Friday, June 20, 2008

Holiday in Terengganu (ep 2)

Hmm..we all slept at m.long's house..there were sooo many of, aman shah n d kids, got a room..bcoz we reached there parents, also got a room for them; m.long saved it for wami (mak's younger sister) and her husband, also got a cutam (mak's youngest sister) and her family, slept in a room downstairs, ayah su n family, slept at d 1st bros, at d 2nd hall..ayah sor n his son, slept in front of d tv..hehehe..luckily mama, mak's older sister a.k.a nadd's mother, stayed at her sister-inlaw's..

FULL HOUSE!!'s x dat we can't stay elsewhere, but tis time, everybody wanna stay at m.long''s like when i was small n we all went back 2 tganu for raya..everybody were there..we meet, we eat, we talk, we laugh, we went to batu burok, at nite - we went to gelas besar..tis was something like dat, but not quite..tis time, not enough quorum..many of my cousins couldn't attend d wedding..luckily, my zz dearest cousin was there too!! she's m.long's youngest mother of 2 n my we r like satu kepala since small until now lar..hehe..besides nadd n norza..hehe..

ayah long said, from outside, d house looks like used cars sale..hahahaha..actually next to m.long's hse is m.ngah's hse..n d house was vacant..only my cousin, ang, lives there with wife n son..m.ngah stays w there's still 3 empty rooms there..but nobody wanna go 2 dat house..d hse was's true!! seriously..nobody wanna go scarry...

okeh..2nd day there, saturday

d wedding

alhamdulillah..sekali lafaz, ju belongs to aman..d ceremony went's only dat d temperature was so high n it was so we didn't stay long..
hehehe..i forgot to tell u guys wat happened d nite before..aneen slept 11:30, thanks to her opah..hehe..n she woke up around shorten d story, whoever slept at m.long's last nite, really found it very hard to sleep..hahahahah..she couldnt closed her eyes n cried, almost thru d nite..mak went upstairs around 4 n aman shah took d baton..i was there, sleeoing beauty..hahahahaha..weii..mak was around, wat else to do, sleep lar..besides, aneen asked for her, x me..hehe..;)

and then, in d morning, everybody was like, radio mana bunyi aa?? sapa x tdo semlm aa?? sapa nangis bising aa?? hahahahaha..nasib, she didn't sleep d whole nite, n morning..n she fell asleep when we all on d way to ju's house..from 10:00 am..n she woke up around 5 pm!! yiehaaaa..she missed d ceremony, d lunch, everything...hehe..lucky us...

aman shah said, tis time he want to go to batu burok n hang out there..i said, u go lar, bring ur kids along..i wanna stay at dat day, when aneen woke up n i changed her, i asked aman shah to bring d kids to batu burok..i sent adan, my brother, to go wit aman shah..n u know wat, i sent them to go to d pantai..when i went there for spot check, they all went to a&w and had tea there!! mmm..i waited beside my car around 40 mins then only i saw them..zz juz laughed..i followed her..

ala..aman shah is here sorry all, have 2 cont tis next time..till then, mmuah...njoy ur weekend...

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