Thursday, June 13, 2013


The kids are growing up..up up & away!!! She is 7 this year..more n more n more like me..and very close to her Daddy..she's a typical Daddy's me lar, truly Anak Apak..ahaks..what's new??? And he is 6 this my little shadow..wherever i go, he'll be there..cuddling, playing, SULKING!! Hisy..very garang, also like me..what's new???

This blog of mine is soooooo bersawang..why??, Facebook is a totally distracted to this blogging..teruk kan?? and also because my writing skill (ada ker??) is already berkarat..hukhukhuk..

There are so many things to tell and update..but i don't know where to better don't start?? hahahahaaha..yeah..if not i'll having prob on how to stop it..again, another excuse..ok..will pay a visit again, when i am rajin..bila?? when i am rajin..;)

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