Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kids @ D Arcade

Look at the kids..based on d pics u can make ur own story..but my story goes like this...

Aneen was playing with some fishing game..Ayyen was still looking around and trying to learn what is the thing..

Ayyen looked at Aneen and wonder, what make she so happy with that stick thing??

Ayyen thought, mayb i should give it a try..u'll nvr know how it really feels until u try.."kak..let me try this kak..excuse me.."

"Adik..tepi..dangan tacauuu..tatak tgh main nie.." "japp lar..nk try aa kak..patut lar dr td senyap jer..apa tak ckp best main benda nie.."

"Alaa..bukan mcm tue lar dik..alaaa..nk main jugak..daddyyyy.."

"Ehh..nape org kat situ bising-bising aa?? kat situ lg best ker..cer kakak tgk.."
"A'ah best jer main yg tue..kita g sana pulak aaaa.."

Watching them growing up really cheering my life..waiting for them to grow up, MASYAALLAH..


nadd said...

good.... i can still catch up from here. hahah

eeda96 said...

u know what. annen look's like u and ayyen look's like u hubby lar.......

deng anaz said... come u say look like my hubby?? where?? which part?? tell me..