Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank you ALL!!

Am sorry all..it's quite dissappointing when u browse to a blog and the entry u read or u see was the same one that u saw yesterday..very busy..with what?? i also dunno..hahahahhaa..work things lar..what else..the laptop that i'm supposed to use now is with my three-selfish-brothers..i thought i can update this blog during night time..but seems that would b the hardest things to happen lar..

So..what Aneen got on her birthday?? I'll just upload the pix here n share d joy with u..

young musician?? it's from Uncle Hakam n co..

so nice this pink nike..tq uncle yen n mummy fida..

ahh mamaya..aneen like this dress..bandung mari?? NOOO..mummy said it's from sogo..tq..

mm..bj kurung 4 raya..so ladylike lar mummy's gal..tq wan yah..

n d cute turtle from ayah sham n mak long rita n co..aneen refused to let this turtle go..it's hard to take a photo of d turtle's big eyes..

mm..from mama lina with love..what an adorable english gown..i like it..i like it..

this sweet gown is from aneen's beloved atok n tokmi..tq..atok..tq tokmi..tq yum yum leaves..

this long sleeves suit is frm auntie yatie next door..tq..hehe..mayb bcoz she always saw me going out during night, she gave me this..tq..tq..

aa..this is from ki bah n co..hehe..he knows i'm such a sexy gal..tq ki bah..mmmuuuahhh..

this barbie is from uncle jaja n co..hehe..uncle jaja juz got a baby gal last month..congrats..so now he's starting to learn buying toys for girls..hehe..mummy..i need more dress for my barbie..

soo cute..this cute teddy bear is from opah umi..hehe..
tq..come again next yr eyh..

mauuseeeeeee..hehe..aneen still can't pronounce mickey or minnie mouse..it lost along d way..this bag is from uncle bob n auntie ras..yiiieehaaaaa..auntie ras, duit raya dun forget k..

woooo..ayah ji..mummy x give aneen play with this wooden shape fitter..she afraid i'll knock ayyen's head with it..bcoz opah saw i did that to ayyen with my plastic shape fitter..but tq ayah ji n mak nani..can't wait to play with it..ayyen, u can take my old one..

what?? tok..now aneen also have my own laptop..tak heran lar tok punya tue..mine have musics n very colourful..n use battery only..so saving..tq daddy..tq mummy..luv u..adik..if u 1 this, ask for the new one from mummy..u can't take mine..NO SHARING!!!

hmm..lots of bj raya k..hehe..mummy so relieved..hahahaha..because now only got ayyen's new bj in d cupboard..aneen's all she wore it already..so these new dresses i have to hide it somewhere else..hehe..

oo yeah..aneen also got lots of $$$..tq for those who were soooo generous..hahahahaha..luv u all..mmmuuuaaaahhhh..

okeh..i will update soon with all d pics took by daddy on d day..now i have to finish my work..zohor punn belum lg nie..i started this since morning..never tot dat i managed 2 finish it today..alhamdulillah..


eeda96 said...

wah.banyak nya present dia....leh share ngan umaira tak? umaira punye besday next month.bulan pose lak tu. so, no besday party for her. will be postponed to raya.combine party with her mama and ayah's besday...

Anonymous said...

waaa..tersalah masuk blog daaa...ini blog utk famili ko je...x yah invite pun x pe..x sesuai di baca oleh org awam! kahkahkah


deng anaz said...

weii ledd..

blog nie xkan kena banned or ttiba ilang dr google nyer..selamattt..hahahahaha..kalo nk cari yg ngata org or wat dosa, cari kat tempat lain aa..ko mmg mcm tue..x penah berubah..haahahahaha..

Ungu said...

i like the turtle heheh.. very cute.. hehe