Friday, July 11, 2008


Huhuuuuuuuuu..Happy bday to me, happy bday to me..happy bday to deng..happy bday to mee...

Alhamdulillah..2mrw is my BIG DAY..i'm turning 30 lorr..

Alhamdulillah..with Allah's n My Parent's Bless, i turn to be what i am today..
Alhamdulillah..with d BIG THREE-O, i'm
1. a wife - when i was small, i always imagined that i'm getting married at dreaming to be a so-called career lady lar kan..
2. a mummy - with my 2 babies, who ever thought that?? hahahaha..but, i'm happy some people sometimes forget tis true fact..

mm..wat else to get, to achieve, to have??
1. i want to have my own house..insyaallah 1 day..any day around d corner..where?? dunno lar..hard 2 get good house with a good a.k.a reasonable price these days..
2. a better job - of course lar with better offer, rite..anyone?? need a hard-like-stone-PA???
3. save more money to go 2 shud b d long-term short term - i ONLY want to go to korea n bandung..hahahahahahha..astaghfirullahalazim... lalut..i called/sms/told my brothers - only 4 bros - about my big day..i asked gift frm many excuses i received, so far, only frm 4 of them..

mak wanna cook nasi dagang..i said cook on my birthday lar..then she said, u cook urself i juz go to ulek mayang n get 1 4 me..

my husband..hahahhahahaa..i told him, i don't want makan2 di hotel mana2..i want material..or trip..hahahahaha..jangan kacau dia..dia tgh pressure what 2 get 4 me..hahahahahha..daddy, laptop cukup lar..x payah pening2..hahahaha..

okeh to go now..later i will update u on how i feel being older by 1 year..later still young, no feeling..hehe..

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