Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mother - Daughter Chit-chatting

this happened before we slept last nite..inside our room..a'ah, still sharing the same room and the same BED!! wait lar, nnt i'll teach them to sleep alone..time will come...

our heads already on the pillows..i looked at her, she looked at me..and i kissed her goodnite..

me : hisyy..busuk..smelly aneen..

she kissed me back..

aneen : mummy wangi..

and i kissed her back..

me : aneen busuk..

she kissed me again..

aneen : mummy chantek..

me : (hahahahaha..) kalau mummy chantek, aneen punn chantek jugak..

aneen : aneen chantek?? mummy chantek, aneen chantek??

me : iya lah..sama lah..

and she kissed me again..

aneen : mummy busuk..aneen chantek..

me : aa?? aneen busuk, mummy lar chantek..

aneen : NOOO!! mummy busuk, aneen chantek...

me : dh lar aneen..sleep..tomorrow mummy work..

aneen : mummy work?? tak cuti??

me : tak..tomorrow mummy work..

aneen : goodnite mummy..ai le yu...

me : goodnite aneen..i love u...

nite everyone..we love u....


jQ said...

hehe.. mummy terpedaya..

Deng Anaz said...

hahahhaa..mummy ngntuk...