Friday, July 17, 2009

ok..ok..mummy highlight ayyen pulak...

these past few entries, i always talked about aneen..seems like bias lak unfair..ok..ok..this entry mummy will talk about u my dear rayyan irtiza..

rayyan irtiza..1 yr old and 8 mth..soon, becoming he can do now??

- walking..cannot stop..only stop when it's time for MILK!! he is one but he is everywhere (when we are inside the house lar kan..)

- riding a.k.a 'rempit'ing..allah..if u see him with his bikes, and the way he turned the bikes, and the way he climb the hill of pillows with his bikes, u'll think that he must be the best student of any rempit school..(tok likes to watch him doing the 'stunt'..smiling all the way whenever his grandson is in action..)

- i got upset or mad of them (which is almost all the time lar kan..), he'll make face..then he'll go into the room..sitting on the bed, and then smiling alone..can aa?? mummy tgh mrh dia nie..dia main2 cantu lg..aduhhh..

- reading..hahahaha..alhamdulillah, juz like his eldest sister..he juz love to his opah is teaching him alif ba ta..hehe..after bismillah, he straightly goes to ba..forgot about alif..then looking for nun, ghin..hahaha..skip all other alphabets..mana boleh dik..and then he'll jump to wassalamu..hahahahhaa...

- fighting..fav fighting par title would goes to uncle T, my second brother..allah..uncle T juz call out his name, he starts making face already..and the fighting begin..letih dgr..sometimes uncle T got hit by anything nearer to opah or mummy or opah and mummy..definately the things flew from our hands lar kan..

- talking..hehe..mak told me, yesterday's breakfast, she was eating alone with ayyen..she fed ayyen ns goreng..after the 1st bite, ayyen said to her, "opah..cedappp.." hehe..mak said, "mak sorg jer..tahan jer lar gelak..pandai sgt cedapp cedap nyer.." hehe..and many more other words..and he can like answer our questions in sentences..alhamdulillah, my kids cepat jalan n cepat is juz we need to control where they are going and what they want to say..ahh..whenever i marah him, he'll say to me, don't do that..apa?? up to me lar..i'm your mummy..huhhh..

- dressing up..hahahaha..yeah, it's true..i'm not making stories..perhaps, i shall say that he's better than aneen..he juz loves playing with my and mak's tudung..playing with the hat..and shoes..and whatever, that can he can put on him and make he look at the mirror and said, "cantikkk.."..aduss..this part very dangerous..i need to really control on this matter..cuak k..

mm..what else ayyen?? tell me..ahhh..i know..i know..

- this past few days, he juz love to bite his sister..everytime they fight over the books, bikes or anything, usually bikes, he'll bite her..everyday, in this week, when i came back home, i'll see the 'hate' bite on aneen's arm, back, chest..hehe..way to go adik..well he won't start if aneen didn't start 1st..she juz loves taking whatever adik is playing with..saja kay, purposedly (dh redundant lar plak), she deserves it lar..but still, i'll marah ayyen juz to show that, it is bad to do that..

what else?? dunno lar mind is jammed rite now..daddy is asking for udang goreng n bawang byk2..those bawang kat umah already expired..mummy is thinking of 'taking' some bawangs from opah's..hehe..

okeh..i'll jot some more when i for now, thats it..luv u ayyen..mmmuuuaaahhhhh...

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