Monday, June 9, 2008

Not feeling well

Hi sorry for not updating this babies all are not feeling well at the sleeping hour?? so weng like the fuel lar..aduhhh..

Juz wanna share something with u, d beloved readers..

Last Friday we went to d clinic..aneen's temperature is not likelly encouraging..sometimes she'so hot..while ayyen there's up & we brought them 2 c d doctor..n of coz Klinik Famili TTDI, and d doc was Dr Soraya..(i like her face; so soft n so lawa..)

Ayyen's temp was 37.5 degrees..
Aneen's temp was 38 degrees..

Aneen was amazingly behaved..usually its very hard 2 bring her to sit still n let d doc do d check-up..even if im x feeling well, d doc also found it very hard 2 check me because of my overprotective daughter..but tis time, she let d doc take d temperature, check her chest n lung n she opened her mouth when d doc asked her to do big gal lar my princess..

And while d doc had her check-up, i asked Aneen..juz 2 distract her..

"Aneen nk ubat??"
"Nanak..nanak ubat..ubat x tedap.."

Hahahahahha..Dr Soraya juz laughed.."x tedap ker??" still her answer was, "nanak..ubat x tedap.." hahahahahaha..

So, as a return for her refusing 2 take any medication, i asked d doc 2 insert d pill inside her b***..heheh..she cried, but not as loud as she always do..

U have 2 choose aneen, it's either u take ur medication thru ur mouth or thru ur b***..i won't take NO for answer...

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