Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Sorry KAKAK


i realized lately, i easily get angry with you..
whatever you do, irritates me..
your stubbornness is killing my patience, (which i own very little of it)..
at the same time, i know, u always trying to please me, hard..


i always say things harshly at you..
never give you a chance to defends yourself..
its like i forgot, you are The Bless from Allah to me..
among the best things that Allah grants me..


for everything i said and did to you..
i know, i can't erase it from your memory..
but i do hope you forgive me, 
and look at it as it is the way how i show you my love..
i know it's the wrong way, but i'm still learning to find the right way..
to you and to me,
for the sake of both of us..

kita serupa?? sangat serupa?? jadi sebab tue mummy tak boleh tengok awak?? hopefully ini mitos kakak..because mummy sayang awak..sama macam mummy sayang adik..awak anak saya..mestilah saya sayang awak..hisyyy!! Serius kakak, 

but please, jangan buat saya marah..saya GARANG..apa punn, AMPUNKAN SAYA..MMUUAAAAHHHHHH!!!

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