Friday, July 25, 2008

She's Making Me Crazy

Arrrgghhh!!! i'm loosing my temper with aneen lately..

She's so naughty..
She's so stubborn..
She know what's right & what's wrong..
She know when i say no, it means NO..
But she still wanna do things..
Like the way she want it to be..
Like the way she like how it to be..
And she's making me crazy..

YES, she is only TWO..
but i know, she know, what i know..
HUH..where did she get all this from??
I asked my husband, "sama x muka i dgn aneen??"
And with selamba he said, "sama..degil punn sama.."
Am i?? Pity mak if i was like aneen when i was at aneen's age..
but i surely do know, that i'm not..
because, if i were like that, mak will definately say, "sama sebijik mcm awak masa kecik dulu.."
there - i rest my, i'm x like her n she's not like me..
And she's making me crazy...

1 comment:

eeda96 said...

serupa mummy dia tang mulut, kening dan mata(tapi mata tu cam tak berapa sngt la)