Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Day @ Pyramid Bowl

Due to my busyness n lazyness, i got x time 2 update tis blog..hehehe..plus, too many issues really caught my attention tis days..so, my time was full with browsing d net 2 update my 'cpu' on wat happened so on n so on..most of d time, i got 2 read d thing in d morning n when i browsed back late afternoon, d website or d certain blogs like gone..i needed 2 be invited by d owner lar tis lar n dat lar..n sometimes, d sign of "this page is under construction"..WHAT??!!!

luckily such thing wouldn't happen 2 tis blog..hehehe..can, or might, but i dun want..hehehe...
Anyway, since i got few times (i need 2 finish d hono things or d writers n d stringers will keep calling me asking 4 their payments..), i would like 2 share wit u guys some photos of my family n my babies..

It was sunday, 29th june..tnb held a bowling tournament with d media sides..my husband was with d Astro Awani team..proudly he said 2 me, "i dpt nombor 13, dari 13 group.." hampeh..talking like so pro..u can bully adik n adan lar..others' it proves u can't..hehehe..

The tournament was held at pyramid bowl sunway pyramid..WOW!! it's bigger than before, i mean d building lar, x d bowling alley..hehe..last time i was there like 2 yrs ago..now they have jusco n many other shops..during my ITM times, i used 2 'lepak' n watching movie there..b4 we have another 'lepak' place called mid valley n klcc..hehe..

Aneen really enjoyed d day..ayyen s well..they woke up early morning..x so early, but still we had 2 wake aneen actually..we reached there around 11:35am..d game started at 12 noon..

Look at his friendly face..my smiley iron boy..

Time to sleep..who cares about d noise..he fell asleep around 12:30 n woke up 1 hr after dat..

Pretend to b a shy gal..duhh!!

mummy n mummy's luv..i think fairuz did d shoot..

fruits of my heart, they r..

time 2 go back..wat a tiring day...

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