Monday, August 18, 2008

"80 ringgit is still an 80 ringgit lar.."

It was a very fine day..last friday after office hour, my husband drove us to Ipoh, husband got work i decided to go with him n brings d babies along..we reached ipoh around 8:45pm..our 1st stop was jusco ipoh..hehe..we were all very hungry, so jusco would b d best stop 4 all..

we went out from jusco around 10 something..aneen didn't eat at all..she was juz happy playing in d playground at the food court..she was among d smallest but we could hear the voice from outside..

so we reached the heritage hotel around 11pm..ahh..can't wait to check-in and settle d kids n was a long d lobby, aman shah went out from d car n took d trolley to put all the things in..i went out to help him since there were cars queuing behind our car..when i want to take more things from inside the car, it was door n all other doors..n ayyen n aneen were INSIDE D CAR!!

aman shah was busy taking out our things from the boot..slowly i told him, "aneen locked the door.." "WHAT??!!!" the engine, aircond n radio were on..n d kids were inside d car..i said told aneen to open d window..she always play with the button..aman shah said, no use because i locked d window button already..oo ya what we do is we try to ask aneen to push d window lock n then let her open d window..she should know that because she always play with all those buttons..

it's quite difficult to ask aneen to do that because near that window lock, there are so many buttons..but we managed to get her to unlock d window..d problem was that there were other buttons near there n she might get i brought her to the co-pilot seat..n tried to make her open the window..

meanwhile, ayyen started crying..n people started coming..we were at the lobby entrance..i dunno what they said about us..but believe me, we are not that kind of parents and things happened accidentally..the hotel staffs tried to open the lock..n the potter told us that he called the locksmith already..

we waited for the locksmith and kept trying to ask aneen to open the first she was laughed n was happy looking at the people around us..then i think she juz realised what happen and she started to cry..aman shah kept saying that worse come to worst i'll break the window..i said break lar..he was panicking..

so many suggestions n ideas came out from people around.."mana kunci spare?" "ada kat rumah.." "pergi lar ambik sekejap" "rumah kat kl" "ooo.." cuba pecahkan tingkap belakang nie yg suku nie, x rugi mana..lps tue blh bukak kunci pintu tue.." "mm..masalah nyer button central lock ada kat depan, dekat driver seat.." "ooo.." n this brilliant chinese uncle, slowly spoke to whom i dunno behind me, "they should break the window lar..its juz few cents.." i turn my back n say, "even if it cost the whole car, i dun care..i juz wanna let my kids out!!" " was talking about the window only, not d whole car.."

after half an hour they stucked inside the car, the locksmith came..within few minutes he managed to open the door..i heard people around asking, how he did it..i said, "it's his job.." aduhh..what a relieved..

thank you for all the suggestions, attentions, hands that we had that was a long nite for us..people like tunjuk2 us n said whatever they want..who cares?? i know what happened and i know it's nobody's fault..this is when we'll say, "things juz happened.."

so, next time, make sure u have spare car keys in your wallet or pocket..x use if u keep it in your handbag because you still cannot do anything if you left your handbag inside the car..or if both of you are coming out, make sure at least windows are open..but still, if you have kids like aneen, they will help closing the windows for you..hahahahahha..i also dunno lar..

it was very tiring..n the locksmith cost my husband, "usually i'll take rm400..but since it's night and u have kids, rm80 only.." husband said, to me lar, "yeah at that time do whatever u have lar kan..but the end of the day, an 80 ringgit is still an 80 ringgit lar.."


Anonymous said...


tu pun x reti nak bukak! lain kali call la abg mcgyver ko ni...buang duit je bg kt locksmith...


deng anaz said...

gelak yea..ko ada kat ipoh ker ms tue?? mana aku tau..aku ingat ko kat permatang pauh..kalo x mmg aku dh panggil ko dh...

Anonymous said...

sebenarnye, pakar kunci charge cuma rm50 je...tertipu lg adik aku ni..lagi dulu sampai skang masih x terubah...kahkahkah

Anonymous said...

mak aii mc deng..kalu aku trauma dh tuh..anak aku rajin jugok buat perangai lagu masa tuh ngan hubby aku jah..aku x dok..and he managed to open the door lock..moral of the story..matikan enjin and pegang kunci tuh..hehehe

lin said...

uish ada sekali tu anak ida pun terkunci..huhu pecah tingkaplah jawabnye...yelah bukan kite suka2 nak biar anak kite..pedulikkan ape orang nak kate..nyebuk jerr..haha

Anonymous said...

buzz...tukar2 le entry tu kak oi...asyik RM80 je. up la sikit ke Rm100 lak ke.

deng anaz said...

and u guys know wat?? now dh ada 3 duplicate kunci keta..1 dlm wallet/purse masing2..1 lg ada lar kat keta tue we all hid it somewhere..hehe..

Anonymous said...

its happened to Azeem before with my old Waja. Masa tu dia baru umur 10 bulan, I letak dia kat rear baby seat, x sedar dia pegang kunci, tutup aja pintu sebelah belakang, dia terus tekan and the door locked.

So calmly asked him to press the button, walaupun masa tu kepala lutut dan semua jenis kepala rasa nak tercabut.

Luckily di tempat teduh dan dia tak panik..moral of the story, keluar kereta jer, kunci mesti dekat dlm poket..dont ever left the car with the key masih dekat ignition..