Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Apple & Sweet Cherry

Am sorry nadd 4 d delaying in updating tis blog..never tot dat i already have fan here since i juz new in tis blogging thing..hehe..;

Last Saturday, i feel like craving 4, since ayyen still didn't get his 6th month injection, due 2 his flu, coughing n all, we went out after lunch hr..our clinic is Klinik Famili TTDI..hehehe..stays in gombak n d clinic like so far from tis end KL 2 d other end..thanx 2 d new kepong hiway..
mm..pls x think dat i'm bein double standard here..we did go 2 clinics in gombak..but there were so many unwanted incidents happened 2 me n my, since my husband is so used with Klinik Famili TTDI, we juz went mother-inlaw used 2 work there before she pensioned..

i was thinking of 2 go 2 pavilion, d idea of going there only already make me think twice, d traffic, d parking, d heat, n d 2 BABIES!!! so i juz change it 2 d nearest place i can get my donuts..frm, i changed my mind and thought of big, we juz went 2 one utama..hehe..inject belum lg nie..bcoz my mak always pesan, "after u get ur injection, bring ur baby home straight away..we x want them 2 get any fever.."

sooo, one utama, here we r..1st thing 1st..we were juz looking 4 d donut..hahahahah..big apple, we r comin 2 is d 1st time we 1 2 look 4 big apple here..dunno where n which floor..if at mid valley, we know, we started looking 4 shop..searched it at d screen n there, we found's at d same row wit a&w..i can see d queue..

ahh..i joined d line..can't wait 2 get my worried actullay..y am i like tis?? am i preggie?? NOOO!! i'm in d middle of my ****** rite now..its juz my tongue..wanna taste dat sweeties i guess..dunkin is always there..but when i say i want big apple, means i want big apple..some ppl might dun understand, wats d diff?? after all it juz a donut..d same 1 dat u can get from makcik kueh wit cheaper price..hmm..diff ppl diff thinking..

mm..yummy..sedapp giler.... anyone?? i juz miss d taste of tiramisu n oreo flavor..

aneen really enjoyed d day..she queued wit me..tho it was very hard 2 keep her in line, but she's there..wit her mak nenek entertaining..she juz never fail doin dat, entertaining me..hehe..ayyen was sleeping inside d stroller..after we got d donut, then only he awake..mayb d smell awaken him..hehe..

after a while, aneen asked 2 b seated inside d stroller..mayb bcoz she's very tired of walking..hehe..since arrived, she refused 2 b held or carried..such a big gal huh!!, daddy has 2 carry ayyen n aneen stayed inside d stroller..aneen is 1st we're here only 2 get d donut, then we'll go straight 2 d clinic..seems like we change d plan already..since aneen is sleeping, kiranya persetujuan bersama me n my hubby, kita boleh melangkah panjang, we juz go window shopping there..xthng 2 buy actually bcoz we juz bought clothes 4 d kids last 2 weeks!! always shopping 4 them..4 me??? *sigh*, we went into frm 1 shop to another..then i saw ayyen so sleepy on his daddy's shoulder..oo..poor him..he must be very tired..i told my husband, let's get another stroller 4, we ended up went 2 jusco n choosing a stroller..hehe..a small one, we were thinking it's more 4 aneen than ayyen..ayyen will stay inside d big, we took d orange sweet cherry stroller..n i put ayyen inside there..
mm..we went out from there around husband stopped at masjid taman tun 4 maghrib n then we went straight 2 d, ayyen is 6 mth 3 wks n weight 7.7kg..
i got my big apple, aneen got new orange sweet cherry n ayyen got his immunisation..tq daddy..luv u..mmuuuaaaahhhhh....

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