Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holiday in Terengganu (ep 1)

Hmm..we are our beloved hometown Gombak-KL..

Alhamdulillah..d days went so fast n it feels like yesterday we reached my m.long's house in Lorong Gemia, K. T'ganu..n as i told u earlier, we were there since friday n we came back last monday..wat happened there?? i'll try to wrap it up as simple as accurate as short as i can..


early morning..

As usual, aneen didn't sleep at all..she was all awake all nite..n ayyen joined his sister in staying awake dat morning..n 2 add d spice 2 our nite, while i was doin d packing, suddenly d hse was black-out..for seconds, everybody was quite..if i'm x mistaken it was almost 1 something..aneen n her beloved ayyen, were playing inside d room wit all d clothes..i was at d kitchen, preparing their milk basket..ayyen suddenly cried out loud..mayb because he was surprised n scared 2 d sudden darkness..aneen shouted my husband took his phn n called a TNB staff, he did wat he had 2 do..x point of him left me all alone w aneen when he was busy 4 d launching of dat hunting no. if he didn't use it..;)

I took d candle n lite it up (when we shopped b4 we moved 2 our on hse, d candle was among d 1st thing dat i put in d is very important.. we dunno when we will use it, but when we really use it, its a need n must have thing)..suddenly aneen, "mummy..eppy 2 u.." n aman shah laughed.."yeah aneen, happy birthday 2 u.." n she still wit her eppy 2 u..she was so happy wit d candles..n ayyen was so was dark n so husband took d portable clip fans n try to cool his prince..n when he called d 15454 again, they told him there was a problem wit d cable at batu caves..this is wat happened when d irresponsible human being out there acting like they care 4 nothing n stole d cable, wire, copper n watever they can sell..n their act troubled other ppl..i wonder why tis kind of ppl come out from their mother's womb?? n d operator told us dat it might took 3-4 hrs 2 settle d prob..aduhhh!! im thinking, x way d kids goin 2 sleep husband said, we'll move very late lar like tis..mmm..up 2 him, he's d driver..luckily 10 mins after dat, d electricity came back..alhamdulillah..i quickly put ayyen 2 sleep..aneen was stil wit her eppy 2 u wit d candles..lots of things need 2 b done..

i got to sleep around 1 hour something n woke up at 5am..aneen was still awake..hahahahhaha..she's our small lil i continued packing n looked around if i missed anything..around 6, i woke my husband n changed aneen's shirt n 6:45 we were inside d car already..n my brothers were still packing n my parents were still inside d we started our journey 1st..before we reached greenwood, aneen fell asleep already, juz like how we tot thing would she sleep well along d journey..

aman shah wanna try to go thru Jabor..some says its nearer n we followed d signage to Jabor..n suddenly he sounded so frustrated.."i dh agak dh..there must b other way..tis is jalan pantai.." when i looked around, oo..we were in cherating, we must missed any junction dat supposed 2 lead us 2 Jabor..few mins after dat, mak called.."where r u??" "Cherating.." "aaa?? mak dh agak dh u'll missed d junction..u should follow d signage to muktafi billah..d Jabor signage lost somewhere around.." "mm..mak smpi dulu lar.." "mm..budak2 buat apa??" "sleeping.." "mm..ok lar..c u at m.long's.." "mm..ok..."

so we reached KT around 12:30pm..n we stopped 4 times..mak reached half an hour aman shah said, "not much different lar kot between jalan Jabor n jalan pantai.." hehe..

so, we were in tganu again, after almost a year n a half..d 3rd 4 aneen, n d 1st 4 ayyen..

dat evening we had tea at my k.intan's was a short notice..n she only prepared laksa, banana fritters, roll pie w chicken curry filling (nadd..dlm bhs susah nyer yea..hehe..), rojak, caramel n murtabak raja - for 15 i said, it was a short notice..i dunno wat else will b on d dining table if we told her earlier..thank you k.intan...

ahhh..time 2 go husband juz called..i hv 2 go back by bus..i hate short notice like tis..i'll missed 5:50 pm U2 rapidkl..aaarrrrrgghhhhh..

2 b cont...

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