many things could b done when they r sleeping..there i found d meaning of d word PEACEFUL..hehe..

But of coz, once their eyes r open, there goes d real world..hehe..malay says, baru tahu langit tinggi rendah..i can't do anything..both of them will follow me..aneen will b like my small shadow..n ayyen, will follow with his walker..even 2 d kitchen..hahahahahaaa..there's a time when i know ppl around dat area can hear my voice..aduhhh..they juz dunno how 2 shut up n stay still.. i always said, it's very tiring..but they are my sweetheart..x matter how tired i am, end of d day, when they look for me 2 get them 2 sleep, all d tiredness body, still got weaken..but my spirit n my love, grow stronger..but, i do wish i had a maid..i wish...

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