Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Its been this way since d last 2 days; when i was sleeping, aneen woke me up.."mummy..up..angun mummy..up.." and she asked me for something..

the first day it happened 2 days ago..me n my husband went to our friend's wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda..we left aneen & ayyen at mak's dat night..hehe..that day aneen woke up at 1:00pm!! and after that she didn't sleep at all..hehe..she was playing around n watching her ceria n playhouse disney channel..

So we left them around 7++ after maghrib..hehe..ayyen was asleep at first..we waited til he woke up by himself but it seems hopeless..mayb he was very sleepy n tired bcoz he didn't sleep much that day..ahh..all tis happened 2 days ago, means on sunday k..so we woke ayyen n changed his diaper and cloth n brought him to mak's house..so, i left ayyen n aneen very fresh n so awake okay...

We went back around 11:30..(mak already told me to come back not so late!! hehe..cannot promise aa mak..) from outside i could hear aneen's crying..when i came in, she was crying with closed eyes and mak tried to put her back to sleep..ayyen was sleeping..mak said aneen was asleep around 9 something n ayyen 1 hour later..ayyen juz woke up juz now n mak gave him milk and he juz continued his sleeping handsome..

Hmm..should i repeat the fact that aneen slept at 9 and now it's like 11 something n she still wanna sleep?? and ayyen was asleep like since 2 hours ago and still sleeping?? in my head, huwaaaaaaaaaaaa..what time i'm going to sleep?? tomorrow i'm working..aduhhh..and how should i bring rayyan home without make him awake???

Suddenly mak said, ayyen tinggal sini lar..if u take him, he'll awake then what time he's going to sleep again?? huhuuuuu..settle 1 problem..aneen mak?? bawak dia balik lar..hahahahahaha..this is when we can apply what orang Melayu or orang tua-tua always said, Langit tak selalunya cerah..hehehe..

So, i brought aneen home..my husband asked me, where's ayyen?? Ayyen sleep at mak's house..i planned to sleep over at mak as well because me n ayyen never been apart before..but, what time should i go to mak's?? aneen definately will want to come with me..i asked my husband to come with me, but he's too tired to move already..(i wonder where his promised on he's going to take care of aneen tonite when he took d coffee at d ballroom juz now went..) so i guess i'll juz wait til aneen sleep than i'll go to mak's house..

Suddenly..mummyy..mummy..angunn..up!! mummy..ohh..i fall asleep in front of the tv..what aneen?? what do u want?? mummyy..butakk!! butakk!! she showed me her TWISTIES pack on her right hand and her bowl on her left hand!! aduhh..i looked at the clock, it's 1:30 AM already!! huhuuu..huwaaaaa..hahahahahah..huhuuu..i dunno what is the right thing 2 say here..i juz took d twisties n put half of it into d bowl..she juz watched me n then ate her twisties while watching her playhouse disney ch..

to make it short, she slept at 5 something that morning..she's so aneen...

and last night, i went to my tailor's house..next week i'm goin back 2 terengganu..my cousin is getting married..so, i've no baju to wear..(hahahahahaha..really???) so, after i cooked d dinner, again, we went to my tailor's house..my husband put aneen n ayyen inside d car get their milk ready..when i came in inside the car, aneen showed me her sunglasses..hahahaha..it is night lar syg..nobody is wearing sunglasses during night time..she asked me, cantekk?? canteekk..syg mummy mmg canteekk..so panca sitara..and she's not wearing hers, she was wearing her daddy's adidas (if im x mistaken lar..he's such a collector..)..so u can imagine d sunglasses is so big for her face..

Not that far from our house, not even reach greenwood yet, aneen fell asleep already..hahahha..my husband said, i thought she was adjusting d specs..and the truth is she was struggling not to fall..n i tried to take the specs frm her, "eeehhhhh.." HAHAHAHAHAHA..so trendy n rugged lar my daughter..

Hmm..so we came back and reach home around 9:30pm n aneen still sleeping..hehe..when my husband put her in front of the tv, then only she awoke..so, what time she's goin to sleep tonite?? No!! the question should be restructure..What time she fell asleep THIS MORNING?? mm..nobody knows..

N as usual, suddenly..mummy..mummy...angun!! mummy..up!! mummy..yea aneen..why?? mummy..nak u'uk..AAAAAA?? i looked at the clock..it's 3:30AM..mm..what else she wanna throw away at tis hour?????

2 nites in a row, aneen woke me up and asked for something..i wonder, tonite or the exact word would be, tomorrow early morning, what time she's going 2 wake me and what else does she want...

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