Monday, July 14, 2008

Officially 30 years old

Hmm..last saturday, i'm 30 already..hehe..wat to do, we cannot hold d time and ask them to wait for us..time n tide wait for no man, remember that.. wat to excited abt d arrival, n yet, x words i could say abt another number..

i got big apple from my hubby n my kids sharp at 12am..yeah..d babies r still awake..but i was so tired..i slept early dat nite..i'm 30 u u should know dat i'm a year older than i was, let me celebrate my day with lazying my eyes..

so..i woke up in d morning with a lot of plans in my head..i wanna go to visit my colleague's baby who was juz went an operation..(she's juz 2 and her nerve was attack with menangitis til she lost her hearing..only 2 n she already went an operation 2 put a cochlear implant inside her ear..i only went 2 d hospital, bcoz of myself, twice - juz 2 give a labour - only!!), n my bestfren since standard 3 held a birthday party 4 her son in sungai buloh (n she was born 11 of july, a day older than me..we nvr missed wishing each other happy bday since years..hahahahhahaa..)..yeah..that were d plans 4 d

how it turn-out 2 be?? we juz stayed at home..doing d washing, etc..lunch at mak's..she made n nasi dagang 4 me!! thanks mak..hehe..n then after that we went to d alpha angle..i juz want to let d kids play n enjoy themselves..what else would b better than that?? even on your birthday..aneen enjoying d ownself riding..ayyen as he's d same age as d sister..pretending 2 b an older boy..hahahaha..n then we juz spent our time there..x shopping..i broke already..tis month i spent a lot of my pay juz 2 buy toys 4 them..hahahha...

at nite we juz spent d time at relaxing..home sweet home..

thank u 4 those who sms/called n wishing d best 4 me..luv u all..

here who they r n their enter frame..

paicah - Selamat hari jadi. semoga murah rezeki dn panjang umur (01:17am)

irda - hepi bday deng! semoga pjg umur & murah rzki. dah makin tua ni,cpt2 ler tmbh koleksi anak, hehehe.k, kim slm raja (08:11am)

k.lina - Epi bday 2u, epi bday 2u, epi bday 2 dedeng, epi bday 2u.. (08:59am)

chang - Happy hari tua tok besan! semoga capai kebahagiaan dan kejayaan! (09:50am)

nadd - epi besday mummydeng. guess wat? wan gal bt wan shahrizal might wanna share bday cake with u..haha (11.21am)

don - yo geng, hepi beday. smakin tua dah ko. jgn amik botox plak..hahaha (13:47pm)

min - hi deng happy birthday..may happyness be with you all around (15:31pm)

abg sham - happybirthday, dapat saya makan nasi dagang (19:03pm)

erah - hepi 30th besday. 1st year angka 3. kena soh raja aman bg hadiah besar, huhuhu (20:51pm)

erma - salam sis..heppy besday..huhuhu..smoga pnjg umur & dimurahkan rezeki..Amin! hehehe..x g celebrate ke? (21:34pm)

ayah su - askum. hepi belated besday. muge panjang omo (20:37pm -13july)

k.zieck - hepi belated bday, smlm keje, x sempat nak wish. (09:06am -14july)

and callllss from those who remember..tq..mmuuaahhhhhhhh..

and..i got nice cream sling bag frm mak on sunday..tq mak...


eeda96 said...

dah umur 30 tahun dah takkan pakai beg galas belakang lagi kak oi...hihihihi

Anonymous said...


oopsss.. I did it again.. I totally forgot ur birthdate!!

Getting aged is like this laaa.. ehehhe

'Happy Belated Birthday!! My dear Dang!"

- Joan -

deng anaz said...

ahhh..joan..where were u??? least u remember it..tqvm..others wat senyap u think i should b sulking or x aa?? mm..30 tak 30..aku tetap aku...