Thursday, June 12, 2008

Terengganu, here we come

Yayyy!! tomorrow i'm goin back to tganu, my mak's hometown, for mu cousin's; Aman, wedding..

It's d 1st long journey to ayyen..i dunno how he'll b along d journey..i juz hope he sleep most of the time we r on husband plan 2 start d journey around 5 am or right after's about d same time wit aneen's sleeping time..

we all gonna stay at mak long's's gonna be very pack there, dat's wat i heard from mak lar..hehe..pack punn pack lar, sure very's been a while since d last gathering we had..

as for me, d last time i went back to tganu was raya last year..& i was there because aman shah had his TNB open hse raya..aneen was like few months only..and we were there like 2 weeks after we met only uncles and aunties who still lives there..juz few left..others 'migrated' to kl already..heheheeh..but whenever we met, it's like all makang ikang, g jalang..u won't have any idea dat actually some of us even born in kl..rite nadd?? hmm..

so..d wedding is between ahmad azman tajudin & juliana sharida..aman is my ayah de's eldest n basically this is ayah de's 1st kenduri..unfortunately d timing is x rite..x many of my cousins will be around..u c, my mak has 15 siblings, n it also means i have around 80++ cousins n i dun want to count how many nieces n nephews we all's like, u have 2 start ur saving for angpau since now!!! (for anyone dat their acc balance like me lar kan..)

back 2 d wedding story..hehe..d akad nikah will b on d 14 june, tis saturday..n d kenduri at ayah de's hse will b on d nxt day, 15 june..

i took leave til tis monday, so i dunno whether i'll b back on d 15 or 16...

oo yeah..we collected money..some of us wanna buy presents themselves..but for those who joined d collection team, we managed to get around wami bought a fridge..she went back there yesterday n mak said she told d shop person to wrap d fridge nicely!! nice?? i dunno..i can't wait 2 c it tomorrow..

So guys..wish us safe journey..n save fuel!! hahahaha..huwaaaaaaaaaaa..i dunno how much it's goin to cost us..hopefully x dat much..(in your dream lar!!!)

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