Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"kenapa Aneen pandai??"

nazneen insyirah is gonna be 3 next month - exactly a month after today..she's going to be 3 but somehow we do think she's more than 3..whenever she's gaduh with her adik, she'll get upset and say things like, "eiii budak nie..bukan macam tue.." - hey aneen, u are different by 14 months only..not that old..or she'll say "adik, jangan main purse opah..nnt opah marah" - adik starts playing with purse opah when adik 1st saw her playing with purse opah - with all the cards, coins and notes..and last nite when apak was having his dinner, i heard aneen said to ayyen, "adik..jangan main kuah.." and few seconds after that, i heard opah said, "oo..marah adik jangan main kuah, dia main tak apa.." kantoiii..

at that age, she can think and different things right or wrong already..but still, she's a lil kid..even she knows it is wrong, still she want to do it..the 'i-want-to-do-that-instinct' is inside her..hehe..become like mummy ahh..good girl...

the thing that we really cannot stand nowadays is when she starts asking kenapa this and kenapa that..aduhh..almost all the time she'll asking questions..and yeah, sometimes, we do have the answers..and sometimes we don't know what to answer..and most of the time, we are lazy to say or answering things..it's very tiring when she juz keep repeating the question..

mak told me, aneen woke up one morning and asking about makcik nuyu (k.nurul that always come and clean mak's house and live in front of the house).."opah..makcik nuyu ada x??" and then mak who was doing housework at that time juz said to her, "makcik nuyu work..work..work.." and mak add some more, "kakak (k.nurul's eldest and 16yrs old) school..school..school.." aneen looked at her confusedly "why opah ckp banyak-banyak??" hahahahhaa..mak had to tahan gelak (rasakan mak..), and said to aneen, "opah nk work..nnt aneen tny opah banyak-banyak.." and so then, she didn't ask mak about k.nurul anymore..she juz waited for k.nurul to come and then after k.nurul finished her work, aneen will go to her house to play with kakak..

"mummy..kenapa baby menangis??" "mummy..kenapa daddy dia tak hug dia??" "mummy..kenapa mummy work??" and so many others kenapa...

yesterday, i came back from work and saw my brother's car..oo..he came back from lumut..he juz called me on sunday asking to speak with anak sedara saya - aneen and ayyen lar..and now he's in front of me..this boy, always play and make jokes like that..all of suddent, he's home..and then, he juz went back..so yesterday he came back juz for a while..he said he's from klang and need to go back to lumut immediately because he need to finish his report by tonite blablablabla..

ayyen and aneen are so manja with their maulana..so they were following him from back to front, front to back..they were like his lil shadow(s)..hehe..and i asked ayyen, "ayyen, maulana work where??" ayyen said, "lumut.." pandaii..and aneen suddenly said "kay marine mummy.." i praised her, "pandai aneen.." and she asked me, "mummy, kenapa aneen pandai??" hahahahaha..my adik's friend was there, laughing..my apak was behind aneen, smiling..and i juz said to her, "mummy punn tak tau kenapa aneen pandai..tp mummy bersyukur sangat aneen pandai.." that was the best kenapa that i had..i'm so thankful with God gifts..just ask me anything aneen, i don't mind..if i cannot answer, ask daddy..he also doesn't mind..kan daddy??

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