Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dialogue of The Day

Scene 1:

Sunday - 7th feb

I was in penang with day trip, so we didn't bring the 2 kids..1st time i slept without both of them..i had to off the phone during charging because the system macam dah nk kong jer..and when i on the phone, i got few sms..the most unforgettable one for that day was from mak, "kenapa mami tak call ayyen?? mami notti.."

Scene 2:

Monday - 8th feb
Usually every morning if she awakes, she'll come with Apak to send me to the bus stop..but that day she didn't want to come..i asked her few times, "no mom..aneen tak nak..", kengkadang i'm mom and hubby is dad..suka suki jiwa jer tukar nama that nite she asked me, "tomorrow mummy work dengan siapa??" i told her with tok..and i asked her, "aneen nak ikut??" and she said, "no..tak nak..aneen want to be besar like daddy.." and i asked her again, "like daddy?? aneen tak nak besar like mummy??" and she gave the most honestly answer ever, "no..mummy tak big..mummy small jer.." mm..i looked at daddy..daddy punn angguk-angguk sambil lipat baju and smiled..

Scene 3:

Tuesday - 9th feb
Ayyen is so particular on what to wear and everything must be accordingly to what we've been doing everyday..a routine is a routine..and he is such an observant..if there's something we do or wear or not, he'll ask..i was at the office and i got a sms from Mak, "apasal Opah tak pakai baju breast?? Mami pakai.."'s a 18sx story..but i just had to put it here..

----------- dearie son and daughter so banyak cakap..and not to forget, so banyak soal as well..sometimes menghiburkan, and sometimes memeningkan kepala..camana-mana punn, ai le yu so macc...

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kaknik said...

keturun sapa ler tuh..hehehe..
knowing their mummy..hmmm (wink2)and the Opah too (oppssss..jangan pandang blakang hahahah!)